Emerson Ovation DCS 

Emerson Ovation DCS series offers Input Output Bus Terminators, Differential SOE Digital Inputs and Link Controllers.
1B30023H02Emerson Ovation Input Output Bus Terminator (1B30023H02)
1B30035H01Emerson Ovation Input Output Termination Base (1B30035H01)
1B30047G01Emerson Ovation Temp Compensation Cover (1B30047G01)
1C31107G01Emerson Ovation 24V/48V Digital Input (1C31107G01)
1C31107G02Emerson Ovation Digital Input Module (1C31107G02)
1C31110G01Emerson Ovation Digital Input Card (1C31110G01)
1C31110G02Emerson Ovation Differential SOE/Digital Input (1C31110G02)
1C31110G03Emerson Ovation 48VDC Contact Wetting SOE/Digital In (1C31110G03)
1C31113G01Emerson Ovation 20mV Analog Input (1C31113G01)
1C31113G02Emerson Ovation 50mV Analog Input (1C31113G02)
1C31113G03Emerson Ovation 100mV Analog Input (1C31113G03)
1C31113G04Emerson Ovation 1VDC Analog Input (1C31113G04)
1C31113G05Emerson Ovation 5VDC/0-20mA Analog Input (1C31113G05)
1C31113G06Emerson Ovation 10VDC Analog Input (1C31113G06)
1C31116G01Emerson Ovation mV/VDC non-compensated Analog Input (1C31116G01)
1C31116G02Emerson Ovation 0-20mA Field Powered Analog Input (1C31116G02)
1C31116G03Emerson Ovation 0-20mA Locally Powered Analog Input (1C31116G03)
1C31116G04Emerson Ovation mV Compensated Analog Input (1C31116G04)
1C31116G05Emerson Ovation Analog Input Module (1C31116G05)
1C31122G01Emerson Ovation Digital Output (1C31122G01)
1C31125G01Emerson Ovation Digital Output Card (1C31125G01)
1C31125G02Emerson Ovation Digital Output (1C31125G02)
1C31125G03Emerson Ovation Digital Output (1C31125G03)
1C31129G01Emerson Ovation 0-5VDC Analog Output (1C31129G01)
1C31129G02Emerson Ovation 0-10VDC Analog Output (1C31129G02)
1C31129G03Emerson Ovation Analog Output Card (1C31129G03)
1C31129G04Emerson Ovation Analog Output w/o Diagnostics (1C31129G04)
1C31132G01Emerson Ovation Analog Output (1C31132G01)
1C31132G02Emerson Ovation Analog Output (1C31132G02)
1C31142G01Emerson Ovation Contact Input (1C31142G01)
1C31147G01Emerson Ovation Pulse Accumulator (1C31147G01)
1C31147G02Emerson Ovation 5V High Speed (1C31147G02)
1C31150G01Emerson Ovation Local Power Pos Common Pulse Acc. (1C31150G01)
1C31150G02Emerson Ovation Pulse Accumulator Module (1C31150G02)
1C31150G03Emerson Ovation External Power Pulse Accumulator (1C31150G03)
1C31157G01Emerson Ovation 24V/48V Sequence of Events (1C31157G01)
1C31157G02Emerson Ovation 125V Sequence of Events (1C31157G02)
1C31157G03Emerson Ovation 48V On-Card Contact Wetting SOE (1C31157G03)
1C31161G02Emerson Ovation RTD (1C31161G02)
1C31164G01Emerson Ovation RTD Input Module (1C31164G01)
1C31164G02Emerson Ovation RTD Input Module (1C31164G02)
1C31166G01Emerson Ovation Link Controller RS232/RS485 (1C31166G01)
1C31169G01Emerson Ovation RS232 Link Controller (1C31169G01)
1C31169G02Emerson Ovation RS485 Link Controller (1C31169G02)
1C31174G01Emerson Ovation 0-10V AI; 0-10V AO Loop Interface (1C31174G01)
1C31174G02Emerson Ovation 0-5V AI; 0-10V AO Loop Interface (1C31174G02)
1C31174G03Emerson Ovation 0-20mA Loop Interface (1C31174G03)
1C31174G04Emerson Ovation Loop Interface Electric Drive (1C31174G04)
1C31177G01Emerson Ovation Voltage AO Loop Interface (1C31177G01)
1C31177G02Emerson Ovation mA Local Shield Loop Interface (1C31177G02)
1C31177G03Emerson Ovation mA Remote Shield Loop Interface (1C31177G03)
1C31179G01Emerson Ovation Remote Input Output Master Attachment Unit (1C31179G01)
1C31179G02Emerson Ovation Master – Attachment Unit Electronics (1C31179G02)
1C31181G01Emerson Ovation Master – Attachment Unit PMOD – 2N (2km) (1C31181G01)
1C31181G02Emerson Ovation Remote I/O Module (1C31181G02)
1C31181G03Emerson Ovation Master – Attachment Unit PMOD – 2N (3.7km) (1C31181G03)
1C31181G04Emerson Ovation Master – Attachment Unit PMOD – 4N (3.7km) (1C31181G04)
1C31189G01Emerson Ovation Speed Detector Electronics Module (1C31189G01)
1C31192G01Emerson Ovation Speed Detector Personality Module (1C31192G01)
1C31194G01Emerson Ovation Valve Positioner Electronics Module (1C31194G01)
1C31194G02Emerson Ovation Valve Positioner Card (1C31194G02)
1C31194G03Emerson Ovation Valve Positioner Electronics Module (1C31194G03)
1C31197G01Emerson Ovation Valve Positioner Personality Module (1C31197G01)
1C31197G02Emerson Ovation Valve Positioner Personality Module (1C31197G02)
1C31197G03Emerson Ovation Valve Positioner Personality Module (1C31197G03)
1C31197G04Emerson Ovation Valve Positioner Personality Module (1C31197G04)
1C31199G01Emerson Ovation Servo Driver Electronics Module (1C31199G01)
1C31199G02Emerson Ovation Servo Driver Electronics Module (1C31199G02)
1C31199G03Emerson Ovation Servo Driver Electronics Module (1C31199G03)
1C31201G01Emerson Ovation Servo Driver Personality Module (1C31201G01)
1C31201G02Emerson Ovation Servo Driver Personality Module (1C31201G02)
1C31203G01Emerson Ovation Remote Node Controller EMOD (1C31203G01)
1C31204G01Emerson Ovation Remote I/O Node (1C31204G01)
1C31204G03Emerson Ovation Remote Node Controller PMOD (Fiber) – 3.7km (1C31204G03)
1C31205G01Emerson Ovation Remote Node Base Assembly (1C31205G01)
1C31206G01Emerson Ovation Master – Attachment Unit Base Assembly (1C31206G01)
1C31219G01Emerson Ovation Relay Output Logic Module (1C31219G01)
1C31222G01Emerson Ovation Relay Output Base – High Power (1C31222G01)
1C31223G01Emerson Ovation Relay Output Base – Low Power (1C31223G01)
1C31224G01Emerson Ovation 4-20mA Analog Input EMOD (1C31224G01)
1C31224G02Emerson Ovation 1V Analog Input EMOD (1C31224G02)
1C31227G01Emerson Ovation Analog Input PMOD (1C31227G01)
1C31227G02Emerson Ovation 1V Analog Input PMOD (1C31227G02)
1C31232G01Emerson Ovation DI 24/48VDC Single-Ended E-Mod (1C31232G01)
1C31232G02Emerson Ovation Digital Input Card – Differential (1C31232G02)
1C31232G03Emerson Ovation Digital Input Differential E-Mod (1C31232G03)
1C31233G01Emerson Ovation SOE 24/48VDC Single-Ended E-Mod (1C31233G01)
1C31233G02Emerson Ovation SOE 24/48VDC Differential E-Mod (1C31233G02)
1C31233G03Emerson Ovation SOE 120VDC Differential E-Mod (1C31233G03)
1C31233G04Emerson Ovation Sequence of Events Card (1C31233G04)
1C31234G01Emerson Ovation Contact Input Module (1C31234G01)
1C31238H01Emerson Ovation P-Mod Base Cover (1C31238H01)
1P00028G01Emerson Ovation Remote Node Transition Panel (1P00028G01)
1X00014H01Emerson Ovation Input Output Base with Connector (1X00014H01)
1X00046H01Emerson Ovation Copper to Fiber Media Converter (1X00046H01)
1X00046H02Emerson Ovation Copper to Fiber Media Converter (1X00046H02)
1X00055H01Emerson Ovation Media Converter Rack Mount Chassis w/PS (1X00055H01)
1X00061H01Emerson Ovation Dual Homed Copper Ethernet NIC for Controller (1X00061H0100) Alt# ZX372-A3
1X00093G42Emerson Ovation Ethernet Switch (24 copper ports) (1X00093G42)
1X00093H04Emerson Ovation Ethernet Switch (1X00093H04)
1X00093H05Emerson Ovation Ethernet Switch (1X00093H05)
1X00093H08Emerson Ovation Ethernet Switch (1X00093H08)
1X00093H09Emerson Ovation Ethernet Switch (1X00093H09)
1X00095H01Emerson Ovation Ethernet Switch (1X00095H01)
1X00097H01Emerson Ovation Power Supply (1X00097H01)
1X00102H01Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Board MagneTek WH1-PDM (1X00102H01)
1X00133H01Emerson Ovation PCI Fast Ethernet DAS NIC, W2K, XP (1X00133H01)
1X00161H01Emerson Ovation Fast Ethernet NIC – Dual Port for Controller ZYNX (1X00161H01)
1X00185H01Emerson Ovation PC BD, SUN XVR-100 GRAPHICS (1X00185H01)
1X00188H01Emerson Ovation P-mod Cavity Insert (1X00188H01)
1X00377H01Emerson Ovation Cable Management Bar (1X00377H01)
1X00415H01Emerson Ovation Network Interface Card, Single Port (1X00415H01)
1X00781H01LEmerson Ovation Din-rail Power Supply Module 24v-dc 10a (1X00781H01L)
3A99132G01Emerson Ovation PC Board, PCPS Power Supply (3A99132G01)
3A99132G02Emerson Ovation PCPS:3PCPS04 W3-DPU-PS Assembly (3A99132G02)
3A99141G01Emerson Ovation Q-Line Interface (3A99141G01)
3A99158G01Emerson Ovation Ovation Local Input Output Interface (3A99158G01)
3A99158G02Emerson Ovation PCRL: 4PCRL2 PCI to R-Line (3A99158G02)
3A99162G01Emerson Ovation QBO Digital Output Card (3A99162G01)
3A99190G01Emerson Ovation Remote Input Output Interface (3A99190G01)
3A99199G01Emerson Ovation Power Supply backplane (3A99199G01)
3A99200G01Emerson Ovation PCI Backplane (3A99200G01)
3A99200G02Emerson Ovation PCI Backplane (3A99200G02)
3A99245G01Emerson Ovation Grounding Bar (3A99245G01)
3A99266G01Emerson Ovation Local Input Output Transition Panel (3A99266G01)
3A99419G03Emerson Ovation Cabinet Ground Cable (3A99419G03)
3A99419G06Emerson Ovation Cabinet Ground Cable (3A99419G06)
4D33888G01Emerson Ovation AC Distribution Panel (4D33888G01)
4D33900G19Emerson Ovation DIN RAIL Power Supply Assembly (4D33900G19)
4D33934G01Emerson Ovation Line Filter Assembly (4D33934G01)
4D33935H01Emerson Ovation Mylar Operator Keyboard (4D33935H01)
4D33942G01Emerson Ovation Chassis/Metalwork/Fan (4D33942G01)
4D33942G02Emerson Ovation Chassis/Metalwork/Fan (4D33942G02)
4D33945G01Emerson Ovation Controller (Chassis/Metalwork/Fan) (4D33945G01)
5A22410H01Emerson Ovation Solid State AC Relay Panel (5A22410H01)
5A22410H02Emerson Ovation Solid State DC Relay Panel (5A22410H02)
5A22411H01Emerson Ovation 16pt Relay Panel 10A, C (5A22411H01)
5A22412H01Emerson Ovation 8pt Relay Panel,10A (5A22412H01)
5A22727G02Emerson Ovation Consumables Kit – Fuses Only (5A22727G02)
5A22727G03Emerson Ovation Consumables Kit (5A22727G03)
5A22971G01Emerson Ovation Kit, Cabinet Temp Monitor (5A22971G01)
5A22982G01Emerson Ovation Kit, RMT MSTR RED CTLR (5A22982G01)
5A22982G02Emerson Ovation Kit, RMT MSTR RED CTLR (5A22982G02)
5A22982G03Emerson Ovation Kit, RMT MSTR RED CTLR (5A22982G03)
5A23111G02Emerson Ovation AC Power Add-on Kit (5A23111G02)
5A23186G01Emerson Ovation Kit, 50WATT Power Supply (5A23186G01)
5A23398G01Emerson Ovation Relay Base Contact Wetting Kit (5A23398G01)
5A23743G01Emerson Ovation HART 24VDC Power Supply Kit (5A23743G01)
5A23831G01Emerson Ovation OV Interposing Input Relay (5A23831G01)
5A23831G04Emerson Ovation OV Interposing Input Relay (5A23831G04)
5A26129G01Emerson Ovation Dual AC Power Cord Cable (5A26129G01)
5A26137G01Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Harness (5A26137G01)
5A26137G02Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Harness (5A26137G02)
5A26137G03Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Harness (5A26137G03)
5A26137G04Emerson Ovation Cable (5A26137G04)
5A26141G05Emerson Ovation Cable Controller to Transition Panel (5A26141G05)
5A26144G03Emerson Ovation Ground Cable (5A26144G03)
5A26147G10Emerson Ovation Remote Input Output AUI Cable (5A26147G10)
5A26148G14Emerson Ovation Relay Cable for 5A22410 and 5A22411 (5A26148G14)
5A26149G14Emerson Ovation Relay Cable for 5A22412 (5A26149G14)
5A26355G01Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G01)
5A26355G02Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G02)
5A26355G03Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G03)
5A26355G04Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G04)
5A26355G05Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G05)
5A26355G06Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G06)
5A26355G07Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G07)
5A26355G08Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Kit (5A26355G08)
5A26355H13Emerson Ovation X-Terminal Keybaord (5A26355H13)
5A26371H12Emerson Ovation Door Fan Assembly (5A26371H12)
5A26371H19Emerson Ovation Fan, 24VDC (5A26371H19)
5A26371H29Emerson Ovation Door Fan Assembly – Hoffman Cabinet (5A26371H29)
5A26391G04Emerson Ovation CPU Pentium w/ Flash Drive Kit (5A26391G04)
5A26391G05Emerson Ovation CPU Pentium w/ Flash Drive Kit (5A26391G05)
5A26391H03Emerson Ovation PF5133HX/512 WH3M MMX CPU Board (5A26391H03)
5A26420G01Emerson Ovation Operator Keyboard Kit (5A26420G01)
5A26420G02Emerson Ovation Operator Keyboard Kit (5A26420G02)
5A26420G07Emerson Ovation Operator Keyboard Kit (5A26420G07)
5A26420G12Emerson Ovation Operator Keyboard Kit (5A26420G12)
5A26430H04Emerson Ovation Internal 3.5 Floppy Drive (5A26430H04)
5A26430H11Emerson Ovation Internal 32x ATAPI CD-ROM Drive (5A26430H11)
5A26430H15Emerson Ovation 128MB Memory Expansion Kit (Ultra 5/10) (5A26430H15)
5A26430H20Emerson Ovation Internal 20 GB Disk (5A26430H20)
5A26431G05Emerson Ovation SUN ULTRA 10 Workstation Kit (5A26431G05)
5A26432H02Emerson Ovation 501-2741 NIC Card for Ultra5 on Ovation (5A26432H02)
5A26434H01Emerson Ovation PCI PGX Graphics Card (5A26434H01)
5A26435H03Emerson Ovation 128MB RAM Expansion (Ultra 60) (5A26435H03)
5A26453G01Emerson Ovation Ethernet Media Converter (5A26453G01)
5A26457G01Emerson Ovation Relay Output 16 Form C (5A26457G01)
5A26458G01Emerson Ovation Relay Output 12 Form C (5A26458G01)
5A26458G02Emerson Ovation Relay Output 12 Form X (5A26458G02)
5A26458G03Emerson Ovation Relay Output 12 User Supplied Relays (5A26458G03)
5A26479G01Emerson Ovation Upgrade Kit – 2 PCQL (5A26479G01)
5A26479G02Emerson Ovation Upgrade Kit – 4 PCQL (5A26479G02)
5A26479G03Emerson Ovation Upgrade Kit – PS Rack (5A26479G03)
5A26479G06Emerson Ovation Migration Kit (5A26479G06)
5A26479G07Emerson Ovation Migration Kit (5A26479G07)
5A26481G01Emerson Ovation PCQL to Q-line Adapter Ribbon Cable (5A26481G01)
5A26499G01Emerson Ovation 22 Monitor MIT DIA + 200 Kit (5A26499G01)
5X00001H15Emerson Ovation Video Card, Dual CRT PCI Bus for NT (5X00001H15)
5X00034G01Emerson Ovation Digital Input Module (5X00034G01)
5X00044G01Emerson Ovation O-Shell,AI T/C Comp RTD Kit (5X00044G01)
5X00054G01Emerson Ovation Advanced Power Supply Adapter Kit (5X00054G01)
5X00058G01Emerson Ovation HART Analog Input Module (5X00058G01)
5X00059G01Emerson Ovation HART Analog Input Module (5X00059G01)
5X00062G01Emerson Ovation HART Analog Output Module (5X00062G01)
5X00063G01Emerson Ovation HART Analog Output Module (5X00063G01)
5X00070G01Emerson Ovation 4-20mA Analog Input Module, High Speed (5X00070G01)
5X00070G02Emerson Ovation 1V Analog Input Module, High Speed (5X00070G02)
5X00070G03Emerson Ovation Analog Input Module, High Speed (5X00070G03)
5X00070G04Emerson Ovation Analog Input Module (5X00070G04)
5X00070G05Emerson Ovation Analog Input Module, High Speed (5X00070G05)
5X00082H12Emerson Ovation Sony 1/2 Data Cartridge (5X00082H12)
5X00085G01Emerson Ovation Media Converter Chassis MTG Kit (5X00085G01)
5X00085G02Emerson Ovation Media Converter Chassis MTG Kit (5X00085G02)
5X00105G01Emerson Ovation Control Board (5X00105G01)
5X00105G03Emerson Ovation Control Board (5X00105G03)
5X00105G10Emerson Ovation Control Board (5X00105G10)
5X00105G62Emerson Ovation Kit, CPU P266, 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, FDDI/CDDI (5X00105G62)
5X00105G63Emerson Ovation Kit, CPU P266, 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, FDDI/CDDI (5X00105G63)
5X00105G64Emerson Ovation Kit, CPU P266, 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, PS, FDDI/CDDI (5X00105G64)
5X00105G65Emerson Ovation Kit, CPU P266, 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, PS, Ethernet (5X00105G65)
5X00105G66Emerson Ovation Kit, CPU P266, 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, Fast Ethernet (5X00105G66)
5X00105G67Emerson Ovation Kit, CPU P266, 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, Fast Ethernet (5X00105G67)
5X00106G01Emerson Ovation High Speed HART Analog Input, EMOD (5X00106G01)
5X00109G01Emerson Ovation Analog Input Card (5X00109G01)
5X00109G02Emerson Ovation Analog Input Card (5X00109G02)
5X00111G01Emerson Ovation Cabinet Power Distribution Kit (5X00111G01)
5X00119G01Emerson Ovation 8-Channel RTD Input EMOD (5X00119G01)
5X00121G01Emerson Ovation 8-Channel RTD Input PMOD (5X00121G01)
5X00132G01Emerson Ovation Power Distribution Module (5X00132G01)
5X00167G01Emerson Ovation Analog Output Card – Fast HART (5X00167G01)
5X00170G01Emerson Ovation HART High Performance Analog Output Personality Module (5X00170G01)
5X00206G01Emerson Ovation Analog Input Interface Module (5X00206G01)
5X00225G01Emerson Ovation Controller Base Assembly (5X00225G01)
5X00226G01Emerson Ovation Input Output Interface Module (5X00226G01)
5X00226G02Emerson Ovation Input Output Interface Module (5X00226G02)
5X00241G01Emerson Ovation Processor Module (5X00241G01)
5X00241G02Emerson Ovation Processor Module (5X00241G02)
5X00354G01Emerson Ovation Database Server / Domain Controller Station (5X00354G01)
5X00355G01Emerson Ovation Operator / Engineer Workstation (5X00355G01)
5X00356G01Emerson Ovation Processor Historian Station (5X00356G01)
5X00594G01Emerson Ovation Analog Input Module (5X00594G01)
AT-MC101XL-90Allied Telesis Fast Ethernet Media Converter (AT-MC101XL-90) Alt# 990-000444-90
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