SC Series Gas Chromatograph

SC Series Gas Chromatograph

SC-6000A  Automatic Gas Chromatograph
SC-6000 Series Gas Chromatograph
SC-3000B Series Practical Gas Chromatograph
SC-2000 Series  Gas Chromatograph
SC-200 Series Gas Chromatograph
SC-5000B Series Gas Chromatograph Dedicated for Epidemic Prevention,
Quality Testing, Environmental Protection
SC-6000-09A Wine/Alcohol Analysis Gas Chromatograph
SC-6000-04 (A) Natural Gas Dedicated Gas Chromatograph
SC-6000-06 Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis Gas Chromatograph
SC-6000-TVOC Indoor Air Analysis Gas Chromatograph
SC-3000B-03 Combustion Gas Dedicated Gas Chromatograph
SC-2000-03 Combustion Gas Dedicated Gas Chromatograph
TY-2000-TS Trace Sulfur Dedicated Gas Chromatograph


SIC Analytical provides almost one hundred kinds of comprehensive lab analyzers and specific application integrated solutions for industries of health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, light, pharmacy, hospital, scientific research, and academy, etc.Man-free lab analysis systems and on-line gas chromatograph are ready to work for your complicated samples.

Chinese display with various interfaces and large amount of information;
Touch screen with human operation interface;
Automatically displayed pressure, expansive EPC control;
Temperature programming, automatic opened back door, temperature reverse control with multiple control on the program;
Random combination of TCD, FID, ECD, FPD and NPD.


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