BOMCO-F1600 parts in stock

Spare Parts for Mud Pump : BOMCO-F1600
Cover Seal RingAH1301010508
API 7 , Valve AssemblyAH0000020300
Valve RubberAH000002030103
Valve Cover SealAH1301010510
Liner Seal RingAH1301010512
Liner, 160 mmAH130102051200
Liner, 165 mmAH130102051200
Liner, 170 mmAH130102051200
Piston, 160 mmAH130102050800
Piston, Rubber 160 mm
Piston, 165 mmAH130102050800
Piston, Rubber 165 mm
Piston, 170 mmAH130102050800
Piston, Rubber 170 mm
Piston RodAH1301010516
Airbag for discharge DampnerAK7535010200
Needle ValveAK7535010002
1/4″ ConnectorAK75350106
1/4″ Steel Pipe TEET511-2001
Pressure Guage,0-25MPa, 1/4″ NPT(380202052250006020
Mud Pump Valve BodyGH3161-05-11-00

HH F1600

Cylinder Cover Seal   GH3161-05.08Liner Seal   GH3161-05.14Double-lip Oil Seal   GH3161-04.07Oil Seal       GH3161-03.11Piston Assembly,Relief Valve GH3161-28.03.00Shear Pin,Relief Valve      GH3161-28.11V Belt 4ZV25J-8500      4ZV25J-8500     GB/T 135752.2

Piston Rod    GH3161-05.18Valve Guide(upper)  GH3161-05.27Clamp Assembly      GH3161-05.22.00Piston 150        GH3161-

Valve Body,Relief Valve    GH3161-28.04Complete Valve Assembly     GH3161-05.11.00Piston 160        GH3161- Box   GH3161-04.05O Ring 160 x7   GB/T3452.1-1992O Ring 125 x7       GB/T3452.1-1992Piston Rod,Relief Valve    GH3161-28.05

YK-150 Pressure Gauge(60Mpa)    YK-150Z23Y-35-DN100     Z63Y-35-DN50     32SB180J Spray Pump(with motor)       32SB180J Mechanical Seal Parts,Spray Pump     32SB180J0009Pressure Gauge Y-60Z(14х1,5 0-1,6 MPa)       Y-60ZLiner Seal,3NB-1600HL   GH3161-24.02.00Filter Assembly   GH3161-24.02.00Valve Guide(lower)       GH3161-05.05.00Liner 170     GH3161-05.21Liner 150    GH3161- 170     Piston 170 Liner 160,3NB-1600HL Liner 160,3NB-1600HLLiner 140,3NB-2200HL    Liner 140,3NB-2200HLPiston 140,3NB-1600HL       Piston 140,3NB-1600HLid End AccessoriesAH36001-05.01A.00    Module, fluid end assemblyAH36001-05.02        Cylinder head flangeAH36001-05.03   Cylinder head AH36001-05A.04.00      spile assemblyAH36001-05A.05.00        Valve guide lowerAH36001-05A.06.00        plug, cylinderAH36001-05A.07        alignment ring AH36001-05.08     seal, cylinder headAH36001-05.09       Discharge manifold

AH33001-05.16A       Valve, springGB3452.1-82      O-RINGAH36001-05.12A.00    Valve assemblyAH36001-05.13        Sear, valve cover

AH36001-05.14A       valve coverAH36001-05.15     seal, linerAH36001-05.16A     wear plateAH36001-05.17        flange, linerAH36001-05.18.00     lock,linerAH36001-05.19A      piston Rod AH36001-05.20A.00      spraying  pump assamblyGB3452.1-82 O-RINGAH36001-05..33A.00    gasket u

AH33001-05.12 upper valve guid T53-1003      Stud with two endsM39×270T57-2011  NutsM39×8AH33001-05.14       RetainerAH33001-05.15A bolt M10×20AH33001-05.20A Seal, Piston

T57-3005.0   Nuts, piston rodGB3452.1-82   O-RINGAH33001-05.35A.00     Suction air bladder

AH36001-05.23A.04   liner 170mmAH36001-05.28.03     piston 160mmAH36001-05.28.04   piston 170mm

Piston Rod use high strength alloy steel and after heat treatment,it appear with high strength, non-deforming and corrosion resistant.
Extension Rod is the important part for pump transmit power from the power end to the fluid end. The extension rod is made by high-quality structural alloy steel with specified technology, after heat treatment, the extension rod appear with high mechanical performance, very smooth surface, wear resistant and corrosion resistant after heat treatment and chrome plating.


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