Varco TDS Parts

Descriptionpart number Varcounit of measure, Piecesthe amount
circuit service30175018-86-4-3-BPiece2
circuit service116779-86-4-3-ВPiece1
power cable124457-200-25-4-ВPiece1
IS barrier Bartec 07-7311-97МТ/ВА22 140712-2Piece1
module Bartec 16xDO тип 07-7331-2301/0000140244Piece1
module Bartec 8хI.S 4-20мА Output 07-7331-2306/0000140244-2Piece1
 Bartec 4хPotentiometer I.S. input тип 07-7331-2307/0000140698-4Piece1
fuseA100P125-4 125А 1000VACPiece4
Sensor (encoder) low temperatures30122725-НЕPiece4
control cable Aux Power 18 condM614000129-200-25-3-BPiece3
Slip ring drill key ST-8030173757Piece16
Slip ring drill key ST-8030160745Piece16
Spinner shaft drilling key ST-8030173756Piece8
Roller spinner drilling key ST-8030160614Piece12
Caul drilling key ST-8030160666-2Piece16
Ring supporting drilling key ST-8030160397Piece16
Toroidal roller bearing drill key ST-8030160731Piece32
Caul drilling key ST-8030160666-4Piece16
Retaining key ring drilling ST-8030160603Piece16
ring remote30160611Piece16
Ball Drilling key ST-8030160734Piece8
Roller bearing drill key ST-8030160732-1Piece24
Ring drilling key ST-8030160736-4Piece24
Ring drilling key ST-8030160737-4Piece24
Bearing intermediate shersterni drilling key ST-8010658Piece24
Slip ring intermediate shersterni drilling key ST-8030160605Piece32
Set top biscuit drilling key ST-8030174222Piece8
Sets of biscuit drilling key ST-8030172029Piece8
filter element82749Piece4
O-ring for the filter85616Piece8
Cylinder extension drilling key ST-8030171606Piece1
Vertical movement of the drilling cylinder key ST-8030170580Piece1
Cuff (gland) of the piston108894-P40Piece4
Bronze rod seal kit108894-G13Piece4
piston packing108894-L32Piece4
The key is to remove the cylinder seals Parker108894-Y2Piece1
Wrench for cylinder Parker108894-Z703Piece1
Repair kit cylinder torque30160685-SKPiece4
Set of hydraulic cylinder seals30160444-SKPiece4
set of seals30160658-SKPiece4
Node spinner upper left30160389Piece1
Node spinner bottom left30160388Piece1
Node spinner upper right30160392Piece1
Node spinner bottom right30160391Piece1
Hydraulic manifold assembly114175-30Piece1
Valve discharge Varco TDS-11SA107031-1ANPiece2
Valve insert Varco TDS-9S107028-1ANBPiece2
relief valves94522-1ENPiece4
hydraulic Pump109542Piece2
Rubber sealing ring51300-381-ВPiece6
O-ring into two parts119547Piece4
O-ring into two parts30119319Piece6
retaining ring53500-225Piece6
Roller for Varco TDS 971847Piece4
Clamping ring tong11085Piece4
Seal clamp pipe wrench72219Piece8
Seal clamp pipe wrench72220Piece4
Seal clamp pipe wrench72221Piece4
Seal kit cylinder rod Varco TDS-11SA108894-G17Piece4
Seal kit Piston Varco TDS-11SA108894-L25Piece4
Transmission oil filter Varco TDS-11SA30111013-КIТPiece10
Stem seal tilt cylinder Lever Varco TDS-11SA108894-G13Piece4
Rubber seals battery 230124576-2Piece2
Rubber seals battery 6 “30124575-2Piece3
Cuff (gland) of the piston108894-P40Piece1
Disc brake caliper assembly TDS-9SA109528Piece1
Set of pads tormoznyhVarco TDS-9S 109528-1Piece8
set of seals109528-2Piece8
retaining ring30123562Piece6
Repair kit complete for the lower ball valve99498-2Piece1
fitting degrees56502-2-4-S 45Piece10
belt encoder120117-3Piece20
Pipe flushing arc swivel assembly30123289Piece8
fitting 1/4″1A4FJ4Piece40
fitting 3/8″1A6FJ6Piece40
fitting 1/2″ 1A8FJ8Piece200
fitting 1″1A16FJ16Piece12
fitting 1 1/4″1A20FJ20Piece8
fitting 1 1/2″1A24FJ24Piece8
Fitting 1/4 “45 degrees1A4FJA4Piece20
Fitting 3/8″ 45 degrees1A6FJA6Piece20
Fitting 1/2″ 45 degrees 1A8FJA8Piece40
Fitting 3/4″ 45 degrees 1A12FJA12Piece20
Fitting 3/8″ 90 degrees1A6FJB6Piece20
Fitting 1/2″ 90 degrees1A8FJB8Piece40
Fitting 3/4″ 90 degrees1A12FJB12Piece20
Rubber seals battery 4 “87605-2Piece3
flexible coupling114016Piece2
flexible coupling110023-1Piece2
seal finger110061-326Piece3
seal finger110056Piece3
Piston seal tilt cylinder Lever 108894-Р32Piece8
Stem seal cylinder 108894-G20Piece2
Repair kit of seals for the lower ball valve99498-1Piece2
A pump for pumping oil30176013Piece2
fitting corner56529-8-4-SPiece10
fitting corner 56529-8-6-SPiece10
fitting corner56557-8-8-SPiece20
toothed pulley120118Piece4
toothed pulley122946Piece4
Bearing deep groove ball122948Piece12
Pulley tensioner122947Piece8
Low-temperature high-pressure hose6-461LT-4 DIN EN 857 2SCPiece60
Low-temperature high-pressure hose10-461LT-6 DIN EN 857 2SCPiece80
Low-temperature high-pressure hose12-461LT-8 DIN EN 857 2SCPiece200
Low-temperature high-pressure hose20-461LT-12 DIN EN 857 2SCPiece200
Air Pressure Sensor76841Piece6
18-conductor cable126801-01-20Piece3
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