SK8W01A Mud Temperature Sensor

SK-8W01A Mud Temperature Sensor


Temperature sensors are resistance bulbs made of platinum tinsel, and can be used to measure mud temperature. Sensors are equipped with anti-collision metal housing bracket and characterized by high accuracy, high resolution, safety and reliability, and easy to use, etc. They can also directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium in various production process. This sensor measures temperature by using the characteristics that the resistance of metal will change with the variation of temperature. Its heating element is the slim platinum tinsel that is wrapped doubly on the skeleton made of insulating material uniformly.

●  Working Voltage : 24VDC
●  Output Signal: 4~20mA
●  Working Temp: -40~60℃
●  Measurement range: 0~125℃
●  Time Constant: <90s
●  Min Insert Depth: >160mm
●  Resolution: 0.5℃
●  Accuracy: ±1% F.S
●  Explosion-proof Grade: ExdIIBT4
●  Protection Class: IP65

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