Water analysis integrated system

Water analysis integrated system,CHONGQING CHUANYI

Water analysis integrated system is composed of water analzer,pre processing system and control system. It is designed according to the applicable condition, to make sure the best application effect.
Features & Functions
1  composed of water analzer,pre processing system and control system
2 .The integrated system can make a continuous and stable measurement on PH/ORP, CD, DO , NH4-N2, SIO2, Phosphate, hydrazine , residual chlorine, turbidity, PO42- , special ions (Na+, S2-, F-), BOD, COD, TOC, TC etc in water for one kind or several. Record function is also included.
3 The pre processing system can sample and process the sample automatically and continuously and is of low maintenance.
4 The control system can match with the industrial art automatically such as chlorine feeding, acid-base feeding and ammonia feeding.

Chemical dosing device,suitable for thermal power plant and petroleum industry, used to inject Chemical solution into corresponding system. Acorrding to application, chemical dosing device can be divided into several types, such as boiler water feeding, The feedwater dosing, circulating water dosing,feedwater dosing etc.
Features & Functions
1   Applicable to all types of dry powder, particle and fiber chemical  dosage, mainly applies  to prepare solution and suspension .
2 Large flow range: mL per hour or 1000L per hour.
3 high precision
4 could be controled by computer or process signal.
5 can used to treat corrosive, dangerous or high temperature fluid,
6 Standard configuration: 220/240/380VAC (three-phase —50/Hz) protection grade IP55, grade ClassB.

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