SK8M04G Density Sensor

SK-8M04G Density Sensor SHEN KAI

The two H-form vibrating beams on the single crystal silicon resonator respectively convert differential pressure signals and pressure signals into frequency signals and send them to the impulse counter. The difference between the two frequencies is directly transmitted into CPU for data processing. The D/A converter converts it into 4~20mA DC output signals corresponding with input signals, and a BRAIN/HART digital signal is superposed on analogue signals for communication. The characteristic corrected memory built in the aneroid stores the ambient temperature, static pressure and input/output characteristic correction data, and after CPU calculation, the transmitter can obtain excellent temperature characteristic, static pressure characteristic and input/output characteristic. The data can also be transmitted with the external equipment via the IO port in digital communication mode; i.e., the high frequency 2.4kHz (BRAIN protocol) or 1.2kHz (HART protocol) digital signals are superposed on the 4~20mA signal cable. During communication, the frequency signals don’t put any disturbance impact on the 4~20mA signals.

●  Working Voltage : 24VDC
●  Working Temp: -40~70℃
●  Measurement range: 0~2. 5g/cm3
●  Accuracy: ≤ 0.02g/cm
●  Explosion-proof Grade: ExiaIICT6
●  Protection Class: IP65

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