National 12-P-160 Triplex Mud Pumps 7 1/4″ x 12″
LinersLiner GasketsPistonsPiston Replacement Rubbers
SizeCeramicSupremeRubberUrethaneWhite LightningSupremeGreen DuoFlexlipWhite LightningSupreme
4″PPNO 012180170PPNO 1502052PPNO 011102926PPNO 015180102
4 1/4″
4 1/2″PPNO 012180197PPNO 012180196PPNO 1502054PPNO 011102928PPNO 015180145PPNO 015180144
4 3/4″
5″PPNO 07466500PPNO 05466500PPNO 07923265PPNO 012180254PPNO 012180253PPNO 1502056PPNO 011103033PPNO 015180186PPNO 015180185
5 1/4″
5 1/2″PPNO 07466550PPNO 05466550PPNO 07923263PPNO 012180338PPNO 012180337PPNO 1502058PPNO 011103132PPNO 015180228PPNO 015180227
5 3/4″
6″PPNO 07466600PPNO 05466600PPNO 07923261PPNO 012180395PPNO 012180394PPNO 1502060PPNO 011103629PPNO 015180269PPNO 015180268
6 1/4″PPNO 05466625PPNO 07923283PPNO 012180493PPNO 1502061PPNO 011103322PPNO 015180285PPNO 015180284
6 1/2″PPNO 07466650PPNO 05466650PPNO 07923284PPNO 012180536PPNO 012180535PPNO 1502062PPNO 011103827PPNO 015180301PPNO 015180300
6 3/4″
7″PPNO 07466700PPNO 05466700PPNO 07923285PPNO 012180619PPNO 012180618PPNO 1502064PPNO 011103926PPNO 015180343PPNO 015180342
Valves, Seats, Springs & InsertsGaskets
RoughneckRoughneck HPSupremeOEMUrethaneL StyleUrethane
Valve – White Lightning InsertPPNO 9700368PPNO 9700356PPNO 060155042N/AValve CoverPPNO 1540138PPNO 1540127PPNO 07207119
Valve – Urethane InsertPPNO 9700250PPNO 9700354PPNO 060155041PPNO 1560985Cylinder Head
Valve – Rubber InsertPPNO 9700293N/APPNO 060155033PPNO 1560984Plug Seal
SeatPPNO 9702539PPNO 9702539PPNO 061102505PPNO 1561440HYDRA-LOKOEMMission L
SpringPPNO 8201684PPNO 8201684PPNO 055413421PPNO 1560702Complete AssemblyPPNO 80500100PPNO 80500100
Spring – StainlessPPNO 055402945
Insert – UrethanePPNO 9705228PPNO 9700360PPNO 062400338PPNO 1560557ModulesOEMMission L
Insert – RubberPPNO 9705244N/APPNO 062400239PPNO 1560558Complete AssemblyPPNO FEMNAT12PCAPPNO FEM12PASSYSWNS
Seat Puller AssembliesDischarge Module StuddedPPNO 1292240PPNO FEM12PDISSWNS
Puller AssemblyPPNO M1060PPNO M1060PPNO M1060PPNO M1060Suction Module StuddedPPNO FEMNATSUC12PPPNO FEM12PSUCSWNS
Puller HeadPPNO 8401985PPNO 8401985PPNO 181235300PPNO M1092One Piece OEM Style Studded
Crosshead Extension Rods, Quick Connect Rods, Self Aligning Rod Assemblies & Piston Rods
Crosshead RodQuick ConnectSelf Aligning Rod AssemblyPony Rod BafflePiston RodSub RodStudRod NutClampCovered Rod NutPony Rod Seal
PPNO 1602586PPNO 2095220PPNO 005402052PPNO 1292147PPNO 1292146PPNO 1292194w/ SprayPPNO 1292085PPNO CRN-1PPNO 07209103
w/o SPRAYPPNO 005417357


Fluid End Modules & Accessories

National 12-P-160 7 1/4″ x 12″ Style “L” Module Fluid End Modules & Accessories
Item #QtyAM OEM Part #AM Part #Description
3PPES 8476-APPNO Fem12PassyswFluid End Module Complete Assembly (Includes Items: 1-23)
13PPES 8476-2SPPNO Fem12PsucswModule, Suction Studded (Includes Items: 1,13,14,& 22)
23PPES 8476-1DPPNO Fem12PdisswModule, Discharge Studded – (Includes Items: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,13 & 14)
318PPES 4018-17PPNO 12P160DsucsStud, Discharge To Suction Module
418PPNO Pep55Nut, Discharge To Suction Stud
530PPES 4015-95PPNO Nat12P160PfsStud, Power End
630PPNO Nat8P80TrsnNut, Power End Stud
76PPES 8488-5PPNO Pep70Pin, Dowell
818PPES 4017-65PPNO Pep75Capscrew,Liner Retainer Socket Head
93PPES 8476-3PPNO Pp6021260SwPlate, Liner Wear
106PPES 2988PPNO 1290344Gasket, Wear Plate And Module
113PPES 6476PPNO 12PlaswFlange, Liner Retainer (Liner Bushing)
123PPES 6576PPNO 12PlanswNut, Liner Retainer
1372PPES 4015-54PPNO 12PtrsswStud, Threaded Ring
1472PPNO 12P160TrsnNut, Threaded Ring Stud
156PPES 4676-2APPNO 12PvcswPlug, Valve Cover (Includes Items 15,19,20,& 21)
166PPES 4476PPNO 12PflgswRing, Threaded (Threaded Flange)
176PPES 4597PPNO 12PcapswCap, Threaded (Screw Gland)
186PPES P-107PPNO 07207107Seal, Valve Cover Plug
196PPES 4776RPPNO 12PvgswnsGuide, Valve (Includes Items 19,& 20)
206PPES 4700-IPPNO Pz789VgiBushing, Valve Guide
2112PPES 4016-98PPNO Pep73Screw, Valve Guide
2224PPES 4018-19PPNO 700048511Capscrew, Suction Manifold
233PPES AJO-419RPPNO 1540851Gasket, Suction Manifold
242PPES 8376-2PPNO Nat12PdsmaAdapter, Discharge
254PPES 2976-2PPNO 2410031437Seal, Discharge Adapter
262PPES 8376-1PPNO Nat12PdsmcConnector, Discharge
272PPES 2976-1PPNO 2410031433Seal, Discharge Connector To Discharge Adapter
2816PPES 4018-18PPNO 700030711Capscrew, Discharge Connector (W /Lockwasher)
294PPES 8376-3PPNO 1292175Ring, Backup (Discharge Connector)
3016PPES 4018-39PPNO 7006685Capscrew, Socket Head
3PPNO 07924540skets, Two Discharge Connecting Gaskets, Wear Plate Gasket)

14P220 parts

80718055Suction modules
80718056Discharge module
1295174Plug valve cover
80503012Lock ring
80503014Lug adapter
80503016Retainer plate
80503017Snap ring
80503015CStop locator
80503013CLug ring assy
6511416Dowell pin for manifold
2408048Stud with nut
2408049Stud with nut
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