ZJ70D Rig parts list


S/SThe name of the material and

Technical parameters

StandardUnit of measurementQuantity
1Disc brake working cylinder KG-00 (drawworks, ZJ70DBS- ZJ30DBS,ZJ30D)API Spec 7K 2015set9
2Disc brake emergency cylinder BG-00C (drawworks, ZJ70DBS- ZJ30DBS, ZJ30D)set9
3Brake head  (working)  KQ-21 (ZJ70DBS- ZJ30DBS) ZJ30D)pcs24
4Brake head  (emergency) BQ-22 (ZJ70DBS- ZJ30DBS) ZJ30D)pcs12
5Oil pump HJC 022.03.02 (1200552630) (Winch – Drilling rig: ZJ70DBS, JC 675DB)pcs1
6Gear oil pump KCB-55 2.2 kW 380 v, 50 Hz

(Drill rigs: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D)

Technical parameters of the pump:

–        Pump series: KCB

–        Pump standard: JB/T 7041-2006

–        Pump capacity: 55 liters/min

7Reverse (return) filter 1300110038 (RFA 100x10L) (Top Driver DQ250Z, Drills: ZJ30DBS- ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)API Spec 8Cpcs4
8Hydraulic motor 1300126355, 2K245 (Top Driver DQ250Z, Drills: ZJ30DBS- ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs4
9Hose and valve assembly for hydraulic station DQ026.07.00 (Top Driver DQ250Z, manufacturer: HONGHUA, plant No. DQ17-008; No. DQ17-008, ZJ30DBS)set2
10piston pump 1300092727, PVP2336B8RHP21 (Top Drive DQ250Z, manufacturer: HONGHUA, factory № DQ17-007; № DQ17-008, ZJ30DBS)

Number of revolutions: 1800 rev / min

Maximum pressure: 245 bar

11Mud valve 1300106826 ((Top Drive DQ250Z, manufacturer: HONGHUA, factory № DQ17-007; № DQ17-008, ZJ30DBS)set2
12Feed  pipe 1200481442 (Top Drive DQ250Z, manufacturer: HONGHUA, factory № DQ17-008; № DQ17-008, ZJ30DBS)pcs12
13Feed pipe assembly DQ026.04.00 (Top Drive DQ250Z, manufacturer: HONGHUA, factory № DQ17-008; № DQ17-008, ZJ30DBS)set2
14Feed pipe seal 1200419368 (Top Drive DQ250Z, manufacturer: HONGHUA, factory № DQ17-007; № DQ17-008, ZJ30DBS)set24
15Exhaust valve QF514D (ZJ70D-ZJ30DBS – ZJ50D)

Dimensions: 95xø53,5 mm

Threads: M18x1.5 – M30x1.5

Working pressure: 1.0 MPa

Type: pneumatic driven

API Spec 7Kpcs5
16Pressure gauge diaphragm Totko (for 3NB-1600F model) oil-based solution resistant (Drilling rigs: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs30
17Metal gasket RX53 API Spec 6Apcs12
18Metal gasket RX73 API Spec 6Apcs12
19Wavy compensator 6 ”ZKB, DN150-1,6 Mpa L = 250, NBR, RAL-GZ 719

Connection: Flange 150×1,6 Mpa, GOST 12821-80, St 20

Temperature range: -20 * C -: – 90 * C


20Wavy compensator 8 ”, ZBT, DN200-1,6 Mpa L = 300, NBR, RAL-GZ 719

Connection: Flange 200×1,6 Mpa, GOST 12821-80, St 20

Temperature range: -20 * C -: – 90 * C


21Air valve 23Q-L15-K (QY23) (ZJ70D-ZJ30DBS – ZJ50D)

Dimensions: 113x52x46 mm

Working pressure: 1.0 MPa

Drift diameter: 15 mm

Type: pneumatic driven

22Clutch LT500/250 (Drill: ZJ50D)pcs2
23Release valve QKPJ-1/2” (Drills :ZJ70D– ZJ50D)pcs4
24Pressure regulating valve TJQ-L15 (Drill rigs: ZJ70D-ZJ30DBS – ZJ50D)pcs12
25Hammer Union 2″ Fig 1502 (Drills: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs2
26Hydraulic oil pump MHP 350A 578MEA 207 (Drill: ZJ40CZ)pcs3

Valve  Z23Y-35-50 2″ API 6A (Drills: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)

28Valve Z23Y-DN100-35MPa API 6A (Drills: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs2
29Valve Z23Y-DN100-53MPa API 6A (Drills: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs1
30Brake disc W30-07-902 (ZJ40CZ)pcs3
31Air collector (air clutch) W31-20-906A (ZJ40CZ)pcs3
32Gear clutch assembly (coupling JC153.05.20, shaft JC153.05.04, shaft JC153.05.22, coupling JC153.05.03) G II CLZ 12 (Drill: ZJ-70D)set1
33Air winch 5 tons XJFH-5/35 (Drilling rigs: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ) Lifting capacity: 50 kN

Lifting speed: 35 m/min

Power: 16 kW

Dimensions: 1400x840x1140 mm

The winch is equipped with steel bar (ø 19 mm, L=150 m), chain and rotating hook.

34Gauge-48 (with sensor, hose and indicator) p/n 5310074 (75000 FT LBS) Torquemeter is designed for torque control in HT-65 pipe wrenches. Key SY/T5074 API Spec 7K “Specification for Drilling Equipment” is manufactured according to industry standards. ( Drilling rigs :ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs4
35Pressure gauge, vibration proof YK-150F 0-60Mpa (ZJ70D-ZJ30DBS-ZJ50D)

Measurement range: 0 ÷ 60 Mpa

Diameter of the scale: 150 mm

Accuracy class: 0.6

Operating temperature range: – 25ºC ÷ 50 ºC

Connection: Flanged (2 1/16 ”10M, BX152) low radial fastening

The pressure gauge must be vibration proof.

Since the pressure gauge is designed to measure the pressure of the oil-based drilling mud in the drilling manifold, it must be provided with an intermediate diaphragm made of oil-based mud-resistant material (NBR) to protect the working part from contamination.

36Pressure gauge, vibration proof YK-150 ISO10012-1 (Drilling rigs: ZJ70D-ZJ70DBS-ZJ30DBS- ZJ50D-ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)

Measuring range: 0 ÷ 60 Mpa

Scale diameter: 150 mm

Accuracy class: 1.6

Operating temperature range: – 25ºC ÷ 55 ºC

Connection: Thread NPT 2, lower radial tightening

Diaphragm material: NBR

37Clutch 1300108892 (Ball Driver DQ250Z, Drills ZJ30DBS- ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ) 


API Spec 8C


38Oil filter 1300108717, FAX 100×10, (Top Drive DQ250Z, manufacturer: HONGHUA, factory № DQ17-007; № DQ17-008, ZJ30DBS)pcs3
39Friction resistant-1 1200419582 (Top Driver DQ250Z, Drilling rigs ZJ30DBS- ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs12
40Friction-resistant-2 1200419584 (Ball Driver DQ250Z, Drills ZJ30DBS- ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs12
41Hex head screw 1300100124 (Ball Driver DQ250Z, Drills ZJ30DBS- ZJ30D-ZJ40CZ)pcs288


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