Rongsheng FZ35-35

Rongsheng FZ35-35  Ram BOP with tandem boosterManual lock Parts 

13 5/8”-5000PSI SINGLE RAM BOP P/N: RS11902_ZL

13 5/8”-5000PSI DOUBLE RAM BOP P/N: RS11903_ZL

PIPE Ram assembly parts list

Item 123
DescriptionRam assemblyBlockTop sealFace seal

Ram size

2 3/8″RS11816.07.02.00RS11816.07.02.03RS11816.07.02.02
2 7/8″RS11816.07.03.00RS11816.07.03.03RS11816.07.03.02
3 1/2″RS11816.07.04.00RS11816.07.04.03RS11816.07.04.02
4 1/2″RS11816.07.05.00RS11816.07.05.03RS11816.07.05.02
5 1/2″RS11816.07.07.00RS11816.07.07.03RS11816.07.07.02
9 5/8″RS11816.07.09.00RS11816.07.09.03RS11816.07.09.02
9 7/8″RS11816.07.11.00RS11816.07.11.03RS11816.07.11.02
10 3/4”RS11816.07.16.00RS11816.07.16.03RS11816.07.16.02
7 5/8”RS11816.07.17.00RS11816.07.17.03RS11816.07.17.02
11 3/4″RS11816.07.21.00RS11816.07.21.03RS11816.07.21.02
5 7/8″RS11816.07.23.00RS11816.07.23.03RS11816.07.23.02
2 7/8″~5″RS11816.07.24.00RS11816.07.12.03RS11816.07.12.01RS11816.
4 1/2″~7″RS11816.07.13.00RS11816.07.13.03RS11816.

Parts List of Shear Ram Assembly

1RS11816.07.01.01Top seal, ram2 
2RS11187.10.05ABlade seal, shear ram assembly1borrowed
3RS11816.07.10.01Top ram block, shear ram assembly1 
4RS11816.07.10.02Side seal I, shear ram assembly2 
5RS11816.07.10.03Side seal II, shear ram assembly2 
6RS11816.07.10.04Bottom ram block, shear ram assembly1 

Spare parts of shear ram which resist H2S

1RS11816.07.01.01Upper Seal2 
2RS11816.07.25.01Upper ram block of shear ram which resist H2S1 
3RS11816.07.25.02Position screw I2 
4RS11816.07.25.03Upper blade of shear ram which resist H2S1 
5RS11816.07.10.02Side seal of shear ram I2 
6RS11816.07.25.04Bottom blade of shear ram which resist H2S1 
7RS11816.07.10.03Side seal of shear ram II2 
8RS11816.07.25.05Position screw II2 
9RS11816.07.25.06Bottom ram block of shear ram which resist H2S1 
10RS11187.26.31.05Blade seal of shear ram which resist H2S1 

Ram shaft seal structure (I) parts list

ItemPart numberDescriptionQty.
1GB/T893.1Retainer ring 1401
3RS11816.26Y-ring 101.61
4RS11816.27Rectangle seal ring1
5RS11816.28Rectangle seal ring underlay1
6GB/T3452.1O-ring 101.6×81
Note: The table quantity is the number used in one bonnet.

Except for the retainer ring for hole, the parts can also be installed on the Cameron BOP of same specification.

Secondary seal structure parts list

1RS11148.12NPT 1 Plug1
2RS11148.13Press plug1
3 Secondary seal ester1
4RS11148.14.00Single way valve1
5RS11148.20Plug with hole R1/2″1

Part List of the Locking Shaft Sealing Device

No.Part No.DescriptionQuantity
1GB/T3452.1O-ring 76.2×5.31
2RS11816.20Y-ring 76.21
The table quantity is the number used in a locking shaft. The parts can also be installed on the Cameron BOP.

Part List of the Oil Valve

No.NamePart No.QuantityRemarks
1Valve RodRS11187.12.011 
2Valve BodyRS11187.12.021 
3O Ring 21.2X3.55GB/T3452.11 
4Valve CoreRS11187.12.031 

Part List of the Gasket Ring Assembly

No.NamePart No.Quantity
 Seal Ring(Assembly); BonnetRS11882.06.001
1Seal Ring Framework; BonnetRS11882.06.011
2Rubber SpringRS11882.06.022
3O Ring 353X7RS11882.06.031
4O Ring 353X7RS11882.06.031

tandem booster assembly

Table 18 Part List of the tandem booster assembly

No.Part No.NameQuantity
1RS11187.19dust proof ring1
2RS11187.20dust proof ring seat1
3RS11187.21Press ring1
4RS11187.22W ring3
5RS11187.23Thrust collar1
6GB/T893.1retainer ring 1351
7GB/T71Cone end tighten screw M8×252
8FZ897.1.11Piston locking nut1
9GB1235O ring110×5.71
10RS11709.07.06Bolt M30×3×1406
11RS11706.07Nut M30×36
13RS11894.07Oil pipe1
14RS11894.04tandem booster1
16FZ897.1.8Piston seal2
17FZ897.220 ring236×5.91
18GB/T3452.10 ring26.5×3.554
19RS11894.05connecting bolt of tandem booster6
20F9301.02Gap nut M30×36
21RS11805.22Cylinder head of tandem booster1
22RS11894.06Ram Shaft of tandem booster1
23RS11148.37Plug R 3/41


No.Part No.NameQuantity
1RS11187.28.00Lock shaft seat assembly2(4)
2F9301.02Gap nut M30×312(24)
3RS11709.07.06Bolt M30×3×14012(24)
4Table 18tandem booster assembly2(2)
5RS11148.02AGap nut M39×316(32)
6RS11902.08ACylinder head2(4)
7RS11187.02Cylinder head connecting bolt16(32)
8RS11902.01bonnet bolt8(16)
11GB/T837rivet 3×64
12RAMBOPName plate1
13Table 8、Table 10Shear ram assembly 
14RS11902.03Ram shaft2(4)
15Table 17Bonnet seal assembly2(4)
16Table 16secondary seal device2(4)
17Table 12ram shaft seal device2(4)
18GB/T3452.1O ring325×74(8)
19RS11882.07hydraulic cylinder2(4)
20Table 16Oil valve assembly2(4)
21RS11187.30Lock shaft2(4)
22Table 14Lock shaft seal device2(4)
23GB/T3452.10 ring26.5×3.550(2)
25RS11816.29piston lock cap2(4)
27GB/T3452.1O ring90×5.32(4)
28RS11816.19Piston seal ring4(8)
29Table 6Ram assembly 
30RS11816.35Support bar4(8)
31GB/T3452.1O ring71×3.558(16)
33RS11939.02Ram Change Piston/Open2(4)
34RS11939.03Ram Change Piston/Close2(4)
35RS11148.37R3/4 plug10(20)
36GB/T5781Bolt M16×458(16)
37GB/T3452.1O ring43.7×3.552(4)
38F9301.29Plug NPT 12(4)
39F9301.30AOil pipe seat2(4)
41RS11706.07Nut M30×332(64)
42API 6ARing gasket BX1552(4)
43RS11148.28Blind flange 3 1/8-50002(4)
44GB/T3452.1O ring85×5.34(8)
45RS11939.04locating sleeve4(8)
46GB/T3452.1O ring60×5.34(8)
47QRAR04338Star ring4(8)
48GB/T3452.1O ring109×5.38(16)
49QRAR04341Star ring4(8)
50GB/T71cone end set screwsM8×254(8)
51GB/T70.1socket cap screwM12x3532(64)

Seal kit list

No.Part No.NameQuantitynote



Ram shaft seal:Table 12
RS11816.26Y ring 101.61
RS11816.27Rectangular sealing ring1
RS11816.28Rectangular sealing gasket1
GB/T3452.1O ring101.6×81
22Lock shaft seal:Table 14
RS11816.20Y ring76.21
GB/T3452.1O ring76.2×5.31
28RS11816.19Piston seal ring1 



18GB/T3452.1O ring325×72
44GB/T3452.1O ring85×5.32
46GB/T3452.1O ring60×5.32
47QRAR04338Star ring2
49QRAR04341Star ring2
27GB/T3452.1O ring 90×5.31
48GB/T3452.1O ring 109×5.34
13GB/T3452.1O ring 71×3.554
37GB/T3452.1O ring 43.7×3.551
20GB/T3452.1O ring 21.2×3.551Table 16
4tandem booster assembly seal:Table 18
RS11187.19Dust proof ring1
RS11187.21Press ring1
RS11187.22W ring3
GB1235O ring 110×5.71
FZ897.1.8Piston seal ring2
FZ897.220 ring 236×5.91
GB/T3452.10 ring 26.5×3.554


Note:One seal kit is for the seals in one bonnet. The quantity seal of tandem booster is in conformance with the tandem boosters that the bop have.

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