Rongsheng F35-70 Ram BOP Parts

HEBEI RONGSHENG 13 5/8”-10,000 Ram Blowout Preventermanual lock)PARTS shaffer type

Rongsheng F35-70  13 5/8-10000 single  RAM BOP       P/N: RS11894

Rongsheng 2F35-70 13 5/8-10000 double  RAM BOP    P/N: RS11895

Part List of the Ram Assembly

No. 123
NameRam AssemblyRam BlockTop SealFront Packer


2 3/8″RS11816.07.02.00RS11816.07.02.03RS11816.07.02.02
2 7/8″RS11816.07.03.00RS11816.07.03.03RS11816.07.03.02
3 1/2″RS11816.07.04.00RS11816.07.04.03RS11816.07.04.02
4 1/2″RS11816.07.05.00RS11816.07.05.03RS11816.07.05.02
5 1/2″RS11816.07.07.00RS11816.07.07.03RS11816.07.07.02
9 5/8″RS11816.07.09.00RS11816.07.09.03RS11816.07.09.02
9 7/8″RS11816.07.11.00RS11816.07.11.03RS11816.07.11.02

Part List of the Ram Assembly

No. 123
NameRam AssemblyRam BlockTop SealFront Packer


10 3/4″RS11816.07.16.00RS11816.07.16.03RS11816.07.01.01RS11816.07.16.02
7 5/8″RS11816.07.17.00RS11816.07.17.03RS11816.07.17.02
3 1/2″dual boreRS11816.07.19.00RS11816.07.19.03RS11816.07.19.02
2 7/8″dual boreRS11816.07.20.00RS11816.07.20.03RS11816.07.20.02
2 7/8″~5″RS11816.07.12.00RS11816.07.12.03RS11816.07.12.01RS11816.07.12.02
4 1/2″~7″RS11816.07.13.00RS11816.07.13.03RS11816.07.13.02
3 1/2″~5 1/2″RS11816.07.14.00RS11816.07.14.03RS11816.07.12.02
2 3/8″~3 1/2″RS11816.07.18.00RS11816.07.18.03RS11816.07.18.02

Notes: It can install the same size top seal and front seal of Cameron type

Specification of pipe ram hang off capacity



Ram size

Load of drill pipe (t/ lb)

(1500psi hydraulic pressure)

Load of drill pipe (t/ lb)

(only manual lock)

3 1/2″232t/510,000lb232t/510,000lb
5 1/2″273t/600,000lb273t/600,000lb
3 1/2″~5 1/2″232t/510,000lb (5 1/2″)120t/264,000lb (5 1/2″)
N/A(3 1/2″)N/A(3 1/2″)

Parts List of Shear Ram Assembly

1RS11816.07.01.01Top seal, ram2 
2RS11187.10.05.00Blade seal, shear ram assembly1 
3RS11816.07.10.01Top ram block, shear ram assembly1 
4RS11816.07.10.02Side seal I, shear ram assembly2 
5RS11816.07.10.03Side seal II, shear ram assembly2 
6RS11816.07.10.04Bottom ram block, shear ram assembly1 

Part List of the Ram Shaft Sealing Device

No.Part No.NameQuantity
1GB893.1Retainer for holes 1401
3RS11816.26Y  Ring1
4RS11816.27Rectangle  Ring1
5RS11816.28Rectangle  Ring  Seat1
6GB3452.1O Ring 101.6×81
Note: The quantity in this table is the quantity needed for one bonnet.

Part List of the Secondary Sealing Device

No.Part No.NameQuantity
111148.12NPT 1 Pipe Plug1
211148.13Clinch Nut1
3 Secondary Sealing Grease1
411148.14.00Check Valve1
511148.21Pipe Plug with Hole ZG 1/2”1

Part List of the Locking shaft Sealing Device

No.Part No.NameQuantity
1RS11816.20Y Ring 76.21
2GB3452.1O Ring 76.2×5.31
Note: The quantity in this table is the quantity needed for one locking shaft.

Part List of the Valve assembly

1Valve rodRS11187.12.011 
2Valve seatRS11187.12.021 
3O ring 21.2X3.55GB3452.1-921 
4Valve headRS11187.12.031 

Part List of the Seal Ring Assembly

No.NamePart No.QuantityRemarks
 Seal Ring(Assembly); BonnetRS11882.06.001 
1Seal Ring Framework; BonnetRS11882.06.011 
2Rubber SpringRS11882.06.022 
3O Ring 353X7RS11882.06.031 
4O Ring 353X7RS11882.06.031 

List of Parts

1RS11148.02ANut M39×316(32)
2RS11902.08Cylinder Cap2(4)
3GB3452.1-92O ring325×74(8)
4table 12Locking shaft Seal2(4)
5RS11902.04Open piston rod2(4)
6RS11902.03Ram Shaft2(4)
7GB3452.1-92O ring 60×5.34(8)
8GB3452.1-92O ring109×5.38(16)
9RS11902.06Cylinder barrel4(8)
10RS11882.07Hydraulic Cylinder2(4)
11RS11148.37Rc3/4″Pipe Plug8(16)
13RS11816.15Support rod4(8)
14GB3452.1-92O ring 80×5.34(8)
15table 14Bonnet seal ring assembly2(4)
16Table 6Ram assembly 
17RS11187.28.00Cylinder Cap2(4)
18F9301.02Nut M30X312(24)
19RS11709.07.06Bolt M30X3X14012(24)
20RS11187.30Lock shaft2(4)
21RS11187.12.00Valve assembly2(4)
22GB71-85Screw M8X254(8)
23RS11816.29Piston Lock Nut2(4)
25RS11816.19Seal ring Piston4(8)
26GB3452.1-92O ring 90×5.32(4)
27GB3452.1-92O ring 90×5.34(8)
28RS11902.07Close piston rod2(4)
29RS11902.03Ram shaftSame to item 6
30Table 10Part of Ram Shaft Seal2(4)
31RS11187.02Hydraulic Cylinder Bolt16(32)
32RS11902.01Bonnet Bolt8(16)
33GB3452.1-92O ring 91×3.558(16)
34Table 11Secondary Sealing Device2(4)
35Table 10Part of Ram Shaft Seal2(4)
36RS11902.05Single Ram body1
37RS11709.07.02Bolt M30X3×1508(16)
38RS11706.07Nut M30X38(16)
39RS11148.28Blind Flange2(4)
40SY5127-2002Gasket Seal Ring R352(4)
41F9301.29Pipe Plug NPT 12(4)
42GB/T5781-2000Bolt M16×458(16)
43F9301.30AOil Pipe Saddle2(4)
44GB3452.1-92O ring 43.7×3.552(4)

Note: The quantity in parentheses is the quantity needed for double ram BOP

List of Maintenance Package

1RS11816.19Seal ring Piston2(4)table 15
2RS11816.18O ring 325×74(8)table 15
3GB3452.1-92O ring 60×5.34(8)table 15
4GB3452.1-92O ring 80×5.34(8)table 15
5GB3452.1-92O ring 90×5.34(8)table 15
6GB3452.1-92O ring 109×5.38(16)table 15
7GB3452.1-92O ring 90X5.32(4)table 15
8GB3452.1-92O ring 91×3.558(16)table 15
9GB3452.1-92O ring 43.7×3.552(4)table 15
10GB893.1Retainer for holes 1402(4)table 10
11RS11816.25Gasket2 (4)table 10
12RS11816.26Y ring 101.62 (4)table 10
13RS11816.27Rectangle  Ring2 (4)table 10
14RS11816.28Rectangle  Ring  Seat2 (4)table 10
15GB3452.1O ring 101.6×82 (4)table 10
16RS11816.20Y ring 76.22 (4)table 12
17GB3452.1O ring76.2×5.32 (4)table 12
18GB3452.1-92O ring 21.2X3.552 (4)table 13
19RS11882.06.02Rubber spring2 (4)table 14
20RS11882.06.03O ring 353X74(8)table 14

Note: The quantity in parentheses is the quantity needed for double ram BOP.


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