Emerson Fisher Provox

Emerson Fisher Provox DCS series offers Disk Controllers, Analog Input Termination Panels and Isolated Voltage Modules.
10B7238X012Emerson Fisher Digital M7608-BH, RAM Module 4MB (10B7238X012)
10B7246X012Emerson Fisher Digital M7606, CPU Card for RT VAX (10B7246X012)
10B7247X012Emerson Fisher Disk Controller (10B7247X012)
11B0134X012Emerson Fisher VDU Controller 115/230V (11B0134X012)
11B5804X212Emerson Fisher CL6851X1-A2 Isolated Voltage Input Module (11B5804X212)
12P0083X032Emerson Fisher CL6897X1-A1 Analog Input Term Panel (12P0083X032)
12P0083X052Emerson Fisher CL6897X1-A1 Analog Input Term Panel (12P0083X052)
12P0097X012Emerson Fisher CL6787X1-A1 Input Output Module Term Panel (12P0097X012)
12P0097X0132Emerson Fisher CL6787X1-A1 Input Output Module Term Panel (12P0097X0132)
12P0097X032Emerson Fisher CL6787X1-A1 Input Output Module Term Panel (12P0097X032)
12P0103X022Emerson Fisher Pulse Count Input Termination Panel (12P0103X022)
12P0123X072Emerson Fisher CL6898X1-A1 Analog Term Panel (12P0123X072)
12P0137X032Emerson Fisher CL6753X1-A10 Debounce Input Module (12P0137X032)
12P0247X032Emerson Fisher CL6895X1-A1 Termination Panel (12P0247X032)
12P0248X032Emerson Fisher CL6896X1-A1 Term Panel (12P0248X032)
12P0268X012Emerson Fisher CL6885X1-A1 Analog Term Panel (12P0268X012)
12P0269X012Emerson Fisher CL6886X1-A1 Analog Term Panel (12P0269X012)
12P0322X012Emerson Fisher Dual Channel Single Ended Analog Input Module (12P0322X012)
12P0323X032Emerson Fisher CL6859X1-A5 Smart Device Input Module (12P0323X032)
12P0476X022Emerson Fisher MPU (12P0476X022)
12P0479X062Emerson Fisher Input Output Driver Board (12P0479X062) Alt# CL7675X1-A10
12PO145X022Emerson Fisher 60 VDC 3.5A Output (12PO145X022)
20B4904X022Emerson Fisher Disk Relay Module (20B4904X022)
21B5161X022Emerson Fisher CL6751X1-A5 120 VAC Input Module (21B5161X022)
21B5164x022Emerson Fisher CL6751AI Debounce Module (21B5164x022)
21B5165X022Emerson Fisher CL6751X1-A4 Relay Contact Input Module (21B5165X022)
21B5169X022Emerson Fisher CL6752X1-A2 Digital Output Module (21B5169X022)
22B5197X012Emerson Fisher Relay Contact Input (22B5197X012)
30B4113X012Emerson Fisher IAC MPU PWB Asssembly (30B4113X012)
30B4114X012Emerson Fisher CL7011X1-A2 Computing Controller 4 Hz (30B4114X012)
30B4114X01REmerson Fisher Computing Control Board (30B4114X01R)
30B7248X022Emerson Fisher CRIMISCX1-A3 MPU/ROM Assembly (30B7248X022)
30B8625X012Emerson Fisher RAM/Interface PWB (30B8625X012)
31B0124X022Emerson Fisher MPU/ROM Board (31B0124X022)
31B0131X022Emerson Fisher MPU Memory (31B0131X022)
31B0954X012Emerson Fisher DH6220X1-BA1 MPU/ROM Module (31B0954X012)
31B0954X022Emerson Fisher DH6220X1-BA2 MPU/ROM Board (31B0954X022)
31B0954X032Emerson Fisher DH6220X1-BA3 MPU/ROM Board (31B0954X032)
31B0955X022Emerson Fisher MPU/ROM ASSY (31B0955X022)
31B1834X032Emerson Fisher Parallel Buffer Card (31B1834X032)
31B6459X012Emerson Fisher Computing Controller – 4 Hz (31B6459X012)
31B7584X032Emerson Fisher Power Distribution Panel (31B7584X032)
31B849801REmerson Fisher Keyboard Logic PWB Assy (31B849801R)
32B7743X032Emerson Fisher CP6701X1-FA5 Power Converter Card (32B7743X032)
33B5232X042Emerson Fisher CIA Interface Card (33B5232X042) Alt# DH7001X1-A4
35A0193X122Emerson Fisher Pushbutton Logic Board (35A0193X122)
35A5316X012Emerson Fisher INT. Relay N.C. and N.O (35A5316X012)
36A2654X022Emerson Fisher DC RAM Card (36A2654X022)
36A3557X012Emerson Fisher Parallel Buffer Card (36A3557X012) Alt# DM6003X1-GA1
36A385X0A2Emerson Fisher Stocking Module (36A385X0A2)
36A3885X072Emerson Fisher MUX TERMN ACO (36A3885X072)
36A3885X092Emerson Fisher MUX TERMN AC2 (36A3885X092)
36A3885X0A2Emerson Fisher PWB Assembly MUX COMMON/A (36A3885X0A2)
36A3886X062Emerson Fisher MUX TERM ISO (36A3886X062)
36A3887X012Emerson Fisher MUX TERM SE (36A3887X012)
36A3888X012Emerson Fisher MUX TERMN DIN (36A3888X012)
36A3888X022Emerson Fisher MUX TERMN PCI (36A3888X022)
36A4751X022Emerson Fisher IAC PIO Module (36A4751X022)
36A7633X022Emerson Fisher DCV Input Output Mass Concentrator Module (36A7633X022)
36A8449X012Emerson Fisher DM6001X1-C1 Non-Volatile Memory Module (36A8449X012)
36A9554X062Emerson Fisher Distribution Panel (36A9554X062)
37A0063X022Emerson Fisher CIA Module (37A0063X022)
37A6976X072Emerson Fisher Floppy Disc CTR (37A6976X072)
37A8986X012Emerson Fisher Isolated Input Output Pwb Assembly (37A8986X012)
38A1533X012Emerson Fisher MPU/ROM (38A1533X012)
38A7465X012Emerson Fisher Volatile MEM (38A7465X012)
39A0363X012Emerson Fisher CL6003X1 IAC Memory Module (39A0363X012)
39A0363X022Emerson Fisher IAC Memory Module (39A0363X022)
39A0724X032Emerson Fisher DH6011X1-GA2 MPU/ROM (39A0724X032)
39A0727X012Emerson Fisher PWB ASSY COM (39A0727X012)
39A0727X032Emerson Fisher DH7001X-A3 CIA (39A0727X032)
39A0727X042Emerson Fisher DH7001X1-A3 CIA Interface Card (39A0727X042)
39A1173X042Emerson Fisher Discrete Output Latch Module (39A1173X042)
39A1891X012Emerson Fisher IAC DIO Module (39A1891X012)
39A2990X012Emerson Fisher Common RAM Card (39A2990X012)
39A2990X052Emerson Fisher Common RAM Card (39A2990X052)
39A2990X092Emerson Fisher Common RAM Card (39A2990X092)
39A2990X122Emerson Fisher Common RAM Card (39A2990X122)
39A3150X062Emerson Fisher DH6001X1-FA4 MPU/ROM Board (39A3150X062)
39A4278X122Emerson Fisher MPU ROM Module (39A4278X122)
39A5379X042Emerson Fisher CL7312X1-CA2 RD MNML COM Module (39A5379X042)
39A6178X012Emerson Fisher MUX AIN SE 1-5 (39A6178X012)
39A7234X062Emerson Fisher RTD Input Unit (39A7234X062)
39A7236X012Emerson Fisher PC Transmitter Board (39A7236X012)
39A7256X01Emerson Fisher DH7010X1-A1 5V Power Assembly (39A7256X01)
39A7265X012Emerson Fisher 5V Power Assembly (39A7265X012)
39A7279X012Emerson Fisher ISO DISC. I/P (39A7279X012)
39A8568X012Emerson Fisher Analog Input Module (39A8568X012)
39A8571X032Emerson Fisher Serial Interface Module (39A8571X032)
39A8571X042Emerson Fisher Serial Interface Module (39A8571X042)
39A8571X052Emerson Fisher Serial Interface Module P3.0 (39A8571X052)
40B1052X01Emerson Fisher Membrane Keyboard (40B1052X01)
40B1052X01REmerson Fisher Membrane Keyboard (40B1052X01R)
40B1054X092Emerson Fisher Keyboard Electronic Assy (40B1054X092)
40B1054X11REmerson Fisher Keyboard Electronic Assy (40B1054X011R)
40B1743X042Emerson Fisher MPU File Assembly without Modules (40B1743X042)
40B2085X012Emerson Fisher Data Port Assembly (40B2085X012)
40B6016X032Emerson Fisher Input Output Driver Board (40B6016X032)
40B8624-SSBEmerson Fisher RAM Interface Module (40B8624-SSB)
41B0985X022Emerson Fisher Power Supply Card (41B0985X022)
41B1841X012Emerson Fisher Dual CIA (41B1841X012)
41B1841X022Emerson Fisher Dual CIA P8.0 (41B1841X022)
41B5222X33Emerson Fisher CL6821X1-A4 Analog Input Output Card (41B5222X33)
41B5236X172Emerson Fisher MPU Module (IFC) (41B5236X172)
41B7236X082Emerson Fisher CL6863X1-A2 Isolated Analog Input Term Panel (41B7236X082)
41B7284X012Emerson Fisher CL6861X1-A1 Analog Term Panel (41B7284X012)
41B7284X022Emerson Fisher CL6861X1-A2 Analog Input Term Panel (41B7284X022)
41B7287X022Emerson Fisher CL6871X1-A2 Analog Output Term Panel (41B7287X022)
41B7287X032Emerson Fisher CL6871X1-A3 Analog Output Term Panel (41B7287X032)
41B7287X042Emerson Fisher CL6871X1-A4 Analog Output Term Panel (41B7287X042)
41B7290X022Emerson Fisher Relay Output Termination Panel (41B7290X022)
41B7291X012Emerson Fisher CL6784X1-A1 Term Panel (41B7291X012)
41B7291X032Emerson Fisher CL6784X1-A3 Redundant Discrete Term Panel (41B7291X032)
41B7389X052Emerson Fisher Discrete Input Output Termination Panel (41B7389X052)
41B7389X062Emerson Fisher Discrete Input Output Termination Panel (41B7389X062)
41B7389X072Emerson Fisher Discrete Input Output Termination Panel (41B7389X072)
41B9148X022Emerson Fisher CL6862X1-A2 Redundant Single Ended Term Panel (41B9148X022)
41B9148X032Emerson Fisher CL6862X1-A2 Redundant Single Ended Term Panel (41B9148X032)
41B9152X012Emerson Fisher CL6864X1-A1 Redundant Isolated Analog Term Panel (41B9152X012)
41B9152X022Emerson Fisher CL6864X1-A1 Redundant Isolated Analog Term Panel (41B9152X022)
42B0134X012Emerson Fisher Membrane Keyboard (42B0134X012)
42B1427X052Emerson Fisher Power Conversion Assy (42B1427X052)
43B5308X012Emerson Fisher Discrete Input Output Termination Panel (43B5308X012)
43B5311X012Emerson Fisher CL6863X1-A2 Isolated Analog Input Term Panel (43B5311X012)
43B5336X022Emerson Fisher Serial Input Output Driver (43B5336X022)
43B5452X042Emerson Fisher Single Ended Smart Transmitter Term Panel (43B5452X042)
44B2733X012Emerson Fisher Alarm Interface Unit (44B2733X012)
44B2733X022Emerson Fisher Alarm Interface Unit (44B2733X022)
44B2940X012Emerson Fisher CL7675X1 Serial Input Output Module (44B2940X012)
46A2684X01REmerson Fisher Analog Input Mux Module – Single Ended (46A2684X01R)
46A2784X012Emerson Fisher Pulse Count IP (46A2784X012)
46A3554X012Emerson Fisher Analog Out 4-20 (46A3554X012)
46A3554X022Emerson Fisher Analog Output Module (46A3554X022)
46A4233X01REmerson Fisher Power Supply Card (46A4233X01R)
46A6602X012Emerson Fisher Config Controller Module (46A6602X012)
46A6607X052Emerson Fisher CL6003X1-BA2 IAC MPU Module (46A6607X052)
46A6607X072Emerson Fisher IAC MPU Module (46A6607X072)
46A6607X0F2Emerson Fisher CL6003 IAC MPU Module (46A6607X0F2)
46A9498X0K2Emerson Fisher Power Distribution Panel (46A9498X0K2)
47A8968X012Emerson Fisher DCU Input Output (47A8968X012)
47A9476X032Emerson Fisher CL6601 Power Conversion Assembly (47A9476X032)
48A6602X042Emerson Fisher CL7001X1-A10 Config Cont w/DIO (48A6602X042)
48A6602X04REmerson Fisher Configuration Controller (48A6602X04R) Alt# CL7001X1-A10
49A8569X042Emerson Fisher Highway Interface (49A8569X042)
49A8569X07REmerson Fisher Data Highway Interface P8.2 (49A8569X07R)
55P0109X032Emerson Fisher CL6855X1-A7 Isolated Voltage Input Module (55P0109X032)
56A4592X012Emerson Fisher Card Rack, DP CSL Backplane (56A4592X012)
57A6842X092Emerson Fisher Trend Display MEM1 (57A6842X092)
57A6843X012Emerson Fisher Trend Shared Memory (57A6843X012)
57A6844X142Emerson Fisher Trend Display CPU (57A6844X142)
57A6844X152Emerson Fisher Trend Link CPU (57A6844X152)
57A9381X072Emerson Fisher Trend Display MEM2 (57A9381X072)
57A9382X062Emerson Fisher Trend Link MEM1 (57A9382X062)
57A9383X062Emerson Fisher Trend Link MEM2 (57A9383X062)
CD6021X-EB1Emerson Fisher Indicator Controller (CD6021X-EB1)
CD6201Emerson Fisher Op Module Control (CD6201)
CD6201X1Emerson Fisher Final Assembly Operator Station (CD6201X1) Alt# 49A7243X0A2
CD6201X1-EB1Emerson Fisher Operator Module Control Assembly (CD6201X1-EB1) Alt# 46A3078X032
CD6201X1-EB2Emerson Fisher Operator Interface Station (CD6201X1-EB2)
CD6202Emerson Fisher Indicator Display (CD6202)
CD6202X1-EA1Emerson Fisher Indicator Control (CD6202X1-EA1)
CD7601X1-EB2Emerson Fisher Operator Interface (CD7601X1-EB2)
CL6011X1-B1Emerson Fisher IAC MPU Power Board (CL6011X1-B1) Alt# 30B4113X01R
CL6640X1-A2Emerson Fisher CONTROLLER SRX DATA HIWAY (CL6640X1-A2)
CL6721X1-A1Emerson Fisher Discrete Input Output Module (CL6721X1-A1) Alt# 41B5215X052
CL6721X1-A3Emerson Fisher Input Output Board (CP6721X1-A3) Alt# 41B5215X102
CL6721X1-A4Emerson Fisher Discrete Output Board (CL6721X1-A4) Alt# 41B5215X132
CL6751A2Emerson Fisher Input Relay Module (CL6751A2) Alt# 21B5163X022
CL6751A5Emerson Fisher Input Relay Module (CL6751A5) Alt# 21B5161X022
CL6753X1-A2Emerson Fisher 3-32 VDC Fast Input (CL6753X1-A2)
CL6754X1-A3Emerson Fisher Output Module (CL6754X1-A3) Alt# 12P0146X022
CL6784X1-A1Emerson Fisher Discrete Input Output Termination Panel (CL6784X1-A1) Alt# 41B7291X012
CL6821-A1Emerson Fisher Analog Input Output Card (CL6821-A1)
CL6821X1-A3Emerson Fisher Analog Input Output Card (CL6821X1-A3)
CL6821X1-A4Emerson Fisher Analog Input Output Module (CL6821X1-A4) Alt# 41B5222X33R
CL6821X1-A5Emerson Fisher Analog Input Output Card (CL6821X1-A5)
CL6821X1-A6Emerson Fisher Analog Input Output Module (CL6821X1-A6)
CL6822X1-A3Emerson Fisher Smart Transmitter Input Card (CL6822X1-A3)
CL6827X1-A1Emerson Fisher Input Module (CL6827X1-A1) Alt# 12P1392X062
CL6841X1-A1Emerson Fisher Analog Input Interface Panel (CL6841X1-A1)
CL6841X1-A2Emerson Fisher Analog Input Interface Panel (CL6841X1-A2)
CL6853X1-A10Emerson Fisher Input Output Adapter (CL6853X1-A10) Alt# 11B5805X242
CL6854X1-A1Emerson Fisher Type J TC Module (CL6854X1-A1)
CL6854X1-A2Emerson Fisher Type J TC Module (CL6854X1-A2)
CL6854X1-A3Emerson Fisher Type K TC Module (CL6854X1-A3)
CL6859X1-A1Emerson Fisher Analog Input Module (CL6859X1-A1)
CL6861X1-A2Emerson Fisher Analog Input Termination Panel (CL6861X1-A2) Alt# 41B7284X022
CL6862X1-A1Emerson Fisher Redundant Single Ended Analog Input Termination Panel (CL6862X1-A1)
CL6863X1-A1Emerson Fisher Isolated Analog Input Termination Panel (CL6863X1-A1)
CL6863X1-A2Emerson Fisher Isolated Analog Input Termination Panel (CL6863X1-A2)
CL6871X1-A1Emerson Fisher Analog Output Termination (CL6871X1-A1)
CL6871X1-A3Emerson Fisher Analog Output Termination (CL6871X1-A3)
CL6872X1-A2Emerson Fisher Redundant Analog Output Termination (CL6872X1-A2)
CL6885X1-A1Emerson Fisher Analog Output Termination Panel (CL6885X1-A1) Alt# 12P0268X012
CL6923X1-JA3Emerson Fisher Interface Module (CL6923X1-JA3) Alt# 12P0425X142
CL7001X1-A10Emerson Fisher Configuration Controller (CL7001X1-A10) Alt# 48A6602X04R
CL7001X1-A9Emerson Fisher Configuration Controller (CL7001X1-A9)
CL7002X1-A2Emerson Fisher Computing Controller Memory Board (CL7002X1-A2)
CL7005X1-A1Emerson Fisher IAC PIO Module (CL7005X1-A1)
CL7006X1Emerson Fisher IAC Backplane(CL7006X1)
CL7011X1-A1Emerson Fisher Controller Board (CL7011X1-A1) Alt# 38A5153X012
CL7014-A1Emerson Fisher Redundant IAC DIO Board (CL7014-A1) Alt# 39A1891X012
CL7015X1-A1Emerson Fisher IAC Process Input Output Board (CL7015X1-A1) Alt# 38A9426X012
CL7015X1-A3Emerson Fisher IAC Process Input Output Board (CL7015X1-A3)
CL7651X1-A3Emerson Fisher Communications Interface Assembly Card (CL7651X1-A3) Alt# 48A3673
CL7652X1-A2Emerson Fisher Communications Interface Assembly Card (CL7652X1-A2) Alt# 41B1841X042
CL7675X1-A10Emerson Fisher Input Output Driver Board (CL7675X1-A10) Alt# 12P0479X062
CL7675X1-A9Emerson Fisher Serial Input Output Module (CL7675X1-A9) Alt# 44P2940X012
CL7701X1-A1Emerson Fisher Redundant Communications Interface Assembly Card (CL7701X1-A1) Alt# 32B7734X022
CN6201X1-DA1Emerson Fisher Indicator Adaptor Module (CN6201X1-DA1)
CN6201X1-EA1Emerson Fisher Indicator Controller (CN6201X1-EA1)
CN6202Emerson Fisher Indicator Controller (CN6202)
CN6202X1-EA1Emerson Fisher Indicator Controller (CN6202X1-EA1)
CP2601Emerson Fisher Rack (CP2601)
CP6101Emerson Fisher Power Supply (CP6101)
CP6103X1-AA1Emerson Fisher Power Supply Rack (CP6103X1-AA1)
CP6103X1-CA1Emerson Fisher Power Supply (CP6103X1-CA1)
CP6121X1-A2Emerson Fisher Power Converter Assembly (CP6121X1-A2) Alt# 42B1427X042
CP6201Emerson Fisher Controller Card File (CP6201)
CP6211Emerson Fisher Controller Card File (CP6211)
CP6212X1-EA2Emerson Fisher Multilayer Termination Panel (CP6212X1-EA2) Alt# 48A9448X022
CP6601X1-CA3Emerson Fisher MUX Serial Interface Board (CP6601X1-CA3) Alt# 32B9765X092
CP6701X1-EA1Emerson Fisher Power Connection Board (CP6701X1-EA1)Alt# 41B5849X012
CP6701X1-EA2Emerson Fisher Power Connection Board (CP6701X1-EA2) Alt# 41B5849X022
CP6701X1-FA1Emerson Fisher Power Converter Card (CP6701X1-FA1) Alt# 41B5229X032
CP6701X1-FA6Emerson Fisher Power Converter Card (CP6701X1-FA6) Alt# 32B7743X062
CP7202Emerson Fisher Power Converter Card (CP7202) Alt# 46A4281X01R
CP7202X1-A1Emerson Fisher Power Conversion Assembly (CP7202X1-A1)
CS6201X1-FA1Emerson Fisher Service Transfer Unit PC Board (CS6201X1-FA1) Alt# 37A0401X032
DC6400X1-EA28Emerson Fisher Keyboard Power Supply (DC6400X1-EA28) Alt # 40B1054X11R
DC6400X1-EA5Emerson Fisher Membrane Keyboard (DC6400X1-EA5) Alt# 40B1052X01R and 40B1052X012/D
DC6400X1-FC4Emerson Fisher Pushbutton Logic Board (DC6400X1-FC4) Alt# 35A0193X122
DC6450X1-HA5Emerson Fisher Highway Interface Module (DC6450X1-HA5)
DC6460X1-KB1Emerson Fisher Serial Interface Module (DC6460X1-KB1)
DC6460X1-LA1Emerson Fisher Matrox VDU Controller (DC6460X1-LA1)
DH6003Emerson Fisher Card Rack (DH6003)
DH6004X1-FA1Emerson Fisher MPU/ROM (DH6004X1-FA1)
DH6005X1-DA1Emerson Fisher Input Output Power Module (DH6005X1-DA1)
DH6005X1-EA6Emerson Fisher MPU/ROM/RAM Module (DH6005X1-EA6) Alt# 31B0124X022
DH6009Emerson Fisher Rack (DH6009)
DH6011Emerson Fisher Rack (DH6011)
DH6011X1-GA2Emerson Fisher MPU/ROM (DH6011X1GA2) Alt# 39A0724X042
DH6220X1-BA1Emerson Fisher MPU ROM Module (DH6220X1-BA1)
DH7001X1-A3Emerson Fisher Controller/Interface PC Board (DH7001X1-A3) Alt# 39A0727X072
DH7001X1-A4Emerson Fisher CIA Interface Card (DH7001X1-A4) Alt# 33B5232X042
DH7201X1-A1Emerson Fisher Common RAM Board (DH7201X1-A1) Alt# 39A2990X012
DH7201X1-A2Emerson Fisher Power Connection Board (DH7201X1-A2) Alt# 39A2990X102
DH7201X1-A3Emerson Fisher Common RAM Board (DH7201X1-A3) Alt# 39A2990X032
DH7202X1-A1Emerson Fisher DMA RAM Assembly Board (DH7202X1-A1) Alt# 39A2710X012
DM6001X1-FA1Emerson Fisher MUX Input Output Interface Board (DM6001X1-FA1) Alt# 36A3556X032
DM6001X1-GA1Emerson Fisher Power Supply Card (DM6001X1-GA1) Alt# 41B0985X022
DM6001X1-KA15Emerson Fisher MPU ROM Module (DM6001X1-KA15) Alt# 39A4278X122
DM6003X1-GA1Emerson Fisher Parallel Buffer Card (DM6003X1-GA1) Alt# 36A3557X012
DM6004Emerson Fisher Cardfile (DM6004)
DM6311X1-A1Emerson Fisher MUX Analog Input (DM6311X1-A1) Alt# 39A6178X012
DM6311X1-B1Emerson Fisher PWB Assembly MUX Common (DM6311X1-B1) Alt# 36A3885X0A2
DM6361X1-A1Emerson Fisher PC Board Isolated Discrete Input (DM6361X1-A1) Alt# 39A7279X012
DM6363X1-A2Emerson Fisher Discrete Input Board (DM6363X1-A2) Alt# 30B8651X012
DM6371X1-A2Emerson Fisher Pulse Counter Input Board (DM6371X1-A2) Alt# 46A2784X022
DM6411X1-A1Emerson Fisher MUX Analog Output Module (DM6411X1-A1) Alt# 46A3554X022
DM6421X1-A1Emerson Fisher Analog Output Module (DM6421X1-A1) Alt# 46A3554X012
DM6461X1-A3Emerson Fisher Discrete Output Board (DM6461X1-A3) Alt# 39A1173X012
DM6462X1-B1Emerson Fisher MUX Internal Relay Module (DM6462X1-B1) Alt# 35A5316X012
M7478Emerson Fisher Digital CPU for RT Vax 1000 (M7478)
M7555Emerson Fisher Digital Disk Controller (M7555) Alt# DC6460X1-UA1
M7606Emerson Fisher Digital CPU Module (M7606)
M7608Emerson Fisher Digital Memory Module (M7608)
M7609Emerson Fisher DEC Memory Module (M7609)
M9047Emerson Fisher Grant Continuity Card (M9047)
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