HRSB 2FZ35-70 Ram BOP

HRSB 13 5/8-10,000psi Ram BOP

SHAFFER TYPE Preventermanual lock

RONGSHENG FZ35-70 Single Ram BOP   P/N: RS11814

RONGSHENG 2FZ35-70 Double Ram BOP  P/N: RS11815

List of Parts of Ram Assembly

No. 12345
NameRam AssemblyRam BodySealing Semi-ringHolderRam ScrewScrew




2  3/8″11814.07.0211814.07.02.0111814.07.02.02
2  7/8″11814.07.0311814.07.03.0111814.07.03.02
3  1/2″11814.07.0411814.07.04.0111814.07.04.02
4  1/2″11814.07.0511814.07.05.0111814.07.05.02
5  1/2″11814.07.0711814.07.07.0111814.07.07.02
6 5/8″11814.07.0811814.07.08.0111814.07.08.02
9  5/8″11814.07.1011814.07.10.0111814.07.10.02
9  7/8″11814.07.1111814.07.11.0111814.07.11.02
7 5/8″11814.07.1211814.07.12.0111814.07.12.02

list OF HF-type Pipe Ram parts AssemblyCast iron

Item 123
DescriptionRam assemblyTop sealFace sealBody
Ram size 111
10 3/4″11814.07.17.0011148.
3 l/2″double holes11814.07.18.0011148.09.16.0211811.07.18.01
2 7/8″double holes11814.07.19.0011148.09.22.0211811.07.19.01
2 3/8″ double holes11814.07.20.0011148.09.28.0211814.07.20.01
2 7/8″-5″11814.07.13.0011148. 09. 18.01.0011148.
2 3/8″-3 1/2″11814.07.21.0011148.

list OF HF-type Pipe Ram parts Assembly

Item 123
DescriptionRam assemblyTop sealFace sealBody
Ram size 111
10 3/4″11814.07.17A11148.
3 l/2″double holes11814.07.18.00A11148.09.16.0211814.07.18.01A
2 7/8″double holes11814.07.19.00A11148.09.22.0211814.07.19.01A
2 3/8″ double holes11814.07.20.00A11148.09.28.0211814.07.20.01A
2 7/8″-5″11814.07.13A11148.
2 3/8″-3 1/2″11814.07.21.00A11148.

List of Parts of Shear Ram

No.Number/Code of PartName of PartQuantityRemark
111814.23.01Upper ram body1Assembly
211148. seal2Sulphurized piece
311148. shear1 
411148.×3 hexagon socket bolt4 
511148. seal of upper shear1Sulphurized piece
611148. of upper shear1Sulphurized piece
711148. pin2 
811814.23.02Lower ram body1 
911148. of lower shear body1Sulphurized piece
1011148. shear1 
1111148.×50 hexagon socket bolt2 

List of Parts of Ran Shaft Sealing Mechanism

111814.14Stripping ring1
211814.15Base of stripping ring1
311814.16Supporting ring2
411814.17Assembly of sealing ring I1
511814.18Spacer ring1
611814.19Assembly of sealing ring II1
711814.20Clamping ring1
8Retainer 160Hole retainer2
Note: The quantity in the table is the quality used by one side door.

List of Parts of Secondary Sealing Mechanism

111148.12NPT 1 screw plug1
211148.13Housing screw1
3 Secondary sealing grease1
411148.14.00Check valve1
511148.20ZG1/2″ screw plug with hole1

List of Parts of Sealing Mechanism of Clamp Axes

1Retainer 95Retainer 951
2F751.14.21Trust shaft sleeve1
4F751.14.19Clamp ring1
5F751.14.18Dustproof ring base1
6F751.14.17Dustproof ring1
Note: The quantity used in the table is the quantity used by a clamp axes

List of Parts of Side Door Sealing Ring Assembly

 Side door sealing ring (assembly)11148.41.001 
1Framework of side door sealing ring11148.41.011 
2Rubber spring11148.41.032 
4O-ring11148.41.021Identical to No. 3

List of Hinge base Parts

1RS11814.05.01Side door hinge base I1 
2 Screw plug RC3/44 
3RS11814.05.02Side door hinge baseⅡ1 
4RS11814.05.03Fixing pinⅠ4 
5RS11814.05.04Screw M206 
6GB5780-86Hexagon socket bolt M20X808 
7GB5780-86Hexagon socket bolt M20X1006 
8RS11814.05.05Fixing pin Ⅱ2 
9GB3452.1-92O-ring 32.5X3.554 
10RS11814.05.06Casing hinge base1 
11RS11814.05.07Axes sleeve2 
12GB3452.1-92O-ring 53.5X3.554 

Note: The above is the quantity of one hinge base assembly

Spare Part List (Manual Locking)

1RS11814.01Left cylinder cover1 
2RJ1148.02AAcorn nut M39X316 
3RS11814.02Linking bolt for oil cylinder16 
4RJ11148.04Side door bolt16 
5RS11814.03Left side door1 
7RS11814.05.00Hinge base assembly2Refer to Table 12
9RS11814.07.00Ram assembly2Refer to Table 6
10RJ11148.41.00Side door sealing ring assembly2Refer to Table 11
11RS11814.08Oil cylinder2 
12RS11814.09Ram shaft2 
13RS11814.10.00Piston sealing ring assembly4 
14RJ11172.10Clamp axes2 
15GB71-85Fixing screw for taper pin end M8X254 
16RJ11148.17Piston locking cap2 
17RS11814.11O-ring 340X74 
19GB3452.1-92O-ring 115X5.32 
20RJ11148.20Screw plug with hole2 
21GB3452.1-92O-ring 26.5X3.558 
22RS11814.13Oil pipe2 
23 Screw plug RC3/4″ 6″45 
24RJ11703.07.04Bolt M30X3X14616 
25SY5279.3-91Sealing ring BX1552 
26RJ11704.07Nut M30X316 
27RJ11148.27Blind flange 4 1/162 
28GB5780-86Screw M16x408 
29F9301.29Z1 screw plug2 
30GB3252.1-82O-ring 43.7×3.552 
31F9301.30ASeat of oil pipe2 
32F9301.32Taper pin2 
33RJ11148.12Screw plug Z 1″ 2″45 
34RJ11148.13Housing screw2 
357603Secondary sealing grease2 
36RJ11148.14.00Check valve2 
37RS11814.14Stripping ring2 
38RS11814.15Base of stripping ring2 
39RS11814.16Supporting ring4 
40RS11814.17.00Sealing ring I assembly2 
41RS11814.18Spacer ring2 
42RS11814.19.00Sealing ring II assembly2 
43RS11814.20Clamping ring2 
44GB893.1-86Hole retainer 1604 
45GB893.1-86Hole retainer 952 
46F751.14.21Trust shaft sleeve2 
47F751.14.19Clamping ring B2 
48F751.14.20W-ring B6 
49F751.14.18Dustproof ring base2 
50F751.14.17Dustproof ring2 
51RS11814.21Right side door1 
52RS11814.22Right cylinder cover1 

Note: the quantity in the table is that of single-ram BOP.

List of Service Kit

1Piston sealing ring assembly2RS11814.10.00 
2O-ring 340X72RS11814.11 
3O-ring 115X5.31GB3452.1-92 
4O-ring 26.5X3.554GB3452.1-92 
5Stripping ring1RS11814.14 
6Stripping ring base1RS11814.15 
7Supporting ring2RS11814.16 
8Sealing ring I assembly1RS11814.17.00 
9Spacer ring1RS11814.18 
10Sealing ring II assembly1RS11814.19.00 
11Clamping ring1RS11814.20 
12Hole retainer 1602GB893.1-86 
13Hole retainer 951GB893.1-86 
14Clamping ring B1F751.14.19 
15W-ring B3F751.14.20 
16Dustproof ring base1F751.14.18 
17Dustproof ring1F751.14.17 

Note: One kit contains the sealing parts of one side door assembly.

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