SK8Y36A Casing Pressure Sensor

SK-8Y36A Casing Pressure Sensor


No-cavity pressure sensor can be used to measure the pressure of viscous media. Because the sensitive elements of the sensor adopt hard membrane structure, it has the functions of impact resistance and abrasion resistance when contacting with the measured medium directly. In addition, adopting ion beam deposition technique makes the sensor have features of high precision and working stably in harsh environment for a long time.

●  Working Voltage : 24VDC
●  Output Signal: 4~20mA (2-wire)
●  Working Temp: -40~80℃
●  Measurement rangee: 0~9860psi
●  Comprehensive Accuracy: ≤±1% FS
●  Temperature Interference: ≤±0.04% FS/℃
●  Explosion-proof Grade: ExiaIICT5
●  Protection Class: IP65

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