PS7900 Removable Vehicle Testing Monitoring System

PS7900 Removable Vehicle Testing Monitoring System

PS7910 Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Monitoring Vehicle

PS7920 Atmosphere Pollution Monitoring Vehicle

PS7930 Water Quality Monitoring Vehicle

PS7940 Food Sanitation Detecting Vehicle

PS7950 Emergency Detecting Vehicle

PS7960 Water Treatment (filter) Vehicle

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PS7900 Removable Monitoring  Vehicle is a mobile monitoring system, studied, developed, and manufactured by SIC Analytical, depending on practical engineering experience of thousands of various integrated systems for near 40 years.

The vehicle, varying from a tow truck to a microbus, may be configured flexibly upon your specific requirements. It is equipped with various basic Lab facilities and analytical instruments, including an air-conditioner, an illumination system, an air draft system, a power supply system, worktables, a storeroom, a hydraulic lift, samplers, and analyzers.You can choose a standard and complete monitoring vehicle, or one just configured for your specific needs. A customized data processing system features rapid data acquisition and analysis to give you a scientific and detailed data analysis solution. Via a wireless network, a remote real-time data transmission device can deliver those measured data to a control center at any time.

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