ZJ40DBT Rig parts list

List of Mechanical Spare Parts of ZJ40DBT Rig  
Item No.Description of ItemModel/ Part No.Unit Qty.Unit PriceTotal


LOT-1:   Spare of Generator & Compressor  
A.         Spare for Rig Generator Cummins Model: C1340S ( Engine Model : KTA50-G8) 1429KW  
1Fuel Filter ElementP/N: FS1006Pcs. 32  
2Oil FilterP/N: LF3325Pcs. 42  
3Oil FilterP/N: LF777Pcs. 44  
4Air FilterP/N: Fleetguard AF25278Pcs. 30  
5Fan BeltP/N: 3003343Pcs. 6  
6Air Starter Complete Assy.Model:SS825GC03R31
SI. No-100928097
Max. Pressure: 225 Psi
Model: Ingersoll Rand
Set 2  
7Vain Set for Above Air Starter Set 4  
8Pinion Drive of Above Air Starter pcs 4  
B.       250KW Auxiliary Generator : Make:Volvo Penta, Engine Model: TAD734GE  
1Temperature Sensor20513350Pcs. 2  
2Diesel Filter20998805/ Volvo 11110683Pcs. 51  
3Engine Oil Filter20998807Pcs. 36  
4Air FilterVolvo 21377909Pcs. 31  
C.       Rotary Air screw Compressors: Sullair. Model: WS3010AC  
1sullube 32 fluid ( compressor oil) 18.5 litre per can can 5  
2AOS element2250137Pcs 4  
3Water Separator2250166734Pcs. 4  
4Filter/return tube sullicon repair kit02250117-782Pcs. 1  
5Oil filter element02250155-709Pcs. 10  
6Overloading Air Filter02250125-372 /369Pcs. 4  
7Oil and Gas Separator02250121-500Pcs. 4  
8Clutch Elastomer88290019-861Pcs. 2  
D.         Spare for Air Dryer   
1Air filter element (for SYCD-6f dryer)T006Pcs. 2  
2Air filter element (for SYCD-6f dryer)C006Pcs. 2  
3Air dryer set (Sullair), max. air pressure 230psig, 400V, 3P, 50Hzmodel: RC-850-400-3-50-A/ equivalentset 1  
LOT-2:   Spare for Solid control system & Others  
A.       Spares for Mud Manifold  
14″×35 MPa Kelly Hose with 4″ Hammer Union Fig-1002 at Both End, Length 18 meter.4″×35 Mpa×18 meter, One end is 4″ Fig-1002 Hammer Female Union, The Other End is 4″ Fig-1002 Hammer Male Union.pcs 1  
24″×35 MPa stand pipe Hose with 4″ Hammer Union Fig-1002 at Both End, Length-20 feet (Male female hammer union) pcs 2  
34″ mud gate valve, Fig-1002 hammer male connection both ends, min. 5000 psi   Z23Y/1002 or equivalentpcs 8  
4Repair kit of above 4″ gate valve including gate, seat, bush,metal ring,o-ring etc. set15-04-47-57-00078  
52″ Mud gate vale, Fig-1502 hammer male connection both ends, min. 5000 psi pcs 8  
6Repair kit of above 2 inch gate valve including gate, seat, bush,metal ring,o-ring etc. set 8  
7Mud hose Fig 1502, 3″, 2000 psi, 18 feet long pcs 2  
8Mud hose Fig 1502, 3″, 2000 psi, 22 feet long pcs 2  
94″×35 MPa Vibrating mud hose with 4″ Hammer Union Fig-1002, Length 4.5 meter.Male female hammer union connections   1  
B.         Connection Pipes for Tank Water Line  
1Rubber Hose PipeDN80 PN2 L=6000mm
ID 76mm WP 2MPa
Piece 3  
2Rubber Hose PipeDN80 PN2 L=1800mm
ID 76mm WP 2MPa
Piece 3  
3Rubber Hose PipeDN80 PN2 L=1000mm
ID 76mm WP 2MPa
Piece 3  
4Rubber Hose PipeDN80 PN2 L=800mm
ID 76mm WP 2MPa
Piece 3  
5Rubber Hose PipeDN80 PN2 L=1400mm
with elbow at two end
ID 76mm WP 2MPa
Piece 3  
C.       Valves  
1Stainless Steel Ball ValveID 30mmPiece 3  
2Stainless Steel Ball ValveID 50mmPiece 4  
3Butterfly Valve DN80, PN1, Lug type,ID 80mm, pressure 1MPaPiece 4  
4Butterfly Valve DN125, PN1,
Lug type,
ID 125mm, pressure 1MPaPiece 4  
5Butterfly Valve DN 250/ 10″, PN1, Lug type, with wheel handleID-250mm, pressure 1MPaPiece 4  
6Butterfly Valve DN150/6″, PN1,
Lug type,
ID 150mm, pressure 1MPaPiece 4  
7Butterfly Valve DN200/8″, PN1,
Lug type, with wheel handle
ID 200mm, pressure 1MPaPiece 4  
8Butterfly Valve DN300/12″, PN1,
wafer type, with wheel handle
ID 300mm, pressure 1MPaPiece 1  
9Mid-Pressure ValveDN50PN6.4Piece 1  
10Mud valveDN50 both end flangePiece 3  
11Mid-Pressure ValveDN80PN6.4Piece 1  
12Relief ValveDN50PN6.4Piece 1  
13Butterfly valve with long stem, lug typesize 6″, PN1MpaPiece 2  
D.         Spares for Centrifugal Pumps  
1Sand Pump XBSY SB 6x8J 12 1/2,     coupled with motor 55kw, 380V 50Hz 3P, YB2-250M-4W Set 1  
2Sand Pump XBSY SB 5×6 J-     111/2, coupled with motor 30kw, 380V 50Hz 3P, YB2-200L-4W Set 1  
3Sand Pump XBSY SB 3×4 J-9, coupled with motor 7.5kw, 380V 50Hz 3P, YB2-132M-4W Set 1  
4Centrifugal water pump coupled with motor 15KW, 50Hz, 380/660V, YB2-160-M2-2water pump YG-80-200, 50 m3/h, raise distance 50mSet 1  
5Diesel pump (both end flanged DN50) coupled with motor 4kw, 380V, 50Hz, 2890rpm, motor nodel: YB2-112M-2Pump: ISB 6-50-160 I, (discharge 25 m3/h, raise distance-32m, suction & delivery-2″) or equivalentset 1  
E.         Spare for Shale Shaker: ZDS2560×1250 (Bohai Petro. Equip.)  
1Forward Spring Piece 6  
2Afterward Spring Piece 6  
4Flat Screen API 60 mesh (Length 125.3cm, Width 63cm) Piece 40  
5Flat Screen API 80-90 mesh (Length 125.3cm, Width 63cm) Piece 34  
F.         Mud mixer Hopper:   Model: HB-55   (Bohai Petro. Equip.)  
1Gate valveDN80 both end flangepcs 2  
2Butterfly valve 3″ wafer type pcs 1  
3Butterfly valve 5″ wafer type pcs 1  
4Butterfly valve 6″ wafer type pcs 1  
5Butterfly valve 8″ wafer type pcs 1  
G.       Others  
1Mud transfering hose L-18 feet03″, DN80 WP-1.6 MpaPiece 2  
2Mud transfering hose L-22 feet03″, DN80 WP-1.6 MpaPiece 2  
3Flexible rubber expansion joint/ compensator 8″ Set 2  
4Flexible rubber joint/ compensator 6″   2  
5Flexible rubber expansion joint/ compensator 3″   2  
6Flexible rubber expansion joint/ compensator 4″   2  
7Flexible rubber expansion joint/ compensator 5″   2  
LOT-3 : Spare parts for D.W, R.T, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Systems & Rig Trailer  
A.       Spare for Draw Works Model:- JC-40DBIII  
1Gear Lube Pump Unit C251coupled with explosion
proof motor 2.2 kW 3P 380V 50Hz (YB2-100L1-4W)
KCB 83.3set 1  
2Oil Suction Filter810504-00-0830Piece 3  
3DW kick back roller set 2  
B.       Spare for Draw Works Hydraulic Disc Brake   
1Brake BlockPZ40-01-05Piece 18  
2Oil Suction Filter Element810506-00-0450Piece 2  
3Scavenge Oil Suction Filter
810506-00-0010Piece 4  
4Pressure Oil Suction Filter
810506-00-0200Piece 4  
5Refuel Oil Suction Filter
810504-00-1800Piece 4  
6Plunger Piston Pump coupled with motorPVQ 13-A2R (810110-00-0200), YB-2-1001 2-4, 3kw, 380/660V, 50Hzset 1  
7Closed tong assembly for JC32D disc brakePZ400100Bset 4  
8Open tong assembly for JC32D disc brakePZ400200Bset 4  
C.       Spare for Rotary Table (ZP-275) Transmission Gear  
1Lift Gear Case Pneumatic Tyre713110-05-0520Piece 2  
2Purolator LXZ-100* 180F810504-00-0355set 2  
3Air Filter DF2-32810502-00-0110Piece 2  
D.       Spares for NOV HPU  
1HPU filterDFBH/HC660 TF10, BM 1.0/12Piece 2  
2Hydraulic filterSP08x10Piece 2  
E.         Hydraulic Hoses  
1Hydraulic Hose Dia 3/8 inch. Working Pressure 4000psi, Swivel Female Connection in Both Ends, Length-40 feet. Pcs. 2  
2Hydraulic Hose Dia 3/8 inch. Working Pressure 4000psi, Swivel Female Connection in Both Ends, Length-30 feet. Pcs. 2  
3Hydraulic Hose Dia ( 3/8) inch. Working Pressure 4000psi, Swivel Female Connection in Both Ends, Length-20 feet. Pcs. 2  
4Hydraulic Hose (Dia 1-1/4) inch. Working Pressure 5000psi, Swivel Female Connection in Both Ends, Length-07 feet. Pcs. 2  
5Hydraulic Hose (Dia-1) inch. Working Pressure 5000psi, Swivel Female Connection in Both Ends, Length-11 feet. Pcs. 2  
6Hydraulic Hose (Dia-1) inch. Working Pressure 5000psi, Swivel Female Connection in Both Ends, Length-7 feet. Pcs. 2  
7Hydraulic Hose Dia 1 inch. Working Pressure 4000psi, Swivel Female Connection in Both Ends, Length- 20 feet. Pcs. 2  
F.       Spares for Pneumatic System   
1Air hose -2 inch, 4 feet long with both end npt male connectionMin 1.5 MpaPiece 2  
2Air hose -2 inch, 40 feet long with both end npt male connectionMin 1.5 MpaPiece 2  
3Air hose -2 inch, 50 feet long with both end npt male connectionMin 1.5 MpaPiece 2  
4Air lubricator with regulatorFRC-1/2-D-MIDI-A-NPT (Festo)Piece 2  
5Air winch, 5 Ton capacity, complete set with rope dia 16mm, 120meter long set 1  
G.       Spares for ZJ40DBT Rig Truck/trailer  
1Brake control junctionT-249315-BPiece 2  
2Air brake boosterType-30piece 4  
3Air suspension spring bagGoodyear 566-28-3-547piece 3  
4Tyre with tube 12.00-20 16/18PR, Maxxis/MRF Piece 8  
LOT- 4:   Spares for NOV 8-P-80 Mud Pump, Sl#12118-H  
1Insert, valve guide1292141Nos. 6  
2Spring ,valve1560701Nos. 8  
3Seat valve1561450Nos. 30  
4Valve completeP/N-1560995Nos. 23  
5Insert/Disk, valve1560587Nos. 10  
6Liner 6″05-464-600Nos. 39  
7Gasket, Liner 6″1540148 or 07923280Nos. 30  
8Piston complete 6″20-021-505Nos. 40  
9piston rod1291277Nos. 3  
10Nut piston6308241 or 005402052Nos. 3  
11sub rod, piston1291276Nos. 3  
12liner spray system1291190Nos. 3  
13clamp/bushing liner1291165Nos. 1  
14Rubbers piston 6″ with sanp ring
and plate
20-040-013Nos. 10  
15Nitrozen charging hose, nipple, valve set of dampener (model Hydril K20-5000)M-1920006-04set 1  
16Diapharam with kit, valve for hydrill dampener model K20-5000M-3110796-01set 3  
17shock proof pressure gauge, (0-5000/6000 psi), NPT 1.5″ nos 2  
18Safety reset relief Valve, Titan-C (1500-5000) psi34000-02nos 4  
19Drive V belt for above mud pump, 4 rows in 1 set4L8V7620Set 8  
20Pump XBSY SB 5×6 ZJC-12 coupled with motor 37KW 3P 380V 50Hz (Motor model: YB2-225S-4W or equivalent) nos 1  
21Gate valve 2″ , 5000 psi/35MPa, Both side male hammer union pcs 2  
22water cooling pump NOV 1×1-1/2 C11, coupled with motor 1.49KW model: JJ182TTGS103IAPL, 50Hz, 190/380V, Frame-182TC2 (Seal type- PKD, impeller-4170-40-01)Type-S, Part# 609102009IT40,Set 1  
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