70X6 Series Smart Liquid Analyzers

70X6 Series Smart Liquid Analyzers


7016 Industrial Conductivity Analyzer
7026 Industrial PH/ORP Analyzer
7036 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
Liquor7000-TB Turbidity Analyzer

Series Smart Liquid Analyzers, which are based on high performance digital embedded platform and modular sensing and detection units, provide real-time and automatic analysis of pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity.

High performance digital embedded platform´╝îuniversal for pH, ORP, Conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc.;
Modular sensing and detection units for convenient maintenance;
Automatic compensation techniques with high stability and reliability;
EMC design with strong anti-interference capabilities;
Large size graphic LCD with rich information;
Friendly menu-driven software for easy operations;
Field-bus technology for convenient information transfer and easy system integration.

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