Westinghouse WEStation DCS 

Westinghouse WEStation DCS series offers SCSI Serial Port Devices and Operator Membrane Keyboards.
3A58992H04Westinghouse WEStation 3BNC RGB Video Cable for SUN Sparc5 (3A58992H04)
3A59104G02Westinghouse WEStation 486 Q-Line Remote Input Output (3A59104G02)
3A59104G04Westinghouse WEStation 486 Q-Line Remote Input Output (3A59104G04)
3A59341G03Westinghouse WEStation WDPF IIU Kit (Interface Strip in VME chassis) (3A59341G03)
3A59534H01Westinghouse WEStation VME Chassis Power Supply (3A59534H01)
3A59535H03Westinghouse WEStation VME Chassis Backplane (3A59535H03)
3A59537H01Westinghouse WEStation VME Chassis Fan (3A59537H01)
3A59537H02Westinghouse WEStation VME Chassis Fan (3A59537H02)
3A98608G03Westinghouse WEStation VME SCSI Serial Port Device (3A98608G03)
3A98688G02Westinghouse WEStation SCSI Cable on front of VME chassis (3A98688G02)
3A98688G03Westinghouse WEStation SCSI Cable on front of VME chassis (3A98688G03)
3A98688G04Westinghouse WEStation SCSI Cable on front of VME chassis (3A98688G04)
3A98720G18Westinghouse WEStation Green Cable out the front of VME Sparc (3A98720G18)
3A98826H06Westinghouse WEStation SUN Trackball (3A98826H06)
3A98833H01Westinghouse WEStation Sun SCSI Cable (3A98833H01)
3A98833H03Westinghouse WEStation Sun SCSI Cable (3A98833H03)
3A98833H12Westinghouse WEStation Sun SCSI Cable (3A98833H12)
3A98833H17Westinghouse WEStation Sun SCSI Cable (3A98833H17)
3A98833H23Westinghouse WEStation SUN SCSI CABLE (3A98833H23)
3A98833H24Westinghouse WEStation Sun SCSI Cable (3A98833H24)
3A98963G05Westinghouse WEStation Operator Membrane Keyboard (3A98963G05)
3A99229G01Westinghouse WEStation PGI Card (3A99229G01)
3A99678G21Westinghouse WEStation MMI Kit (3A99678G21)
3A99732H03Westinghouse WEStation SUN VME CPU Board (3A99732H03)
3A99795G07Westinghouse WEStation HP5200EX Optical Disk Drive (50-50) (3A99795G07)
3A99795G09Westinghouse WEStation Optical Disk Drive Kit (3A99795G09)
3A99795G10Westinghouse WEStation HP9100MX Optical Drive with 3ft DB50M Cable (3A99795G10)
3A99795G11Westinghouse WEStation HP9100MX Optical Drive with 31in MiniD50M Cable (3A99795G11)
3A99795G12Westinghouse WEStation HP9100MX Optical Drive with 3ft MiniD68M Cable (3A99795G12)
3A99795H10Westinghouse WEStation HP C1114F SureStore 2600fx 2.6GB External ODD (3A99795H10)
3A99795H18Westinghouse WEStation HP5200EX Optical Disk Media (3A99795H18)
3A99795H24Westinghouse WEStation HP9100 Optical Disk Drive (3A99795H24)
3A99795H25Westinghouse WEStation Optical Disk Media (3A99795H25)
3A99830H01Westinghouse WEStation 1 GB Disk Assembly (3A99830H01)
3A99831H01Westinghouse WEStation 2 GB Disk Assembly (3A99831H01)
3A99832H01Westinghouse WEStation 4 GB Disk Assembly (3A99832H01)
3A99977G01Westinghouse WEStation DIOB to MDX Cable (3A99977G01)
3A99990H02Westinghouse WEStation 32MB for SPARC 5 (3A99990H02)
3A99992H02Westinghouse WEStation Sparc20 (3A99992H02)
3A99998H03Westinghouse WEStation SW-SOLARIS MEDIA 2.6 O/S (3A99998H03)
3A99998H05Westinghouse WEStation SW-SOLARIS (3A99998H05)
405A353G01Westinghouse WEStation PROM Programmer (405A353G01)
4256A03G03Westinghouse WEStation KBI Card – Keyboard (4256A03G03)
4256A03G04Westinghouse WEStation KBI Card – Keyboard (4256A03G04)
4256A11G01Westinghouse WEStation SUN Hwy Interface (4256A11G01)
4256A11G02Westinghouse WEStation SUN Hwy Interface (4256A11G02)
4256A88G01Westinghouse WEStation MDX G01 Board (4256A88G01)
4256A88G03Westinghouse WEStation MDX G03 Board (32-bit 486 processor) Sub H 8.5 XSID (4256A88G03)
4256A88G04Westinghouse WEStation MDX PC Card – DPU v.8.5 (4256A88G04)
4256A90G01Westinghouse WEStation SGI Highway Communication Card (for SUN Sparc systems) (4256A90G01)
4256A90G02Westinghouse WEStation SGI Highway Communication Card (for GHC Enclosures) (4256A90G02)
4256A91G02Westinghouse WEStation GHC Board (4256A91G02)
4256A91G03Westinghouse WEStation GHC Board (4256A91G03)
4256A93G01Westinghouse WEStation IGI Card (4256A93G01)
4256A96G01Westinghouse WEStation SCPS Card (4256A96G01)
4256A96G02Westinghouse WEStation SCPS Card (4256A96G02)
4256A97G01Westinghouse WEStation Backplane – 486 DPU (4256A97G01)
4A00090G02Westinghouse WEStation SCSI 4mm Tape Drive (4A00090G02)
4A00090G06Westinghouse WEStation 8mm SCSI Tape Drive (4A00090G06)
4A00090G18Westinghouse WEStation 9.1GB SCSI Disk Drive (4A00090G18)
4A04102G01Westinghouse WEStation MMI Kit (sticker on front edge of VME chassis) (4A04102G01)
4A04102G02Westinghouse WEStation MMI Kit (sticker on front edge of VME chassis) w/ Serial Port Device (4A04102G02)
4A06769H01Westinghouse WEStation VME MB SUN P# 5012015035366 (4A06769H01)
4D33644G03Westinghouse WEStation Operator Desktop Keyboard (4D33644G03)
4D33644G04Westinghouse WEStation Operator Desktop Keyboard (4D33644G04)
4D33644G05Westinghouse WEStation Operator Desktop Keyboard (4D33644G05)
4D33644G06Westinghouse WEStation Operator Desktop Keyboard (4D33644G06)
4D33645G04Westinghouse WEStation Operator Console Keyboard (4D33645G04)
4D33645G05Westinghouse WEStation Operator Console Keyboard (4D33645G05)
4D33676G01Westinghouse WEStation TCU Assembly (4D33676G01)
4D33676G02Westinghouse WEStation TCU Assembly (4D33676G02)
4D33676G03Westinghouse WEStation TCU Assembly (4D33676G03)
4D33676G04Westinghouse WEStation TCU Assembly (4D33676G04)
4D33710G01Westinghouse WEStation Power Supply (4D33710G01)
4D33710G02Westinghouse WEStation Power Supply (4D33710G02)
4D33711G01Westinghouse WEStation Power Supply (4D33711G01)
4D33711G02Westinghouse WEStation Power Supply (4D33711G02)
4D33711G03Westinghouse WEStation Power Supply (4D33711G03)
4D33755G01Westinghouse WEStation DPU Power Supply (4D33755G01)
4D33755G02Westinghouse WEStation DPU Power Supply (4D33755G02)
4D33755G03Westinghouse WEStation DPU Power Supply Assembly 486 (4D33755G03)
4D33755G04Westinghouse WEStation DPU Power Supply Assembly 486 (4D33755G04)
4D33810G01Westinghouse WEStation Power Supply (4D33810G01)
4D33810G02Westinghouse WEStation Power Supply (4D33810G02)
4D33811G01Westinghouse WEStation GHC Enclosure Assembly (4D33811G01)
4D33811G02Westinghouse WEStation GHC Enclosure Assembly (4D33811G02)
4D33816G01Westinghouse WEStation Sun Sparc VME Board (4D33816G01)
4D33816G02Westinghouse WEStation Sun Sparc VME Board (4D33816G02)
4D33816G03Westinghouse WEStation Sun Sparc VME Board (4D33816G03)
4D33816G04Westinghouse WEStation Sun Sparc VME Board (4D33816G04)
4D33915G02Westinghouse WEStation 486 Processor DPU Cabinet Assembly (4D33915G02)
4D33916G01Westinghouse WEStation DPU PS Assembly 486 – MEPS (4D33916G01)
5A23251G09Westinghouse WEStation 486 DPU Cabinet Assembly (5A23251G09)
5A23307H15Westinghouse WEStation SW-SUN WEStation PROF C/SPARC 5.0 WPC (5A23307H15)
5A23307H16Westinghouse WEStation SW-SUN WEStation FORTRAN Compiler WEStationC (5A23307H16)
5A23309H15Westinghouse WEStation SW-SYNCSORT BKUP XPRESS CD212D (5A23309H15)
5A23736G01Westinghouse WEStation 486 MEPS/DAPS Single DPU Upgrade Kit (5A23736G01)
5A23736G02Westinghouse WEStation 486 MEPS/DAPS Redundant DPU Upgrade Kit (5A23736G02)
5A26362G01Westinghouse WEStation 486 DPU Single (5A26362G01)
5A26362G02Westinghouse WEStation 486 DPU Redundant (5A26362G02)
5A26397G02Westinghouse WEStation GHC Desktop Highway Interface Kit (5A26397G02)
5A26422G01Westinghouse WEStation DAPS – 24VDC (5A26422G01)
5A26422G02Westinghouse WEStation DAPS – 48VDC (5A26422G02)
5A26430H12Westinghouse WEStation Internal 9.0GB Hard Drive for Ultra 5/10 (5A26430H12)
5A26430H13Westinghouse WEStation 370-3796 32mb Memory Ultra 5/10 (5A26430H13)
5A26430H14Westinghouse WEStation 64MB RAM Expansion (Ultra 5) (5A26430H14)
5A26433H01Westinghouse WEStation PCI Bus SCSI/Ethernet Controller (5A26433H01)
5A28137G04Westinghouse WEStation Cable (5A28137G04)
5D32022G01Westinghouse WEStation Cluster Tap Panel Hwy Trans sub Assys in Cluster Tap Panel (5D32022G01)
5D32024G01Westinghouse WEStation RTP Bracket Assembly w/ 4256A08G02 3RTP6 (5D32024G01)
5D32025G04Westinghouse WEStation Ethernet TAP (5D32025G04)
5D32035G02Westinghouse WEStation Cluster TAP Panel w/ 1ea 4256A08G02 3RTP6 Card (5D32035G02)
5D32046G02Westinghouse WEStation VME Disk Assembly 1.3GB Disk Assy (w/ Fugitsu drive) (5D32046G02)
5D32046G03Westinghouse WEStation VME Disk Assembly (5D32046G03)
5D32046G08Westinghouse WEStation VME Disk Assembly 1.3GB Disk Assy (w/ Quantum 1225S drive) (5D32046G08)
5D32046G09Westinghouse WEStation VME Disk Assembly 5.2GB Disk Assy (w/ 4ea Quantum 1225S drives) (5D32046G09)
5D32052G01Westinghouse WEStation VME Card Frame (on inside, side of chassis) (5D32052G01)
5D32052G05Westinghouse WEStation VME Card Frame (on inside, side of chassis) (5D32052G05)
5D32078G01Westinghouse WEStation CPU Assembly Adapter (5D32078G01)
5D32078G03Westinghouse WEStation Solflower SF VME-300 (5D32078G03)
5D32078G04Westinghouse WEStation Solflower SF VME-300 (5D32078G04)
5D32078G07Westinghouse WEStation Solflower SF VME-300 (5D32078G07)
5D32083G02Westinghouse WEStation VME Disk Assembly w/ 2ea 2GB drives (5D32083G02)
5D32083G04Westinghouse WEStation VME Disk Assembly w/ 2ea 4GB Seagate ST15150N drives (5D32083G04)
5D32083G05Westinghouse WEStation VME Disk Assembly WDE 4360, Seagate ST12400N, and Exabyte HHCTS (5D32083G05)
5D32110G01Westinghouse WEStation WDPF B Cabinet (5D32110G01)
5D32114G01Westinghouse WEStation Dual Card racks of 386 DPU (5D32114G01)
5D32122G02Westinghouse WEStation Top bar w/ cables on 386 DPU (on 5D32114G01 Chassis) (5D32122G02)
5D32123G01Westinghouse WEStation AC/DC Power Distribution Panel (5D32123G01)
5D32123G02Westinghouse WEStation AC Distribution Panel Assembly (5D32123G02)
5D32123G03Westinghouse WEStation AC/DC Power Distribution Panel (5D32123G03)
5D32140G01Westinghouse WEStation PM2722-1 Power Supply with Harness Assembly (5D32140G01)
5D32149G01Westinghouse WEStation 486 DPU Card Cage (5D32149G01)
5D32161G01Westinghouse WEStation 486 DPU Chassis Assembly (5D32161G01)
5D32161G02Westinghouse WEStation 486 DPU Chassis Assembly (5D32161G02)
5D32188G01Westinghouse WEStation Single Field Mount Controller (5D32188G01)
5D32188G02Westinghouse WEStation Redundant Field Mount Controller (5D32188G02)
5D32191G01Westinghouse WEStation DPU Power Supply Assembly 486 (5D32191G01)
5D32191G02Westinghouse WEStation DPU Power Supply Assembly 486 (5D32191G02)
5D32207G01Westinghouse WEStation COT Clam Shell Assembly w/ 2ea 3A99125G02 COT Boards (5D32207G01)
5D32221G01Westinghouse WEStation Q-crate modification for COT (5D32221G01)
5D92481G06Westinghouse WEStation HC Power Inc HS1244-C1353 (5D92481G06)
PC-503Westinghouse Processor Module CPU (PC-503) Alt# 1A57375H03
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