Gaoyou Huaxing Swivel Spare parts list
GAOYOU SW150, SW160, SW170,SW180,SW220, SW250, SW350,SW450, SL170 SWIVEL PARTS LIST
SW150 SWIVEL parts list
13SM59… 1
2254459.463c«lisr 2esl 3u;b
254459 4CPl« 2 1/4*
4254459s. 4.0Aobeli bor?
525.4459s. 47Ksa-clst:
6shsogss2;-&Riret 4 :< 1C
73*44590.38Aorivel sail bis
3354459a. 51re is us take
9251500370-85Bolt 100X16
10S515031153-74Orcaic N’.celc 1C XI
U354459i 37Joist of Grease Kipgle
354459s. 4.4.4oiIt do;ition card
13354459.49pi« 21/4*
14354459.5“is C.9
15354459- 6Sere* Bolt M20X75
354459a 34
35.4459s. 3mvei :tcc
3515:*:-33S7-S4Beans* 3£C7S>4
19354459s. 12Sire* Boh M16 X 75
354459s. 15Gooseneck
22354459s. 154mrel sail
■•1S515CSC4-692-67teal FH17C*2CC«lf
‘s354459s. 34ossee Oat ns?
a354459s. 28‘.’tier 111 2e:lis:
273515:031155-74Oreaoe Niseie 43 ¥10X1
28354459s. 10.05oj5ert
35; 5:0393-57
3C35150G3U-86Sat ICO
354459.50.0Deflsticc Valve
– –354459 173-teal
33354459 16Circlio
34354459s. ISSwce oat rinc
:6354459 3Ctoo nut
jo354459.9Lc^er xi-t
39354459s. 32Loser Packing 3<t Bor
4CS5150G31152-74Orease Nircle HlOxl
41254459s. 33issee flat ring
43254459 34JZ’icc oat rise
44354459 26Smcc oat rise
462515003283-81Bearing 32130
47354459s. 454sbsft sbestb
4S3515:63G4—692—67seal FD160*20Q*16
49254459s. 3-i.;H CS
ft254459s. 444
5135150G886L1-37gsiket 20
5225.4459 43loser Hexagonal Belt ICO >■ 33
ItemName of BearingType
1Main BearingNon-standard
2Righting Bearing32130
3Jump Protection Bearing2007934
1Box Coupling Seal BushA459.46
2Lower Oil SealHG4-692-67
3Upper Oil SealHG4-692-67
4Mud UmbrellaA459.27
5Punching PipeA459.21
6Packing Set of Punching PipeA459.19.0
7O Type Seal RingA459.17
8O Type Seal Ring
SW160 SWIVEL parts list
ItemName of BearingType
1. Bearing Detailed List of Rotary Swivel
901969QMain bearing
2007136Upper righting  bearing
32134Lower righting  bearing
 2. Detailed List of Main Vulnerable Parts of Rotary Swivel
CodeName and specification
GB9877.1-88Seal ring reinforced PD190×225×15
Seal ring reinforced PD160×190×16
SL160-04.03O type ring D91.44×5.33
SL160.04.06.00O type disk facing
SL160.04.07Water filling pipe
Spares for Rotary Swivel SL-170( Gaoyou)
1Bearing –main Size: 200x 400x 122 mm9019440
2Bearing upper right Size: 180 x 280 x 64 mm2007136
3Bearing –lower right Size: 170x260x42 mm32134
4O type ring Size: D115 X 9.5 MMGB1235-76
5O type ring Size: D400 x 8.6 mmGB1235-76
6Oil seal Size: B190X 220X 15 MMGB9877.1-88
7O Type Ring Size: D100 X 5.7 MM
8Wash Pipe Ass with nutA430
9Packing Seal for wash pipe ( including PN: A430-39, 2 pcs, PN:A430-40, 3 pcs)A430-39 &A430-4
4O RING SEAL: 135X5.7135X5.7
5O RING SEAL: 120X5.7120X5.7
6O RING SEAL: 165X8.6165X8.6
SW180 Swivel  parts list
S/NPart No.Part Name
1SWSL170. 01swivel bail
2SWSL170. 02Gooseneck
3SW180GB5783-86Bolt M24*60
4SW180GB93-87gasket 24
5SWSL170. 03Gooseneck nog
6SW180GB5783-86Bolt M20*55
7SW180GB93-87gasket 20
8SW180GB297-84Bearing 2007136(^180*280*64)
9SWSL170.31swivel stem
10SW180. 05Bearing 9019440(^200*400*122)
11SW180. 01shim 5=0.5
12SWSL170.14. 00dipstick
13SW180GB67-85bolt M4*10
15SWSL170.12shell body
16SWSL170.18stopper for let oil
17SWSL170.32swivel sub
18SWSL170.13lower cover
19SW180GB1235-76seal D400*8. 6
20SW180GB9877. 1-88seal B190*220*15
21SWSL170.29lower shaft sheath
22SW180GB283-87Bearing 32134(^170*260*42)
23SW180GB5783-86Bolt M12*30
24SWSL170.10swivel bail pin end plank
25SWSL170. 09swivel bail pin
26SW180GB1152-79oil cup M10*1
27SWSL170.27Space out ring
28SWSL170.28top shaft sheath L=84
29SWSL170.15Plug M10*1
30SWSL170.26mud umbrella
31SW180A430Awashpipe packing assemble
32SW180A430-41Washpipe lower press ring
33SW180A430-40Washpipe packing B
34SW180A430-38Washpipe space ring
35SW180A430-39Washpipe packing A
36SW180A430-37Washpipe oil ring
37SW180A430-36Washpipe lower packing box
38SW180A430-43Lower screw cap
40SW180A430-32Up screw cap
41SW180A430-33Washpipe up press ring
42SW180A430-31Lockup ring
43SW180A430-42“O” -packing
44SW180A430-34Washpipe up packing box
ItemName of BearingType
19019440Main bearing φ200×φ400×122
22007136Upper righting  bearing φ180×φ280×64
332134Lower righting  bearing φ170×φ260×42
4CodeName and specification
5GB1235-76O type ring D115×9.5
6O type ring D400×8.6
7GB9877.1-88Seal ring reinforced B190×220×15
8SL180.22O type disk facing
9SL180.05Water filling pipe φ70×φ85×230
SW200 Swivel parts list
9019440Main bearing φ200×φ400×122
2007136Upper righting  bearing φ180×φ280×64
32134Lower righting  bearing φ170×φ260×42
GB1235-76O type ring D115×9.5
O type ring D400×8.6
GB9877.1-88Seal ring reinforced B190×220×15
A430.39(40)O type disk facing
A430.35Water filling pipeφ70×φ85×230
SW250 Swivel parts list
1.  Bearing lists of the swivel:
19019456Main Bearing
22007140Upper Righting Bearing
332240Lower Righting Bearing
2.  Lists of the swivel parts that may be easily damaged:
CodeName and Type
1GB1235-76O Type Sealing Ring 135×5.7
2O Type Sealing Ring 120×5.7
3HG4-692-67Oil Seal PD220x260x18
4SL250-04.10Disk Bearing of Punching Pipe
5SL250-04.06Punching Pipe
SW250 Swivel drawing parts list
1SW250-11ward off ring
2SW250-10space out ring
3SW250-06stud bolt
4SW250-05gooseneck bearer
6SW250-02plug NPT2
7GB899-88stud bolt M24*70
8GB93-87standard ring gasket 24
10GB70-85screw M 2 4*65
11GB1152-89oil cup M10*1
12SW250-22lower housing
13GB283-87lower bearing 32240
14SW250-18ring gasket ^640/^520 51
15SW250-01swivel bail
16GB70-85s cr e w M1 6* 75
19SW250-09ring gasket ^ 640/^ 52 5 5 0.5
20SW250-29.00main bearing 9019456
21SW250-17centra l pipe
22SW250-07rubber umbrella
23GB297-84uppet bearing 2007140
24SW250-12upper shaft sheath
25SW250-04. 1 0wash pipe packing set
26SW250-04. 1 2wash pipe lower press ring
27GB1235-76O-seal l 120*5.7
28SW250-04. 00packing set
29SW250-13bail pin
31GB5782-86bolt M12*35
32SW250-21gasket shim$28/$18 51
33SW250-20oil dam M18*1. 5
34SW250-27thread protector
36GB93-87standard ring gasket
37GB5781-86bolt M12*35
38SW250-24lower gland
39SW250-23lower shaf t sheath
40GB32.1-88bolt M 8*25
41SW250-19bea ring gland
42SW250-08.00oil pointer
43GB75-85nut bolt M10*12
44GB1235-76O-seal 135*5. 7
45SW250-04.02clip ring
46SW250-04. 03upper sealing perssing hood
47SW250-04. 04upper bush ring
48SW2 5 0-04. 01upper nut
49SW250-04. 05upper packing set box
50SW250-04. 06wash pipe
51SW250-04. 07lower packing set box
52SW250-04. 1 3lower nut
53SW250-04. 08lower bush ring
54SW250-04. 09space out ring
55SW250-04. 1 1space out ring
SW450 Swivel parts list
Drawing NumberName
1SL450Washpipe Packing Assemble
2SL250-27Mud Washpipe
3SL250-34Spring Ring
4SL250-31Mud Line
5SL250-33Top Tiner Ring
6SL250-29Lower Tiner Ring
7JB/ZQ4224-97Seal 120×5.7
8JB/ZQ4224-97Seal 135×5.7
9JB/ZQ4224-97Seal 560×8.6
10HG4-692-67Spring Sealing Ring 220×260×18
11HG4-692-67Spring Sealing Ring 250×290×18
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