SK9R01 Data Recorder

SK-9R01 Data Recorder

Shanghai Shenkai

SK-9R01 Data recorder is used with CMS together in the field which is able to ensure data security further while ensuring drilling safety. In case of burning happened in field, it’s able to provide users with data which existing before damaged. In addition, it also can provide an empirical and compelling first – hand data for analysis of the accident.

●  High reliability of data storage
●  Tolerance to harsh environmental factors

●  Normal working temperature: -40℃~65℃
●  Working parameters in accident:
Able to withstand for 1h in 950℃ high temperature environment
Able to withstand for 10h in 260℃ medium temperature environment
Able to soak for 1 month seawater
●  Storage time:
Real – time data for 30 days
Dual – channel video data for 2 days

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