TEXYS (texense) has more than 20 years of high-tech sensor development experience, can design and manufacture many types of sensors, widely used in racing cars and industrial applications, such as:

nfrared temperature sensor (for tires and brake discs)

· Thermocouple amplifier (patented product)

Acceleration sensor and gyroscope

Strain gage + amplifier (for gearbox rocker, shift lever, gear drive test …)

Pitot tube sensor and differential pressure sensor (for speed test)

Linear potentiometer

TEXYS (texense) is renowned for the reliability and precision of its products thanks to its dedicated team and manufacturers. In addition to racing applications, TEXYS (texense) products are also widely used in motorcycles, cars, high-speed rail, aerospace and industrial testing.

Capacitive accelerometer

Gas pendulum accelerometer

CAN and analog converter

Clutch infrared temperature sensor

Differential pressure sensor

Fluid pressure sensor

Shift device


RHS-IR body height / range sensor

Inertial unit

Infrared temperature sensor with military connector

Tire temperature sensor

Brake disc temperature sensor

Infrared temperature sensor

Linear potentiometer

Liquid temperature sensor

Pitot tube assembly

Platinum resistance probe amplifier

NC strain gauge amplifier

Thermocouple connector / regulator

Tire pressure monitoring system.

Directly detect the sensor

Texense provides users with line pressure sensors, vacuum pressure sensors, fuel flow sensors, test steering wheels, wheel drag torque, laser altimeter, pedal pull travel, pedal force sensors, wheel torque sensors, current sensors, voltage sensors, tire forces Sensors, inertial navigation module, laser scanner, millimeter wave radar, visual recognition camera system, acceleration sensor, microphone sensor, etc., all kinds of direct detection sensor

Indirect detection sensor

Texense can provide users with various types of indirect detection sensors such as wheel camber parameter, wheel toe angle, wheel vector, shift shift coordinate, etc.

Application of technical services

Texense is committed to providing users with a wide range of sensor application technology services, such as sensor connection to data acquisition systems, such as high-quality power supplies for sensors such as sensor calibration verification

Texense Develops Cost-Effective Data and Expansion Modules for Automotive Customers to Fit Dewesoft \ Vbox \ vector

Texense data acquisition and expansion module can be accessed via CAN communication to any CAN communication interface data acquisition system

Can support the expansion of temperature, voltage, current, strain collection, support for all kinds of sensors later access to data mining host


Texense provides professional test data processing software and test data management software for the automotive industry. According to user needs, including development of intelligent test data processing, automated reporting, database management, cloud data transmission, design simulation data and test data seamless integration and other development services.

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