Orga Light

Orga is an independent supplier & manufacturer of marine aids to navigation (AtoNs), supplying high quality explosion proof electrical device, aviation and marine aids to navigation Operational safety underpins the aviation and offshore industries licences to operate Up-to-date aids to navigation, helideck lighting and obstruction lighting that meet relevant operational needs and safety regulations, wildly used on oil & gas industry, helideck lighting solutions and remote power systems Orga X-proof offers more safety working services.
36T00091 (016444) MPM09-EX Encapsulated Transformer, 220V–12V / Lantern Control Module
34B00800(010085)LAMP, 12V/30A/CC8/S11/SA – P30S         
011462 Lens assembly clear L303 transparent plastic, ca 629x490x424
34B18502 XENON LAMP 85V 35W D2S TO SUIT HFL010EX-XE 110/230V
Tideland Lamp 185.1048-00
Tideland Bulbs 185.1048-00
LAMP\12V 1.9A\TIDELAND\185.1048\NAVIGATION/03-9100      
Tideland Navigation Lights CC8/S11 12v 1.9A.
Tideland Lamp P/N:185.1048-00
Tideland Lamp P/N:185.1048-00
Tideland Bulbs P/N:185.1048-00
ORGA Navigation Light Lamp 010085
ORGA Lamp 34S02420
Orga Obstruction light bulb 24V HPL20 RED\20W 34S02420
Orga Light Bulb 34B12285
Orga Fog Horn Navigation Marking Lights CC8S11,
Orga Part No.34B00800 (010085)12V,36W,3A
ORGA LAMP 34B12285 LAMP, 12V3.0ACC8S11 EX
ORGA LAMP 34B00800 (010085) LAMP, 12V 3.0ACC8S11SA
L303EX-C-H11-300 – Marine lanterns
Orga 34B00800 (010085) LAMP, 12V/3.0A/CC8/S11 P30S
L303EX-C-H20-300 Marine lanterns (NCCP) concept
L303EX-R-H20-055 Marine lanterns
L304EX-C-400 – Marine lanterns panel (NCCP) concept
FH800(3)EX(-SS) – Foghorns
AOL50EX-xxx – Offshore aviation lighting
Orga Lights L425Status light control panel sage Ares 20357
Orga Lights L425EX Status light control panel safe Area 17146
Orga Lamp 46/018820 DBO432SA, L425 Safe Area Statuslight control panel
Orga Lamp 46/017146  
Orga L425EX Status light(017146)
Orga navigation L303EX-C-H20-300  
Orga Bulb 34B12285LAMP, 12V/30A/CC8/S11 EX
Orga Bulb 34B00800(010085) LAMP, 12V/30A/CC8/S11/SA
Orga Lights L85EX-R-DC-32  5W cd32  Red LED 2030Vdc ip65 -5045°C Ex
Orga Lights 34T12075 Lamp, 120V, 750W–Potted

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