1Weldment, enclosure1217321
2Meter, RPM, 0-10VDC (0-250 RPM)96218-31
3Gasket, enclose121010-11
4Remote 24 DI/8DO122627-461
5Remote 4 Analog Input122627-451
6Remote 4 Analog Output122627-471
7Remote I/O Base. Digital122627-581
8Remote I/O Base, Analog122627-572
9Bus Connector (ProfiBus)122627-343
10Reg. Module, +24VDC/+5VDC962901
11Rheostat Assy. Throttle1165511
12Potentiometer, 10K81736-22
13Potentiometer operator30087708-462
14Pushbutton, E-Stop, Mushroom30087708-671
15Switch, sel-3 Pos, Spring RTN from right30087708-331
16Switch, sel-3 Pos, Spring RTN to center30087708-301
17Switch, Pushbutton30087708-023
18Indicating light, Amber30087708-401
19Indicating light, Red30087708-386
20Indicating lamp. 2Watt30087708-447
21Gland. 25mm. Armored83444-051
22Washer, Sealing, 25mm86871-251
23Lockwasher, Int star. 25mm86872-25-S1
24Locknut. 25mm78317-251
25H-rail, 33 inch1250411
26Terminal block85038-UL-2.521
27Endplate, Terminal850391
28End clamp901534
29Markers, Horizontal (#1-10)85145-6-0012
30Markers, Horizontal (#11-20)85145-6-0112
31Markers, Horizontal (#21-30)85145-6-0212
32Screw, Machine, Pan HD, 10-3250649-688
33Screw, Machine. Pan HD, 10-3250649-612
34Washer, Flat, No. 1050803-R-S4
35Washer, Lock, No. 3 05903-S4
36Nut, Hex, 8-3250202-S2
37Washer, flat, No. 850802-R-S2
38Washer, Lock, No. 850902-S2
39Screw, mashine, flat HD, ‘A-2050604-6-S2
40Nut, Hex, ‘/,-2050204-B2
41Nut, Hex, 8-3250202-d2
42Label, NFPA 496 Z purge96206-31
43Rivet, Sealing, Closed end1108694
44Switch, Differintial pressure817781
45Elbow, Female, 1/4 X 1/8884931
46Elbow, Male, 1/4 X 1/88849153
47Nipple, pipe, 1/8 NPT X i .5 LNG52002-12-B1
48Tubing, 1/4804301 FT.
49Teflon tape532271
50RTV, 108, Clear78910-BSC1
51Compound, Locking (Blue)53200-2421
52Compound. Locking (Clear)53200-4541
53Grease, Lithium based886501
54Meter, Torque, TDS-9S/-11S (0-60K FT LB)96219-111
55Grommet, 5/8 I.D.88050-2002282
56J-Box, Horn886631
57Horn, 24 VDC871241
58Cable, Pigtail, 5 TSP. Connectorized122443-9-H1
59Nameplate, VDC. With Standjump30121239-31
60Svitch, Sel.-3 Pos, Maintained30087708-363
61Swich, Sel.-2 Pos, Maintained30087708-263


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