Spares for BOP Control Unit


Spares for BOP Control Unit
1 Mist separator  1/2″ NPTNo.3
214G11B18FOGDFilter with regulator(COMBINED) 1/4″NPT(0-1MPA)  With mounting bracket   make:ParkerNo.1
3 Regulator air 0-150psi 1/2″ NPT for inc -dec  valveNo.1
43012-2199Repair Kit, Air pump 8-1/2″, 60:1No.3
5BSNUBSnubber oil 1/4″ porous-DNo.11
61110-9499Repair kit TR4 regulatorNo.2
70150-1535Piston and seal container TR4No.1
81330-4199Repair kit selector valve Major 1″ 3000PSI, 4wayNo.7
91390-1199Major Repair kit by passs, 3wayNo.1
102000-1199Air cylinder repair kit, 2pos, 3″ bore, 2 1/8″ strokeNo.8
11810261Lubricator, Air, 1″ FPT  200 PSI,No.1
122620-3600Filter air 1″ FPT, metal bowl with sight glass auto drNo.1
132250-0199Repair kit hydro pneumatic pressure switchNo.1
141291-0200Shuttle valve 1/4″ NPT, 200 PSI (for inc-dec valve)No.1
153004-0199Repair kit triplex pump BD 28    1″ plungerNo.1
161290-0400Quick exhaust  valve air for Pneumtic air motor for tr4, 1/4″ 150psiNo.1
17 Isolation switching amplifier TURCK, dual channel, 24 VDCNo.1
18 BulB 24VDC candelarba base whiteNo.12
19BPWSPower Supply, Input 240 VAC to 24 VDC, 10 AmpNo.1
20IC693CPU350-EK  MODULE PLC CPU 350No.1
21IC693PWR331EGE series 90-30 High capacity PLC power supply 24vdcNo.1
22IC693MDL655MPLC INPUT module  series(90-30) input  24vdc, 32PTS     Pos/neg    FASTNo.1
23MK1-Z2P-EXORelayMulti modul make:TURCKNo.1
24 PLC Communication cable  SNP to RS 232No.1
25 Proximity sensor  18mm dia, 8mm sensing distance, NPN, NO24No.2


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