Spare parts for DW, RT, HPU, Pneumatic system

Mechanical Spare Parts of ZJ50DBS Rig for Kailastila-8 Drilling
Lot-1 : Spare parts for DW, RT, HPU, Pneumatic system & others
Item No.Description of ItemsPart no./Drawing codeUnitRequired Quantity
 A.   Spares for Draw works Model:JC50DB, Company: Honghua.China
1Rope retainer/kick back rollerDSQ-01.00set2
2Quick relief valveKPJ–L10EA2
3Toggle valveFP-L6AEA1
4Hydraulic pump for DW disk brake  with 3 kW, 50 Hz, 380V, Type-YB2-100L2-4W three phase induction motor(Rexroth) A10VSO 10DR/52R- PPA14N00, MNR: R910990406, Vg=10.5cm3,1500rpm,250barSet1
5Gear type oil pump (2.2 KW) coupled with motorKCB 83.3set1
B.  Spare for RT DRIVE, Model: ZB045.00, Company: Honghua, China.
1Clutch setLT500/250Tset1
2air release valveKPJ-L10EA2
C.   Spare Parts for Main Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). Model: YZ1000F-093. Company:Honghua.china
1Filter ElementHDX-250×20EA4
2Scavenger Filter elementFAX-63Lx10EA4
3Filter elementIX-160×100EA4
4Oil Filter elementTF63x100EA4
5Oil  filter elementFBX-400×10EA3
6Oil filter elementTFX-400×100EA3
7Air filterQUQ3-0631/2/24DCEA1
8EP electromagnetic change air valve (Festo)MFH-3-1/4-24VDC-EEX-MEA2
D.   Spare Parts for Pneumatic system
1Air  dryer filter [Dryer model –  HAD-10 HTF]C-300Set2
2Air  dryer filter [Dryer model –  HAD-10 HTF]T-3002
3Air source triple coupling,FestoFRC-1/2-D-MIDI-A-NPTEA2
E. Driller’s Cabin and Drilling Parameter Instruments (Air Control of Driller’s Cabin)Company: Honghua.China
1Normal close pneumatic valve,FestoVL/O-3-1/4-NPTEA2
2Normal open pneumatic valveQY23EA2
3Two position three way normal close pneumatic valveQY22EA2
4Switch valve (NPT joint), Festo.HE-1/2-D-MIDIEA2
F.   Spare Parts for Charging Pump, XBSY, China. Model: SB 6×8-J 12½  (55kw)
1Pump jointer for avobe pumpSB68J0003SEA1
2Motor jointer for avobe pumpSB68J0004SEA1
3Packing 10×10 of above mentioned pump/gland packingpound5
4Gland BoltSB68J0039EA2
5Pin & sheath loopSB68J0015SEA10
6pump XBSY, SB 6x8FJC -10½” with motor 55 kw,3P,50Hz, 380V.SB 6x8FJC -10½”set1
G.   Spare Parts for Sand Pump, XBSY, China. Model:  SB 6×8 FJC  12- ½  (55kw)
1Pin & sheath loop1300035899pcs10
H.   Spare Parts for Sand Pump XBSY, China. Model: SB 5×6 JC 12 ½  (45kw)
1Pump jointerSB56J003SEA1
2Motor jointerSB56J004SEA1
3Pin & sheath loopSB56J0018SEA1
I.  Spare Parts for Sand Pump XBSY, China. Model: SB2x3 JC -10  (11KW)
1Pin & sheath loop1300020722EA10
J. Spare Parts for Sand/water tank Pump XBSY, SB 3×4 J -10 (15kw)
1Pump XBSY, SB 3×4 J -10″Flow: 90m³/h, 15kw,380V/50Hzset1
2Pin and sheath loop1300020722EA10
3Coupling rubber drum1300020722EA2
4Gland packing set1300008907EA4
K.  Spare parts for high pr. Manifold & stand pipe
1O- ring for 4” hammer union Fig.1002Dia-4″, Fig-1002.EA6
2O- ring for 4” hammer union Fig.1003Dia-4″, Fig-1003.EA6
3Rubber hose-4″, 4.5M, 35MPa/5000 psi, Fig-1003 Male, Female Connection.Dia-4″, L- 4.5M, 35MPa/5000 psi, Fig-1003 Male, Female Connection.EA3
4Rotary hose 4″ with male female hammer union connections,  23.5m, 35MPa, Fig.1002, API spec 7K23.5m, 35MPa, Fig.1002, API spec.EA2
5Gasket ring (metal)R24EA8
64×35 MPA Kelly hose with 4″ hammer union Fig-1002 at both end.(Male & Female), Length- 18 meter.4″x35 Mpa, Length 18 meter, one End is 4″ Fig-1002 Hammer Female Union, The other End is 4″ Fig-1002 Hammer Male Union.EA2
7Gasket ring (metal)R39EA8
L.   Spare parts for solid control system
1Butterfly valve- 8″ wafer type, Manual handle ( medium pressure, API standard)DN200, wafer type, (Manual handle)EA6
2Butterfly valve- 10″ wafer type, Manual handle ( medium pressure, API standard)DN250, wafer type, (Manual handle)EA6
3Butterfly valve- 12″ wafer type, Manual Handle (medium pressure, API standard)DN300, wafer type, (Manual handle)EA6
4Steel armoured compensator/ expansion joint 6″, DN150, 1MPa, Length=250 mmEA3
5Cylindrical Pin of resilient coupling of agitator[NJ-15C2] (For LX3-42×112 coupling)set3
6Steel armoured compensator/ expansion joint 8″, DN200, 1MPa, Length=300 mmEA3
M. Spare Parts for SULLAIR Air Compressor, Company: Sullair. China. Model-WS3010 AC
1Air Filter ElementP/N-02250125-372EA4
2Oil Filter ElementP/N:02250155-709EA4
3AOS ElementP/N: 02250137-895EA3
4Coupling elastomer88290010-075EA2
5SULLUBE 32 fluid (Compressor oil) 18.5 litre per can250022-670Can.5
6Minimum pr. Valve repair kit1177Set1
7Pr. Regulator repair kit250019-453Set1
8Air inlet valve repair kit02250145-097Set1
N.   Miscellenious
1Filter element for diesel tank filter(BLX-400×5X, NPT1-1/2″)EA1
2Diesel pump coupled with motor 4KW, 380V, 50HzCCB-2×1 1/2Y-YB3-112M, 4KWset1
3Grease orifice /nipple-M10 x 1EA12
4Air winch (10KN, 20.6 Kw, 0.8MPa) for derrick/monkey board with wire dia 12mm, 60m longJQH-10×24/ equivalentSet1
5High pressure wash cleaner, flow rate-11 l/m, outpur power-5.5 kw, 50Hz,Three phase, 1450 rpm, pressure Max.-250 bar,Model: JM11.250PB, Jetmaster, Vietnam/ Equivelantset2
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