ABB Parts

Part NumberPart DescriptionSpare Part Type
2010210-004Board, RS485 communication interface printed circuit (6600) (Added Request-to-Send [RTS] diode)Flow Computer Interface Boards
2010232-001Board, termination printed circuit (6600 only)Termination Boards
2010232-003Board, termination printed circuit, pulse input (6600 only)Termination Boards
2010232-004Board, termination printed circuit, A.I.U. (6690 or 6790)Termination Boards
2010254-001Battery, 8 AH, 12 volt, length 10.75 inches, height 2 inches, width 4 inches (6600)Batteries and Accessories
2010279-001Cable, lithium battery for turbo board (6 inch)Cables
2010283-002Board, valve control interface printed circuit board, with I/O RS232 (6600)Flow Computer Interface Boards
2010283-003Board, valve control interface printed circuit, with I/O RS485 (6600)Flow Computer Interface Boards
2010287-001Cable, flow computer unit I/O, valve control interface (26 inch) (6600)Cables
2010288-002Cable, VCI termination board to flow computer unit (44 inch) (6600)Cables
2010289-003Cable, RF type N plug/jack (36 inch) (6600/6400/6700)Cables
2010289-004Cable, RF type N plug/jack (44 inch)Cables
2010289-005Cable, RF type N plug/jack (18 inch) (6213)Cables
2011616-002Cable, flow computer unit to sampler, sealed (15 foot) (6600)Cables
2011627-003Cable, printer adapter, Y, PCCU to CCU or printer (36 inch). Can be used to download FS2 or MP2500 software. (6625)Cables
2011628-001Battery, 8 AH, 12 volt, intrinsically safe, length 10.75 inches, width 2 inches, height 4 inches (6600)Batteries and Accessories
2011641-002Cable, RS485, UCI to flow computer unit (44 inch) (6670/6671/6770)Cables
2011648-001Cable, RS485, 6 conductor, can be used to daisy chain flow computers together (sold by the foot) (6600/6400/6700)Cables
2011658-001Hardware Kit, for cable, (RS485) flow computer unit to comm box (6600/6400/6700)Cables
2011695-001Analog Output Expansion Card (expands EXIO & RTU to 4 AO’s) (6600, 6700, 6690 or 6790)Flow Computer Interface Boards
2011698-001Resistor, assembly, 1.5 K ohms, for RS485 remote communications (6600)Misc. Parts and Hardware
2011720-007Battery Charger, 115 volt AC , 10 watt, 12 volt, Div.2 certified (500 milliampere output) (all FCU’s/all Xseries/all uFLO’s)Charging Options
2011720-008Battery Charger, 230 volt AC , 10 watt, 12 volt, Div. 2 certified (500 milliampere output) (all FCU’s/all Xseries/all uFLO’s)Charging Options
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