ZJ70DBS Rig spare parts list

Mechanical spare parts of ZJ70DBS Rig for Begumganj#4(West) Drilling.

Sl. No.Item DescriptionPart No./Model No./Drawing codeUnitQuantity
LOT-1:  Spare for Mud Pump, Model:12-P-160 Sl.# 12087-H, Company: NOV, USA.
1Liner 7”Updated PN: 10324520-001 Replaced 05466700EA12
2Liner 6”Updated PN: 10324505-001 Replaced 05466600EA14
3Piston 7” with piston seal ringUpdated PN: 10329814-001 Replaced 1502064EA12
4Piston 6” with piston seal ringUpdated PN: 10219800-001 Replaced: 1502060EA18
5Valve spring (OD=11cm, L=13cm)Updated PN: 10330111-001 Replaced: 1560702EA18
6Valve Seat (full open)Updated PN: 10330187-001-0 Replaced:1561440EA22
7Valve complete with urethane insertUpdated PN: 10330158-001-0 Replaced: 1560985EA18
8Valve CoverUpdated PN: 10017764-001 Replaced: 1292352EA2
9Valve retainerUpdated PN: 10017762-001 Replaced:1292350EA2
10Holder, Valve guide insertUpdated PN: 10017680-001 Replaced 1292140EA4
11Insert valve guideUpdated PN: 17810813-001 Replaced 1292141EA9
12Valve cover GasketG-6309/G-787UEA12
13Liner Packing 7″P/N-07923285EA9
14Liner packing 6″P/N-07923261EA9
15Combined narrow V-Belt    (5 pcs in 1 line set) for 12-P-160 NOV mud pump25(J)5-8000,    P/N-GB/T13575.2-1992EA4
16Pressure Gauge 0-6000 psiP/N: YN150BEA1
17Stem, 36” Center (for Valve Seat Puller)10090588-001EA1
18Nut, Stem (for Valve Seat Puller)10070662-001EA1


Mechanical spare parts of ZJ70DBS Rig for Begumganj#4(West) Drilling

Rig manufacturer: M/s. Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd.

Sl. No.Item DescriptionPart No./Model No./Drawing codeUnitQuantity
LOT-2 :   Spare of DW, HPU, Pneumatic control system. 
A. Draw Works (DW), Model: JC70DB (JC123-TC), Company: Hong Hua, China. 
1Gear oil  pump coupled with motor 1.5 KW (Explosion proof)KCB83.3set1
2Fast air release valveKPJa-L10EA1
3Ventilated type air tube clutch setLT 500/250Tset1
4Quick exhaust valveS-QY43EA1
5Primary Oil FilterCLY-00EA1
6Secondary Oil FilterELY-00EA1
7DW Kick back roller/ Rope RetainerDSQ-01.00EA2
8Crown-o-metric sever(Toggle Valve)QY70Set1
B. Spare for main Hydraulic power unit (HPU), Model: ZY064B, Company: HongHua, China. 
9Return oil filterRFB-400×10/ FBX-400×10EA1
10HP oil filterZU-H25x10BDPEA1
11Relay valve HP filterLT09HG-1×125/02MEA1
12Air filterQUQ3-10×4.0EA1
13DW disc brake hydraulic pump coupled with motor (YB2-100L2-4WF2, 3KW)Pump- Parker (PV62R1ECOO)set1
14Bladder for accumulator for DW disc brake system.NXQ1-LO 63/31.5-Hset1
15Accumulator filter oil Block for DW disc brake system.Drawing code: HTY 07.01set1
C. Spare for RT Drive. Model: ZP375(ZB-045-TC). Company: Honghua, China.  
 16Ventilated Type air tube clutch friction block.P/N: LT500/250Tset1
17Ventilated Type air tube clutch air bag.P/N: LT500/250Tset1
18Universal shaft 775±25.DWG.Code: G303.03.00set1
D. Swivel, Model: SL450. Company: Honghua, China.  
19Wash pipeP/N: SL001.05.06EA2
20Mud packingP/N: SL001.05.04Set/5pcs2
21Grease nipple, M10x1P/N: GB1152-89EA2
22O-ring, 122×5.3P/N: GB/T3452.1-92EA2
23O-ring: 109×5.3P/N: GB/T3452.1-92EA2
24Lock RingP/N: SL001.05.07EA2
E. Pneumatic control System.(Drillers Cabin and Other’s)    
252-p,3-w electromagnetic Valve.MFH-3-1/4-+MSFG-24-EXEA1
262-p,3-w normally open

Pneumatic valve.

272-p,3-w normally closed

pneumatic valve

28Switch valveHE-1/2-D-MIDIEA1
293 in 1 air source treatment


30Quick air release valveKPJa-L10 (QY43)EA2
31Connection hose (plastic tubing), Festo.PLN-12X1.75-NTMeter10
32Connection hose (plastic tubing), Festo.PLN-10X1.25-NTMeter10
33Push-in bulkhead connectorQSSF-G1/4-10EA10
34Push-in fittingQS-G1/2-12EA5
35Normally open pneumatic valveVL/O-3-1/4EA1
36Quick connector (quick coupling socket and plug), FestoKD3-1/4-A, KS3-1/4-ISet5
38KA series check valveP/N: KA-L50EA1
Sl. No.Item DescriptionPart No./Model No./Drawing codeUnitQuantity
Lot-3: Mud system spares.
A.     High Pressure Mud Circulating system.
14” Flanged flexil gate valve  (flange to flange approx. length 55cm) API standard41/16, 35MPa/5000psi,R39EA1
22” Flanged flexil gate valve  (flange to flange approx. length 36.5cm) API standard21/16, 35MPa/5000psi, R24set1
3O- ring for 4″ hammer union Fig.1002 5000 psipcs4
44″ Fig.1502 Union seal ring15000 psi, CWP.pcs2
5O- ring for 5″ hammer union Fig.10025000 psi, GMFLEA4
64” Fig.1003 Hammer Union seal ring j125×j105000 psi.EA4
7Rotary mud hose (male female hammer union connections).23.5M, 70 MPa, 4”, Fig-1002, API spec-7Kpcs1
B.   Solid Control circulating system.
8Wafer type, manual handle Butterfly valve (medium pressure) API standard3″/ANSI150pcs1
9Wafer type, manual handle Butterfly valve (medium pressure) API standard4″pcs1
10Wafer type, manual handle Butterfly valve (medium pressure) API standard6” /ANSI150pcs1
11Wafer type, manual handle Butterfly valve (medium pressure) API standard8” /ANSI150pcs1
12Wafer type, manual handle Butterfly valve (medium pressure) API standard10” /ANSI150pcs1
13Wafer type, manual handle Butterfly valve (medium pressure) API standard12” /ANSI150pcs1
C.   Agitator GKJ003.00, (NJ-11A, 11kw), Company: Honghua, China.
14Mud Agitator complete Assy. with gear box and motor 15HP 380-400V, 50Hz, AC (YB2-160M-4W) (impeller wheel dia 31.5”) (aaprox. Length 228cm from bottom)Drw. Code: GKJ003.00

(NJ-11A, 11kw)

15SPRING CYLINDRALIC COUPLING :HL3-42×112 (for above agitator)GB5014-1985set2
D. Centrifugal pump,Model: SB 6×8 JC- 12 ½   55kw. Company: XBSY, China  
16Packing gland setSB68J0035EA2
17Pin and sheath loopSB68J0015SEA10
18Pump JointerSB68J0003SEA2
19Motor JointerSB68J0004SEA2
20Oil sealSB68J0023EA2
E. Centrifugal pump, Model: SB 5×6 FJ-12 ½   45kw. Company: XBSY, China.  
22Packing gland setSB56J0039EA2
23Oil sealSB56J0010EA2
25Pin and sheath loopSB56J0018SEA10
26Pump JointerSB56J0003SEA1
27Motor JointerSB56J0004SEA1
28Oil sealSB56J0011EA1
Sl. No.Item DescriptionPart No./Model No./Drawing codeUnitQuantity
LOT-4:  Mechanical Spare Parts for CAT Engines, Compressor & Solid Control Equipment. (ZJ70DBS).  
A.   CAT Generator, Model -3512B.   
1.Primary air filter.4P-0710EA6
2.Secondary air filter.4P-0711EA6
3.Fuel filter1R-0756EA30
4.Oil filter1R-0726EA30
5.Kit seal and vane5N-8390Set3
B. Air Compressor, Model-Quency QDT-45 KW HT.
7.Element Air filter23458-4EA2
8.Element Fluid  filter128381-050EA4
9.AO separator 124487-0182013402020EA4
10.Compressor Oil, Quincy (18.9 Ltr.)2309842Can6
11.KIT line filter129732-051EA2
Solid control Equipments
C.  Spare for Derrick Shate shaker. Model: FLC 2000-3. Company: Derrick, USA.
12.Float mount assy. 4″x3″1129-00EA6
13.Rapid change bolt assy.12048-00Set6
14.Screen flat API 20 EA18
15.Screen flat API 35 EA18
16.Screen flat API 60 EA30
17.Screen flat API 170 EA30
D.  Derrick Desander, Model: DSV-10-3 DWG#13645.00 Company: Derrick, USA.
18.Lower band6066-55EA3
19.Upper band6066-53EA3
20.Bushing ORF-1.250

10″ Desander BP URE

21.1800 Victaulic urethane elbowG0002077EA6
E.  Derrick Centrifuge, Model: DE1000 Dwg# 14394-00-017. Company: Derrick, USA.
22.Drive BeltBelt-5G3V-1000set1
23.Air filterG0003565EA1
F. Derrick Degasser, Model: Vacu FLO 1200 Dwg# 10310-00-009. Company: Derrick, USA.  
24.Hose, 1” NPT with swivei×85” longHYT-E716×8500

New Part No. G0013736

25.Hy. Hose 1”×13”HYT-E716×1300

New Part No. : G0013740

26.Drive beltPP1137EA1
27.Air filter elementWLK-FRP-95-209EA1
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