ZYZJ ZJ70DB Rig equipment list and specification

1DRILLING RIG GENERAL DESCRIPTIONType:AC–DC-AC Variable frequency AC Drive drilling rig. Rated drilling depth:
Up to 6000m(19685ft) with 127mm (5″)DP
Up to 7000m(22966ft) with 114mm (4-1/2″)DP Rated maximum static hook load:
4500KN (458 MT, 505 st, 1,010,000 Lbs) 12 Lines strung
2Rig mast and relevant equipments
2.1MAST1setModel:JJ450/45-K mast
Type of the Mast: K
Max. Static hook load: 4,500kN (1 000 000 lbf)
(On lines of 6×7, no wind load, no pipe racked in the Mast)
(Note: Acceleration, impact, wind load and setback stand will reduce the max. hook load.)
Working height: 45.5m(149ft) (from drilling floor to Crown block Beam) Top span: 2.5m(8.2ft)×2.2m(7.2ft) (front view/side view)
Base span:10m×10 m (32.8ft) (front view)
Height of Monkey-board: 26.5m(87ft),25.5m(84ft),24.5m(80ft) Capacity of Monkey-board:
Φ114mm(4.5 in) DP, 28m(91.84 ft)stand:7,000m(22960ft),250stands;
10in Drill Collar:4 stands
8in Drill Collar:6 stands
Wind load capacity:
Waiting on weather(no hook load,full stands):36m/s(70knots,wind class 12) Survival device(no hook load,no stand):47.8m/s(93knots,wind class >12) Raising and lowering mast:8.3m/s(16 Knots,wind class 5)
Designs meet the requirements of API Spec 4F, ANSI/AWS D1.1-2000,SY/T5170. CW leveling jacket one (1), Anti-falling down device one (1).
2.2Slingline(raising line)1settwo piece, φ80mm×54.5m, 6×84WSNS+FC-1770Mpa used for the erecting of the mast and substructure
2.3Mast escape device1setInclude compelete escape safety slide
2.4Fastline  releaser1setModel:WSQ-00
Suitable wire diameter:≤Φ38mm
Working pressure:16MPa
Max. Flow:40L/min Lifting height:6~12m Lifting speed:3~14m/min
Lifting stroke:6m
2.6ONE (1) DEADLINE ANCHOR1setJZG41 model, to API 8A
features: the anchor is equipped at the bottom of derrick opposite to driller’s position, completed with a tension type weight sensor, a spooling device and jumper bars to prevent wire line from jumping off the anchor.
Specification: suitable for 38mm(1-1/2 ″) line, max load of 410KN,sensor model
SZT3,output pressure 6.83MPa, the line number on the secondary instrument 10 and
3Substructure and relevant equipments
3.1SUBSTRUCTURE1setModel:DZ450/10.5-S, to API 4F,swing up style
Drilling floor height:10.5 m (34.5ft)
The area of drilling floor:12.65 m×13 m (41.5×42.64ft)
The clear height of rotary table beam to the ground:9 m(29.5ft) Rotary table beam load:4500 kN(1,000,000lbf)
Rated setback load:2200 kN(494,500lbf) Span of matching mast:10 m (32.8ft)
Max. static hook load of matching mast:4500 kN(1,000,000lbf)
Capacity of drill-pipe setback:4-1/2 ″ 28 m drill-pipe stand 7000 m(250 stands)
CW three (3) set stairs, V-Door slope, catwalk,etc.
3.2Electric elevator1setModel:70-SG1, used for lifting tools ,1 ton
Lifting height:0~10.5m
Lifting speed:0.2~0.5m/s
Rated load:1.5T(net)
3.3hydraulic snubber devices2settwo set of hydraulic cylinder,used for the damping of raising/lowering the mast.Including one set hydraulic power station:DBS model,Rated high pressure 16MPa,Rated low pressure 14MPa, Rated flow 14L/min, motor power 4kW, oil tank capacity 55L.
3.4Air winch3setModel:XJFH-5/35
Max. Lifting force:50kN(11250lb) Max. Lifting speed:35m/min(1.9fts) Rated power:16kW(21.5HP)
Air intake pressure:0.8MPa(116psi) Diameter of wire:19mm(3/4″)
3.5DOGHOUSE2setthere are two dog house placed on the right and left side of the drill floor.
Max. Lifting capacity:2×200=400kN Max. Lifting Height:4.0m
Max. Lifting Speed:1.5m/min
Max. Lowering Speed:3m/min
Max. Horinontal Moving speed (Dual direction):12m/min
Max. W.P.: 16MPa
Max. Flow:120L/min
Wire Line Diameter:28mm
3.7Racking board air winch1setmodel:QJL-0.5×12
Pressure of compress air;0.8MPa
First steel rope Max. traction force:5kN Rated speed:12m/min
mounted on racking platform.
3.8combined hydraulic power unit1setModel:RSD/ZHYZ800-Ⅱ
Max. flow of master pump:120L/min Max. flow of assistant pump:37L/min Rated pressure:16MPa
Motor power:37kW+11kW
used for hydraulic tong and hydraulic cathead,etc.
Rated working pressure:16MPa
Rated flow:120L/min
Steel cable size:18×7-26-170-1 L=10M
Steel cable traction force: 160kN for YM16; 100kN for YM10
Steel cable traction travel:1500
Crown block swing angle:90° Model:YXM-5
Rated working pressure:16MPa
Rated flow:120L/min
Diameter of hemp cord: φ30mm
Rated traction force: 50kN Drum length:320mm
Max. drum speed:30rpm
3.11GRASSHOPPER1setOne (1) metal construction grasshopper frame for supporting utility and cable trays. Grasshopper raises and lowers simultaneously with substructure.
4Drawworks and relevant equipments
4.1Electric Drawworks 2000 HP1setModel:JC70DB drawworks
Rated input power:1470kW(2000hp) Normal drilling depth range
Φ114mm(41/2 in) drilling pipe:4500 ~7000m(14763~22965ft)
Φ127mm(5  in) drilling pipe:4000 ~6000m(13123~19685 ft)
Maximum fast line pull:485kN(107777 lbf.) Wire rope diameter:Ф38mm (1 1/2 in) Gear:stepless speed regulation
Drum speed:0~299r/min(rpm)
Hook speed:0~1.275m/s(0~4.183ft/s)
(5×6 Wireline system lifting drilling pipe)
Dimension of grooved drum (diameter×length ): Ф770×1439mm(30⅜×56¾in) DBS75 hydraulic disc brake(diameter×thickness): Ф1600×76mm(63×3 in)
4.2Driller control house1setDriller’s control house for mounting instrments, made of stainless steel.
ZJYP-4-2L Industrial TV supervison system consists of camera system 、display system
and control system. Camara system has five cameras, located at drawwork drum 、
crown block、shale shaker、monkey board and mud pumps.
Equipped with one set of BCKT-45G Ex-proof air condition.
Driller’s control house fitted with all equipment required in driller’s console including Top drive console.
4.3Motors2settwo (2) YJ13X5/X6 high torque AC drilling motors
Rated power and speed:800kW/741rpm Rated voltage and current:600V AC /915A Rated torque:10303N.m
Rated frequency:37.5Hz Max. Speed:1253rpm Power factor:0.89
Rated efficiency:0.95
Used to drive Drawworks.
4.4Auto Driller device1setthe auto-feeding is realized with a separated 45kW AC varied frequency motor and its control system.
parameters:accuracy of WOB of 0.5 ton. displaying: the suspended weight, WOB, position and moving speed of travelling block.warning:visually and audiably Functions:crown saver, floor saver,braking the drilling string, drilling break saver. Motor parameter:YBP225M-4W/45kWAC/400V/84.7A/50Hz/290.4N.m/0.87/92.8%
4.5Hydraulic disc brakes1setCW water colded double discs,Six service calipers (normal open)and two safety calipers(normal closed, and independent hydraulic resource, meeting with the 7000 m drilling requirement;
Model:DBS 75
Max.normal pressure on single side for service caliper:75kN Max.normal pressure on single side for safety caliper:90kN Effective stroke for service caliper:30mm
Rated pressure for hydraulic system:8MPa
Capacity of oil tank:90L Power of motor:2.2kW
Rated brake torque of about 133322 N.m@5.5bar
Water flow:984dm3/min Thermal rating:1939 KW Max. slip speed:475 rpm
Max. freewheel speed:700rpm
5Rotary table and relevant equipments
5.1Rotary table1setModel:ZP-375 ROTARY TABLE, To API 7K, Opening Diameter:37 in(952.5mm)
Max. Static Load:645 ton (5850kN) Max. torque:23870ft•lbs (32362N•m) Max. Rotating Speed:300r/min Transmission Ratio:3.56
5.2MASTER BUSHING1setOne (1) 952mm (37-1/2) SMB Split Pin Drive Master Bushing body assembly
5.3KELLY BUSHING1setOne (1) Kelly Bushing complete with wrench less wiper assembly for 5-1/4” Hex Kelly. One (1) Kelly Bushing complete with wrench less wiper assembly for 4-1/4” Hex Kelly.
5.4Bushingsone (1) master bushing device one (1) casing bushing
one (1) bushing 2 3/8 ″-8 5/8″(for drilling)
one (1) bushing 2 3/8 ″-8 5/8″(for casing)
one (1) bushing 9 3/8 ″-10 3/4″(for casing)
one (1) bushing 11 3/4 ″-13 3/8″(for casing)
Master bushing lifting device
Bushing lifting device
5.5ROTARY TABLE ANTI-SLIP PAD1setaround 37-1/2” rotary table
5.6Independent drive device of rotary table1setIndependent drive device of rotary table,cw speed gear transmission, chain assembly and one inertia brake,the rotary speed can be adjusted within 0-223 rpm.
Gear ratio for gear box:i=1
Output speed of rotary table:0-223 r/min
Cardan shaft model:BHJ290F385
5.7AC Motor1setModel:YJ31D AC motor Rated power:720kW Rated voltage:600V Rated efficiency:94% Rated power factor:0.9
Rated speed:600r/min Rated torque:11400N.m Rated frequency:30.5Hz
Maximum constant power Speed:1180r/min
Used to drive independent driving device.
6Crown Block1setModel:TC-450-2,to API 8A, 4F. Max. hook:4500 kN(500Us tons) Number of sheaves:6+1 sets
OD of sheave:φ1524mm(60in)
OD of guide sheave:φ1524mm(60in) Wireline diameter:φ38mm(1-1/2in)
OD of Auxiliary sheave:φ400mm(15-5/8in) Number of Auxiliary sheaves:3 sets
Diameter of wireline for auxiliary sheaves:φ19mm(3/4in) OD of Sand sheave:φ762mm(30in)
Number of Sand sheaves:1 set
Diameter of wireline for Sand sheave:φ19mm(3/4in) Overall diameter(L×W×H:3710×2930×3760mm Theoretical weight:10600kg
Matching Mast model:JJ450/45.5-K mast(808.18.000)
7TRAVELLING BLOCK1setYC 450 traveling block, to API 8A
Max. static hook load:4500KN(1,010,000 Lbs) Qty. sheaves: 6
OD of sheave: 1524 mm
Diameter of drilling line: 1-1/2 ″
8Hook1setDG450 hook, to API 8A
Max. Static hook load: 4500KN
Main hook mouth diameter: 180mm Assistant hook mouth diameter: 120mm Main hook opening: 220mm
Working range of spring: 200mm
9SWIVEL1setSL450 swivel, to API 8A. Max. Static load:4500 KN Max. Speed: 300 rpm
Max. Working pressure: 35 MPa
Internal diameter of swivel stem: 75mm(3 ″)
Connection threads: 7-5/8” REG LH to stem
6-5/8” REG LH to Kelly pipe
Air motor model:FMS20
Rated motor speed: 2800rpm
Rated power: 14.7kW Rated pressue: 0.6MPa
10TOP DRIVE1setModel: DQ70BSC
Nominal drilling depth:7000m(4 1/2in drill pipe) Max. load:4500kN
Rated circulation pressure:35MPa(5000psi)
Working height:6.1m(from top lifting bail to upper face of elevator) Supply voltage:600VAC
Rated power:2x400HP
Brake torque: 50kN.m(36900ft.lb)
Max break out torque:75kN.m(55300ft.lb)
continuous drill pipe speed: 0-220rpm
11Mud pump unit, Drilling liquid manifold and relevant equipment
11.1Triplex Mud Pumps3setModel:ZYF-1600 Mud pump,Horizontal triplex single acting piston pump,driven by 2 VF AC motors
Rated power:1600hp (1180 kW) Rated strokes:120 spm
Stroke length:12 in (304.8 mm) Gear ratio:4.206:1
Maximum pressure:5000psi(34.3MPa) Inlet diameter:12in
Outlet diameter:5 1/8in
Maximum liner diameter:7in(φ177.8mm)
Outline size  (not including pulsation dampener, discharge strainer and elbow):(174.25×
11.2Electric Motors of mud pumps6setModel:YJ31C/C1 AC motor
Rated power:720kW Rated voltage:600V Rated efficiency:94% Rated power factor:0.9
Rated speed:600r/min Rated torque:11400N.m Rated frequency:30.5Hz
Maximum constant power Speed:1180r/min
Used to drive mud pumps.
11.3Drilling liquid Manifold1setZJGH-35S drilling fluid manifold (for double Standpipes) Pipe nominal bore:100mm(4″)
Rating working pressure:35MPa(5000psi) Hydraulic seal test:35MPa(5000psi) Strength test pressure:70MPa(10000psi)
Working temp.:-29 ℃ to 121℃
Applicable medium: Fresh water, drilling fluid, crude oil, cracking fluid
Connection manner: high pressure union
Drive manner of gate valves: manual
Standard:SY/T5244-94《drilling fluid manifold 》, API spec 16C/16A
Including Dual standpipes, H shape standpipe manifold stood, and one (1) ground standpipe,etc.
11.475′-5000psi rotary hose2set75′-5000psi rotary hose.
12.1Mud circulation and solid control system1setTotal capacity:         441m3
Effienct capacity:      355m3
Treating class:         5
Treating ability:        >250m /h
Mud Circulation and Solid Control System consists of six (6) mud tanks, one (1) V-type tank, one (1) cooling water tank, two (2) water tanks and relevant solid control equipments,etc.Two mixing pumps can suck in mud from anyone tank or many tanks individually or simultaneously. The mud processed by two eddy flow hoppers was discharged to any tank. For the material such as polymer, clay that is difficult to decompose, hydrate and agitate, they can be mixed evenly and quickly by means of cutting pump and jet flow hoppers.
Each section of this system is connected by pneumatic union, rubber gasket union, steel tube or rubber pipe.
2 Super GTM Vibrating motors,2.5HP,380V,3 Cycle,50Hz, 1500rpm,Ex-Proof, “Greased- for-life” bearing systems, Sound output < 81db.
Screen type: PMD Pyramid Screen Recommended Screen mesh: PWP48-30 DX50, DX84,DX110,DX140,DX175,DX210,DX250
Raise or lower the screen basket from -1 to +5°on the 3-panel
Structure Material: stainless steel
Mud inlet on the feeder of the Cleaner is pre-marked
Process Rate:525GPM (33.1L/S) with 10.4 PPG(1.25 g/cm3) Mud over 210 mesh
Pyramid screens
Dual Amplitude:5.00 MM Vibrating Frequency: 24.22Hz Parabolic Index:3.55
Parabolic Angel:45°
10″ Desander: Inner manifold, makes a separation between 40 and 100 microns. Each
10″ cone can process 500GPM(31.5 L/S) at 75 feet of head, a maxium of 1500GPM
processing capacity with (3) 10″ cones.
4″ Desilter: Makes a separation between 12 and 74 microns; Cones contain separate
ball valves that can be individually shut off during operation to allow for increased control of flow capacities and ease of maintenance.
Each 4″ cone can process 80GPM (5.04 L/S) at 75 feet of head, a maxium of 1280GPM
processing capacity with (16) 4″ cones.
12.4Liquid-Gas separator1setHYQ1200-1.6
Bulk of the separator:Φ1200mm
Treatment capacity:320 /h
Feed pipe:Φ125mm
Drainage pipe:Φ250mm
Gas extraction pipe:Φ200mm
Design pressure:1.6 Mpa
12.5Vacuum degasser1setHZCQ240
Flow rate:240 /h
Motor power:15kW
Motor power of vacuum pump:2.2/3 kW(60Hz)
Rotary speed:970/1180(60Hz) r/min
12.6Desand pump2setHSB8×6-11 1/2″
Rotation speed :1750 r/min
Capacity:240 /h
Pumping max.lift:30-35m
Motor power:55 kW
Motor power:11kW
Impeller rotary speed:58 r/min
Vane number:4
Impeller diameter:1000mm
Impeller installation height :400-800 mm
Impeller shaft diameter :89 mm
Motor power:7.5kW
Impeller rotary speed:58 r/min
Vane number:4
Impeller diameter:800mm
Impeller installation height :400-800 mm
Impeller shaft diameter :76 mm
12.9Calculate measure pump1setHSB4×3-11″
Rotation speed :1750 r/min
Capacity:60 /h
Pumping max.lift:28-35m
Motor power:15 kW
12.10Water pump2setHSB4×3-11″
Rotation speed :1750 r/min
Capacity:60 /h
Pumping max.lift:28-35m
Motor power:15 kW
12.11Cooling pump2setHSB6×5-12
Rotation speed :1750 r/min
Capacity:200 /h
Pumping max.lift:28-35m
Motor power:15 kW
12.12Mud hopper2setHJ250
Fluid feed pressure:0.3-0.6Mpa
Outlet back pressure:≤0.04 Mpa
Flow rate of fluid feed:260-300 /h
Flange nominal diameter of inlet and outlet :150mm
12.13Jet hopper1setHSH-200
Fluid mixing capacity:200 /h
Inlet and outlet size:6″×6″
12.14Shearing pump1setHJQB-120
Motor power:45kW
Discharge capacity:120m/h
Suction diameter:150mm
Pumping max.lift:45m
Rpm of impeller:2200rpm
Discharge diameter:125mm
12.15Mud mixing pump2setHSB8×6-12″
Rotation speed :1750 r/min
Capacity:240 /h
Pumping max.lift:30-35m
Motor power:55 kW
12.16Low speed centrifuge1setLW500×1000-N
Rotary drum speed:1700 r/min
Main motor type:YB200L-4
Main motor power:30kW
Main motor rated speed:1470 r/min
Pair motor type:YB160M-6
Pair motor power:7.5kW
Pair motor rated speed:970 r/min
12.17High speed centrifuge1setLWG450×1260-N
Rotary drum speed:2000-3000 r/min
Main motor power:37kW
Main motor rated speed:1480 r/min
Pair motor power:7.5kW
Pair motor rated speed:970 r/min
13Power system and electric control system
13.1Diesel engine genartor set4setMitsubishi MOG1200
Engine model:S12R-PTA-S Engine speed:1500rpm
Generator output:1600kVA(1040kW),600V,50HZ,3 phase,PF=0.65.
13.2Emergency generator set1setmodel:C15/GENERATOR Rated speed:1500rpm Continuous power:320EKW
Rated voltage/frequency:400V/50Hz
13.3ENGINE GENERATOR BUILDINGS5set5 x generator house
4 for main diesel engine generator package and 1 for auxiliary generator package
each house has a center split door at cooling fan end and push type aside doors at both sides
all side walls can be removed away to integrated as a entire room
CW all binding posts, cables, oil/air piping using for engines
air supply system is mounted at the auxiliary generator house.
13.4ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION SYSTEM1setIncluding generator control cubicle, VFD control cubicle,600V/400V transformer,
400VAC distribution system, MCC system, PLC system, driller operating console, cables, VFD houses, and so on.
Generator control cubicles are furnished for control diesel engine/generator sets.As required all of generators or any two of them can be run parallel along with sharing load evenly.The revolution speed and voltage is controlled in closed loop;Power is restricted;Parameters are measured and displayed;Warning and protections are realized.
VFD control device:
Input voltage:600VAC,3 phase,50Hz
Rated output current: 1080A (driving Drawworks),860A Basic output current: 983A(driving Drawworks),783A Max. Output current: 1469A (driving Drawworks),1170A
Transformer capacity:1250kVA,600V/400V—220V
Transformer Connecting method :D,yn11
MCC control system:The AC motors rated ≥30kw are started in VFD house and only the
explosion-proof starting buttons are mounted beside motors.The AC motors rated ≤
30kw are controlled locally and power-delivered from VFD house.
13.5Mobile generator set2set2 No. Mobile gen set for rig building in night time. Model:SV-400GF
Disel engine model:VOLVO TAD1641GE Generator model:HCI544C1
Rated power:400kW Rated speed:1500rpm Rated frequency:50HZ Rated voltage:400V Power factor:0.8
13.6EX-proof  eletrical power system for drill site1setFull rig site standard blastproof eletrical power  system:
(1)height indicating lamps of derrick,  illumination fluorescent lamps ;sub-structure of
rig, 、mud tank section, in site of rig and around sit lamps, searchlight, spotlight  and
accessories. All are blastproof and so are  the all accessories.
(2)All AC motors and other electrical devices and power and control circuitry system.
14Air supply and oil supply equipments
14.1Air compressors2set2 x LS-12-50-HH screw compressor
Nominal volume flow:5.6mm3/min(197.8CFM) Rated air discharge pressure:10bar(145psi) Max. working pressure:10.7bar(155psi)
Rated power:37kw(50HP) Rated speed:1475rpm Voltage/frequency:380/415V 50Hz
14.2Air Dryer1setModel:SCR-240
Rated power:1.13kw
Working pressure:1 Mpa (145psi) Capacity :6m3/min(212ft3/min)
14.3Air tank1setAir tank capacity:4m³+2.739m³(4m³ tank is settled under the rig substructure)
14.4Fuel Tanks1setTwo (2) Tanks. Double walled, total capacity is 100m3. One (1 ) Night fuel tank of 18+4 CU M capacity.
15Rig instruments and relevent equipments
15.1INSTRUMENTATION1setModel.SZJ Drilling Instrumentation System consists of driller’s console, data acquisition unit (DAQ), computer terminal and software, various sensors, cables and hydraulic hoses. The system can test and display hook load ,weight on bit ,rotary torque ,
standpipe pressure, tong torque, power tong torque, Rotary RPM, SPM Pump #1 、2&3,
accumulated SPM, inlet mud volume ,total mud in, mud return flow, mud pit 1#-6# volume, total mud pit volume, content of total hydrocarbon, and H2S, position of traveling block, well depth and other parameters during drilling, and help the driller to judge the operating situation of drilling rigs. The parameters can be recorded, displayed and plotted with indoor computer as well as with a recorder of general weight indicator.
Pressure resistance:150MPa
Temprature tolerance:260℃
Connecting picture:Appx A-3
High-side tool-face:0 ~360°
Magnetic tool-face:0~360°
Battery pack:7.2v rechargeable
15.3SURVEY UNIT1setModel: CJ6000(F)
Measure depth: 7000m
Power :7.5kW
Working pressure of hydraulic system:15.7MPa(2276psi) Max lifting force:4077N
Diameter of steel wire:φ2.5mm
16.1.1FH53-21 ANNULAR BOP1set20-3/4”, 3000 psi, Annular
16.1.22FZ53-21 DOUBLE RAM BOP1set20-3/4”, 3000 psi, double ram
16.1.3FS53-21 SPOOL1setDrilling spool for 20 3/4”BOP stack with 2No HCR valve on each side
16.1.4FH35-35/70 ANNULAR BOP1set13-5/8”, 5000 psi.
16.1.52FZ35-70 DOUBLE RAM BOP1setdouble,13-5/8”, 10,000 psi.
16.1.6FZ35-70 SINGLE RAM BOP1set13-5/8”, 10,000 psi.
16.1.7FS35-70 SPOOL1set13 8/5″, 10000psi, side outlet flanges 4 1/16″X10000psi
16.1.8FZ35-70 Ram Sub- Assemblies1set9 5/8″, 10000psi, two (2)
7″, 10000psi, two (2)
5″, 10000psi, four (4)
4 1/2″, 10000psi, two (2)
5 1/2″, 10000psi, two (2)
3 1/2″, 10000psi, two (2)
4″, 10000psi, two (2)
2 7/8″, 10000psi, two (2)
16.1.9FZ35-70 shear blind ram1setto shear 5″ drill pipe
16.1.102FZ53-21 pipe ram assemby1set13 3/8″,5000psi,one (1)
5″,5000psi, two(2)
16.1.11Adapter flanges1set11”, 3 M X 13 5/8”, 5M, one (1)
13 5/8”,3M X 13 5/8”, 5M, one (1)
Flow Nipple flanges 13 5/8”, 5M , one (1)
21 1/4″-2000psi X 20 3/4″-3000psi, three (3)
Drilling spool 20 3/4″-3000psi X 3000psi outlet 4 1/16″ -5000psi (BOP side),one (1)
4 1/16″ -5000psi X 4 1/16″-10000psi, two (2)
13 5/8″-3000psi X 13 5/8″-5000psi , one (1)
13 5/8″-5000psi X 13 5/8″-10000psi, one (1)
11″-10000psi X 13 5/8″-10000psi,one (1)
11″-5000psi X 13 5/8″-10000psi, one (1)
7 1/16″-10000psi X 13 5/8″-10000psi, one (1)
7 1/16″-5000psi X 13 5/8″-10000psi, one (1)
4 1/16″-10000psi HCR valve ,three (3)
4 1/16″-10000psi manual valve , three (3)
4 1/16″-10000psi X weco frg1502, four (4)
Cross over  4 1/2″ IF pin x weco fig 1502,two (2) X-Over 3 1/2″ IF pin x weco fig 1502,two (2)
X-Over 13 3/8″ Buttress pin x 4 1/2″ IF Box, one (1) X-Over 9 5/8″ Buttress pin x 4 1/3″ IF Box,one (1)
X-Over 7″ Buttress pin x 4 1/4″ IF Box,one (1)
16.2kill manifold1seta complete set of the kill manifold, include full set of the valves. 10,000psi WP. Model:YG78/70
Working pressure:70MPa(10000psi)
Working medium:Nature gas, crude oil, water
Working temp.:-29 to 121 ℃
Nominal bore:master bore:77.8mm(3 1/16″)
pass-by bore:77.8mm(3 1/16″) Connection:API flange connection Including one set of skid.
16.3CHOKE MANIFOLD1setOne (1) complete set of 4-1/16”Choke Manifold — 10,000 psi WP. Model:YG/Y103-70/78
Working pressure:70MPa(10000psi)
Working medium:Nature gas, crude oil, mud and all kinds of drilling fluid
Working temp.:-29 to 121 ℃
Nominal bore:master bore:103mm(4 1/16″)
pass-by bore:78mm(3 1/16″) Connection:API flange connection
Including one set of hydraulic choke manifold control box and one set of skid.
16.4BOP CONTROL SYSTEM1setModel: FKQ800-8
Mounted on an oilfield skid of heavy duty welded steel construction: Normal volume:40*20L
Effective volume:400L Alignment:side
Volume of oil reservoir:1500L Electric pump:42L/min Pneumatic pump:11*2
Motor power:18.5kW Working pressure:21MPa
Twelve (12) station fluid BOP control manifold
Two(2) Remote control panel, one at the Drill floor and aother in Tool Pusher’s Office
Accumulator model:ANXQ-L11/3000-A
16.5BOP’S LINES, HOSES AND CONNECTORS1setEighteen (18) 1” steel pipes for 3,000 PSI working pressure. Eighteen (18) 1” fire resistant BOP Hose Approx. 12m long. Eighteen (18) 1” fire resistant BOP Hose Approx. 4m long.
16.6PUMPING LINES AND CHICKSAN LOOPS1settwo(2) set : 2” x 5000 PSI kill line from standpipe manifold to cementing unit with 1502 unions,one is about 32.6m;another 36m hose pipe.
two(2) set :2” x 5000 PSI reverse circulating line from rig floor to choke manifold,,one is about 18.5m;another 21m hose pipe.
two(2) set :2″(1502)x70MPa(10,000 PSI), 16’,  360 Degree chicksan loops with 1502 unions.
16.7CEMENT LINES1setone set of cement lines, 2″ ID, 15,000PSI(105MPa) working pressure. 1502 union
16.8BOP TEST PUMP BOP TEST STUMP1setHigh pressue test unit model:QST140-J Rated working pressure:5000psi
F53/21 Test bench is used to test F53/21 BOP stack. F35/70 Test bench is used to test F35/70 BOP stack.
17Gas detectors and safety equipments
17.1GAS DETECTORS1setModelL:KB8000 gas controller made up with a control pane, detectors, and control boxes.
One (1) H2S detector and one (1) combustible detector located at bell nipple. One (1) H2S detector and one (1) combustible detector located at shaker
One (1) H2Sdetector and one (1) combustible detector located at mud tank.
17.2PORTABLE GAS DETECTORS4setModel:-BX618,Four (4) Phd Plus (combustible gas, 02, H2S, S02) with alkaline battery.
17.3SAFETY EQUIPMENT1set1    MCH6/SH  Breathing air compressor unit
3    Clothes
2    1x1m,Fire-extinguishing Blanket
3    2282561 Gloves
6    DL31 Safety Belt
100 Helmets,50 for white,50 for blue
100 Fire Boots   10 for 6″,35 for 7″,35 for 8″,10 for 9″,10 for 10″
5    First aid kit
2    53L eye browser
10   12” Fire extinguisher
10   THB/10-Ⅰ5min respirator
15   RHZKF 6.8/30 30min respirator
18Miscellaneous equipments
18.1line spooler1setModel:BDS8-D
Rated output torque: 10000NM Range of speed: 3.2-17.5rpm Capacity: 8000kg(17637b)
Max. capacity: 1-1/2″ drill line 800m
18.2drill line2set2 roll of drilling line (each 1200m)to API 9B, 6 X 19S IWR, 1-1/2 ″ CW: support frame
for line drum/cover .
18.3WASH DOWN PUMPS2setModel:HDS698C
Power supply:230V/3-50Hz/4.5kW/16A Max. feed temperature:30℃
Min. feed volume:900L/h Max. feed pressure:0.6MPa Water flow rate:300-700L/h
Operating pressure of water (using standard nozzle):3.2-16MPa
Max. excess operating pressure:17.6MPa
Steam flow rate:300L/h
Max. operating temperature of hot water:98℃
Working temperature steam operation:98-155 ℃
18.4CELLAR PUMP1Model:80YW50-25
Calibre:80mm Flow:50m3/h Delivery head:25m Speed:2900rpm Power:5.5kW
18.5COMMUNICATIONS1setMOTOROLA interphone (contain   replenish   electricity device)
telephon  switch to 8- inner lines
18.6CUP TESTERS1setOne (1) for 13-3/8” casing.
One (1) for 9-5/8” casing. One (1) for 7” casing.
18.7BIT BREAKERS1settwo(2) 26” (660.4mm) bit breaker. two(2) 17-1/2”(444.5mm) bit breaker. two(2) 12-1/4” tool bit breaker.
One(1) 8-1/2” tool bit breaker. one(1) 6″ tool bit breaker. one(1) 5 7/8″ tool bit breaker.
18.8MANUAL TONGS1setModel:Q3 3/8-13 3/8/75
Rated load:75kN.m
Appliance range:3 3/8-13 3/8″
18.9CASING TONG1setModel:TQ340-35Y
Size Range: 4-1/2” to 13-3/8” (101.6mm to 340mm) Max. Torque: high gear:4-5.6kN.m(2950-4130ft.lbf)
low gear:26-35kN.m(19176-25815ft.lbf) Opening width:350mm(13.78″)
Head spinning speed: high gear:57-95rpm low gear:9-15rpm
Rated pressure:21MPa(3045psi) Working flow:110-170L/min(29-45gpm) Max. flow:200L/min(52.5gpm)
Lifting distance:615mm(24.2″)
18.10DRILL PIPE TONG1setModel:ZQ203-125Ⅱ
Rated flow of hydraulic system:114L/min(30gpm)
Max. working pressue of hydraulic system:20MPa(2900psi) Working pressue of air system:0.5 ~0.9MPa(75~135psi)
Max. Torque : 92,000 ft.lbf (125,000 Nm) Jaws type:8″,5 1/2″,5″,4 1/2″,3 1/2″
Applicable range:8″(8-7.6″)D.C., 5-1/2” (7-6.6″) drill pipe joint, 5″(6.3-5.9″)drill pipe joint,
4 1/2″(4.75-5.3″)drill pipe joint, 3-1/2” (4.75-4.3″) drill pipe joint.
18.11Mud pump inflator1setModel:1-0.27/150A
Output capacity:0.27m3/min;
Rated output air pressure: 14.7MPa; Rated speed:1000rpmStroke:40mm;
Intake temprature for class one: ≤40℃;
Output temprature:≤180℃;
Output temprature after cooling: ≤60℃;
Water pump flor:0.6m3/h; Motor power;7.5kW
18.12Rat hole Digger.1setModel:WLYL-300
Diameter of drilled hole 330mm . Depth of drilled hole 3000mm
Three drill stems are used. The effective length of each stems is 1000mm. Operation time:3~10 minutes for each drill stem.
Operation mode:  Manually, two persons are needed. Electric motor 5.5kW
19Machine  shop building1setOne (1 ) Machine shop Building including Tool  Room  Lathe  with  12″  Chuck. LxWxH=8*2.8*2.8m
20Workshop building1setOne (1) workshop building with work bench and shelves.
Equipped with tool grinding machine,one (1) small drill machine,one(1) vice, one (1)
bench grinder.   LxWxH=8*2.8*2.8m
21Living Container1setInsulated, Thermal, double walled leaving containers for comfortable leaving in exreme temperature conditions ranging from (-) 10 DEG C to (+) 50 deg C. All containers with skids.
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