Valve Positioner


HVP10 smaller intelligent valve positioned

HVP10 is one smaller intelligent valve positioned. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and high anti-interferance .etc.. Its principle is the same as the theory of HVP11/12 series that intelligent valve positioner and pneumatic actuator construct a feedback control loop, in this return circuit, the valve position feedback signal is regarded as a variable comparing with given signal in microprocessor and the deviation between them sends out different length of pulse through the outlet of the main control panel to control the output pressure of the I/P conversion unit, thereby the control valve is driven to act.

HVP11/12 Intelligent Valve Positioner

Input signal4~20mA analog signal or digit signal
Input resistance450Ω
Air supply0.2MPa~0.55MPa
Air consumption≤0.6NL/min
Limit of intrinsic error±0.5%,±1.0%(Standard)
Hysteresis error≤0.5%
Dead band≤0.1%(Min.)
Conditions of working atmospherea、Ambient temp.:-30~+80°C,-40~+80°C(Low temp.)

b、Ambient humidity:5%~95%

c、Ambient atmosphere:86~106k

d、There is no corrosive gas in ambient air

DisplayLCD(Note: Displays is fuzzy when the temp. is lower than -20°C)
Explosion-proof levelCertification: pass the inspection of explosion protection authority and get the certificate
Protection gradeIP65
Electric wiring connectionM20X1.5-7H(标准 Standard)、1/2NPT
Air wiring connectionRc1/4″
Associative deviceGS8067-Ex(ia)、GS8047-Ex(ia)、GS8011-Ex(ia)

Isolated safety barrier

Shell materialZL102
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