Temperature Instrument

CHONGQING CHUANYI Temperature Instrument

Temperature Instrument

Air/Dust TC/RTD  Thermowell is machined from drilled bar stock, which increase the strength and the operation life cycle. Spring-loaded structure guaranteed the good contact between the sensor and thermowell and decrease the response time. The ungrounded struction can prevent from the electronic-megnetic disturbance and accurately detect the temperature. Besides, on-line replacement also can be realised.

High-teperature ang High-pressure TC/RTD Thermowell is of the good earthquake resistance, the good stability and the quick response time. But the ability of bearing the pressure and the scouring is relatively weak, which is usually equipped with the protection tube. It’s widely applied into the aviataion, atomic energy and mechancal industry

Wall Type TC/RTD Φ3~Φ6mm armored component is used as temperature measurement end, lead is cable shape. Measurement end is welded or fixed with screw on stainless steel temperature sensing strip (welding is not applicable to thermocouple). Temperature sensing strip with curved face matching with fire wall is welded or hoped on fire wall (duct) to measure surface temperature of fire wall, duct and cylinder

WR□KT Multi-Point Sheathed Thermocouple

Blast-furnace and Hot Blast Stove TC/RTD

COT Thermocouple

Heavy Oil Catalytic Cracking Riser reactor anti erosion thermocouple

Core-pulling type Blowing TC with Non-metallic Thermowell

Coal Water Slurry Gasifier TC

Methane Reactor Multi-point TC

Radiation-protective Air-suction type TC

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