ABB Parts

Part NumberPart DescriptionSpare Part Type
1802993-001Regulator, 30 psig, stainless steel, with gauges, CGA 510 (NGC/BTU) (used for Kinder Morgan)NGC
1803018-001Board, for IMAC pulser, replacement board onlyMisc. Parts and Hardware
1803036-001Fitting, quick connect, body protector, stainless steel (portable NGC)NGC
1803039-001Cylinder, 300 cc, sample, 1800 psi, 304 L, stainless steel, 304L-HDF4-300, swagelokMisc. Parts and Hardware
1803041-001Probe, regulator, Genie, liquid rejection at line pressure, removable under line pressure, 2-3 inch adjustable length, 3/4 inch NPT inlet. GPSD-206-SS-R-004 (NGC/Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
1803049-001Probe, regulator, Genie, removable under line pressure, 2 1/2 inch length, GPSD-206-SS-RP-014 (NGC/Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
1803080-001Bottle Rack, for Helium and Cal blend, custom built for Concoa dual regulator (NGC/BTU)NGC
1803110-001Filter, Genie filter membrane kit, 120-5X5, for type 4 and portable NGC sample conditioning systems (NGC)NGC
1803134-001Radio, 900 MHZ, 867 kbps, ethernet, CL1, D2Antennas and Radios
1803139-001Tubing, .125 inch OD x .09 inch ID, insulated, stainless steelMisc. Parts and Hardware
2000011-002Window, EMI-RFI, wire mesh (6600)Misc. Parts and Hardware
2000012-001Gasket, window (6600)Misc. Parts and Hardware
2000073-002Cable, interface connector between PCCU cable and flow computer unit, has military connector on one end and a 4 pin connector on the other end (12 inch) (6600/6400/6700/Btu 8000)Btu 8000 Transmitter
2000073-004Cable, interface connector between PCCU cable and flow computer unit (24 inch) (6600/6400/6700/6890)Cables
2000089-001Pipe Mount Kit, includes: 40 inch pipe, 9 inch pipe, 22 inch pipe and 2 inch couplingThermowells
2000089-002Pipe Mount Kit, includes: 40 inch pipe, 9 inch pipe, and 2 inch couplingThermowells
2010055-001Battery, 5 AH, 12 volt, intrinsically safe, L10.75 W2 H3 (6600)Batteries and Accessories
2010113-001Plate, labeled for termination stripMisc. Parts and Hardware
2010116-001Bracket, for 2 inch pipe mount, center mounting, .0125 aluminum alloy (all center mount FCU’s)Misc. Parts and Hardware
2010159-004Battery Charger, dual rate, fast charge at first then slows down to a trickle charge (all batteries)Charging Options
2010182-001Fastener, for filter adapter part number 1214007-002 (6600)Misc. Parts and Hardware
2010183-002Cable, Expanded I/O, valve control interface or 6600 main board to termination board, has 25 pin connector on both ends (24 inch) (6600/6700)Cables
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