591600346Controller, Sevcon, For lift scissor model, 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
60927401Head, Water, filter, single , head (everpure)RC6Bailey
613740150Relay, for Lift scissor model, 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
624360328Switch, Toggle, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
634360069Breaker, Circuit, for lift scissor , model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
644360538Switch, Membrane, for Lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
653990013Diode, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
664360539Switch, toggle3762911United Rentals,
674360475Switch, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
682860030Set, Key for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
697023593Plug, fill, power pack reservoi, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
7070000799Coil, Control valve, for lift scissor model 2030 ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
71241002112Packing, O-ring, Disc Brake,National
724360469Swich, key, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
734000006Sensor, Analog tilt, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
7470000798Coil, Control valve, for lift scissor model 2030 ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
7528-95-0120Fulley, blade, item 57 Catalog 6220 4-3/4 Deep cut BansawMilwaukee
764360633switch, plunger limit, for lift scissor modi 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
77401884Kit, Repair kit to suit 2″ reduced bore BW series ball valve 3500 PSI rated comprisingIOT DOSCO BW
787023576Element, Filter376291128 Best Way
7928-95-0120Pulley, blade, item 57 catalog 6220 4-3/4 deep cut bansawMilwaukee
801001091965Kit (Service) platform PCB, for lift scissor model 2030ES2030ES JLG,United Rentals,
8180784Follower, CamVarco
82940090-17Bearing BallVarco
8382749Element, Filter, HydVarco
84948171BNCartridge, PRV Block retract systemVarco
85927401Head, Water, filter, single , head (everpure)RC6Bailey
86133389Spring, Grey valve15000 PSI W.P.Vetco Grey, INC
87617547Spear- water Inlet6758203/0003Houston International
88LK827Stem13 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
89604SAShaft, RamKV-900 upper kelly valveOMSCO
901X808Guage, boiler, amtek model PT1088K 60-320 DE F 0-75 PSIAMETEK
91107634-29DNEAssy, Valve, Motion Control, Part of anti roll, system for AR3200 Iron roughneckAR3200 Iron RoughneckNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
9221406-DD-112008Block, retaining , griphead die #2, F/ Center racking ARMPatriot Pipe RackingTSC Engineering Ltd.
93LK814Seat, W/seal3 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
94MB0008Seal, Door, Air operated Mud Bucket, 2 setWeatherford
9514555c14Printed Poly Bags9 x12x .006MC Master Carr
96RG2AHL0201Kit, seal, gland rod cylinder, 2″IR-2000 iron roughneckHufco
9785126Switch, Flow, 1 1/4 “Varco
98949809-001Plug, electrical, (cannon) martin deckerVarco
99IB412Spring, valve, reverse flow check, (Inside IBOP valve W releasing tools)IB-6375OMSCO
10021406-DD-112017Blocks, griphead slide, for pipe handler system, PMH, Part No. 21406-11-2001/16Patriot mechanical handling ltd
101IB309Seat, DartIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
102M611005552Screw, shoulder, F/PH-85, Clevis clampNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
10356-TThermostat, control valve, model 56 T, 3/8 ” NPT, 60″F-140F,125 PSI Max56-TSterlco
104F218BStem, DampnerMVTX4-4/MFSX-2M/D Totco
105124207-RKit, Rod seal for cylinder Assy 124253-502, for use in RBS hydraulic cylindersNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
1062 L303Sheave, Dbl, B Taper size, 5″ O>D. browning, vendor, grainger #382W W  Grainger, Inc
10709-22-50-02-99Trolly, Air hose and cableBeebe INC
1087818146Strainer oilPS2-1000 TOP Drivenational oilwell varco
109713900313Strainer, 3/4 “1625 -DE- SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
1102110288Spring, Caliper ReturnEPL-1107 Disc Brakenational oilwell varco
1117815438Air (ARO)2040-UDBEL DrawworksNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
112P511254Valve, Controlar, H-3 mfg, Wabco1625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
114IB409Seat, DartIB-6375OMSCO
11531351Seal1101JNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
11630062O-Ring518144NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
11730124O-Ring433091NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
118119263Ring, Wear1140PNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
11930252O-Ring239027NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
120N1490 2-268N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 510030147NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12188950Spring, PlungerTDS-4SVarco
122N0300 8-268N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 510030962NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12330954Ring, Backup306011NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12430953Ring, Backup146031NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12530139O-Ring505083NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
12680698Valve, Control, Flownational oilwell varco
127108894-YBWrench, gland, F/117888 CylinderPRS-3, Racking SystemVarco Drilling Support Services
128103141-4Clevis head for rod end of 36″ cylinderVarco
1291001908Ring, Upper split retainer, 4 / SETHydril
1304650C3000N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 5100119263/30226456NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
13130105O-Ring80195736national oilwell varco
132NM304 2-460N. Sam Houstan PKWY West 510080163236NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
13330830Ring, Backup80188030national oilwell varco
13430974O-Ring80152049national oilwell varco
13530791RG, BU, NIT80165647national oilwell varco
13630975RG, BU80160466national oilwell varco
137152344Wearband, 1/2″ wide /Q 23115NOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
13848390380Blade, portable bandsaw, 44-7/8″ X 1/2″ X 020 (Milwaukee cat,48-39-0520) Pack 03 Each)Milwaukee
139PU331Bearing, Block, pillow (1-15/16″)1625-DE, SN: T2613FMC, Linkbelt
1407804879Element, filter, hydraulic, (fairey arlon)2040-UDBEL Drawworksnational oilwell varco
14121406-DD3-112011Die, GriphedPatriot mechanical handling ltd
1423132373Repair kit, valve, 5-1/4″ kellyguardHydril
1437805832Filter ReturnNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
144P511252Valve , controlaire H3 (MFG WABCO) Drawworks1625-DE, SN: T2613national oilwell varco
145927401Head, Water, filter, single , head (everpure)RC6Bailey
146042-0149300176element, filter, for centre racking ar gearboxPatriot Pipe RackingTSC Engineering Ltd.
147OBCA-LHNValve, Catridge, SunAR3200CHydradyne Hydraulics
148AOR50PVAIndicator, Patriot, Pressure, Filter, 5.0 Bar type AOR5,Dingbto Ltd industrial filters
14933 SF-TDBBlock, Tools distributionClover tool co.
1506135595Ring, guide, tarque tube,7-5/8″ IBOPTDS-4SVarco
151610238Packer, connection , outer1625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
152LK813Spring3 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
153635SKey, Blind NutKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
15419035Tube, ClampSSW-30, Spinning wrenchVarco
155D9/55Kit, repair, Rod sealR.B. Ross Steel  fabrications
156948171BNCartridge, PRV Block retract systemVarco
1571007418Packerfor3 1/2″ drop in valvevalve drop in check size10Hydril
1581276462Die, inssert, pyramid tong, 3/8″ x 1″x 37/8 “Misssion
159634SCap, Screw, HX head shaftKV-900 upper kelly valveOMSCO
160103574Ring, wear, Alignment cylinderTDS-6SVarco
1612110284Pin, cylinder, service calyperEPL-1107 Disc Brakenational oilwell varco
16230174005-65Kit, secondary, retentionPH60 & PH85 pipehandlerVarco
1633017400569Kit,secondary, retentionPH60 & PH85 pipehandlerVarco
1643017400568Kit, secondary, retentionPH60 & PH85 pipehandlervarco
1655010622Pin, retainingMPCH 37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
16781788Die, Wrench, TorquePH85 pipe handlerVarco Drilling Support Services
1686606Retainer, pin , hingeMPCH 37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
16921450-DD-112008Plate. Rope clampTSC Engineering Ltd.
17051205-11Pin, LOCk, retainer27 HDPVarco
1727804882Element, filter, hydraulic, (fairey arlon)2040-UDBEL Drawworksnational oilwell varco
173SEO14G10BFilter, element, for power dynamics test unitHydradyne Hydraulics
17470006208Boalt, 3/8 x1NC, GR8, Socket Head cathead1625-DE SN: T 2613national oilwell varco
1757810663Kit, repair, main hyd, pump, for new national oilwell universal disc brake hydraulicEPL-1336national oilwell varco
176RG2087A-01Assembly, ROP drive MFR martin decker 9 DWK encoder driverVarco
177C13664Housing, upper control7838 S/N FK9637WBEYLOR
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