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Brief Introduction

    Drawworks is the core part of Drilling Rig. it is used for operation of lifting or laying down mast, hoisting or descending drilling tools and casings.

Technical performances and structure features

1. All bearings are rolling bearings . The shafts are made of alloy steel.
2. The chains are pressure lubricated.
3. The drum is grooved. The low-speed & high-speed ends of the drum shaft are equipped with ventilating pneumatic tube clutch. The brake rim (or disc) is water cooled and the surface is medium-frequency induction hardened that provides excellent wear-resistance capacity and long service life.
4. The contours of the sprocket teeth are medium frequency induction hardened. All transmission clutches are of involute spline type.
5. The main brake is hydraulic disc brake, and the auxiliary brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake or EATON brake.
Technical Performances and Structure Features of the Single-shaft Electric Drawwork
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