SK8N10 Tongs Torque Sensor

SK-8N10 Tensile Type Tongs Torque Sensor


The tensile type tongs torque measuring system mainly consists of tongs torque sensor, SK-8Y24A pressure sensor and hydraulic pipeline etc. It is mounted on the backup tongs tail line. The tensile force on the tail line drives the piston in sensor cylinder squeeze the hydraulic oil, thus a pressure proportional to the tensile force is generated. The hydraulic pressure is then transformed into electric current signal, which is proportional to the tongs torque.

●  Working Voltage : 24VDC
●  Output Signal: 4~20mA
●  Working Temp: -40℃60℃
●  Measurement range: 0~5800psi
●  Explosion-proof Grade: ExiaIICT5
●  Protection Class: IP65

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