278618 SCap screw, retainer plate, hex head 3/8 x 1-3/4 LongKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
279980248-1Switch, grease , indication550 1/2″ HYD, OP Rotary S/N : NL36201Varco
280118775-J024-5Lamp, LEO24, VDC , AmberTDS-4SVarco
281G33187Indicator, Pressure, oil 0-200, PSI (Marsh ) Model AR3200EPS
28209-22-50-02-99Trolley, air hose and cableBeebe INC
2839910004Repair kit, Regulator for 1 1/2″ HKR regulatorBOP POD Assemblyshaffer
284LK816Ball3 1/2″ LK 600OMSCO
2853132373Repair Kit, valve 5-14″ kellyguardHydril
286D9/36Clevis, female, rod for piston of cylinderR.B. Ross Steel  fabrications
2871001893Ball, valve safty, 4 1/2 kellyguardShaffer
288MB0008Seal. Door, Air operated mud bucket, 2 Set, Set-EAWeatherford
289IB411Valve, dart, reverse  flow check valveIB-6375OMSCO
290617SPlate, retainerKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
291612SRing, Junk MaleKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
292IB312SpringIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
293IB310O-Ring, DartIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
2943 X 580Bushing, Split Taper, type R2, 1-3/8″ bore, mfg browningBrowning
29594539-3 NValve, adjustment, slow speedTDS-4SVarco
296MR-269CContro, Remote ( assy) hand operated with 25 control hoses quick releaseEULABAngel air repair & speciality
297P59028KKit, repair H3 valve1625-DE, SN: T2613Rexroth
2983132372Repair KIT, safty valve, 4 1/2″, if box/pin conn, 15 K 6 5/8″. OD x 2 13/16″ ID x 22″KellyguardHydrll
299092-0141Kit, seal for fl 350  brakeTSC offshore Ltd.
300619287Kit1805JNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
301103141Rod clevis female for torque cylinderNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
302D9/30Valve, roller lever, 1/4″ NPT 3/2 spring return heavy duty poppet  valveR.B. Ross Steel  fabrications
3039443Rng, LockRotating mouseholeVarco
3042031350Valve, Reeder Charging, Disc BrakeEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational
305D- 2008Pit valume , totalizer,/ FLO -SHQMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
306V927401Md single head only1 L3010Pantair filteration solutions.
307HF970Block guide, DWG 060 0100 Item 020Outreach
308IB311Valve , DartIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
309Bugel kpl7626E24A00600
3109395123PIN, Clevis, 3/16″ X 5/8″Type HGG 500TVarco
31184824+30Valve, Control, Dual flow, RBS system DWSNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
31292587-CC8888CValve, dual overcentreNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
313559081212Coupler, VLVD QD, aeroquip , quick connection , female , mfg varcoVarco
314103803Valve, relief valve, A35 Complete, with hand knob for eckle 13-5/8″ , HD-30, power casing13-5/8″ HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
3163745Screw, retaining insert, W/ WashersNational OilWell Varco
317524331Coil, Solenoid, 120 valt, 60 HZ require for RBS Solenoid, double model, QMD5WCA3V, assyTDS-4SVarco
318182-0928Valve, dual over (4 item) , 21407-11-0701, REV D # patriot operationsTSC offshore Ltd.
31978877Valve repressure reducingTDS-3Varco Drilling Support Services
3202146-DD-113006Shaft, shaft, roller for stay trackTSC Engineering Ltd.
32153303-14Wrench, Hex, Long arm, 5/16″AR3200CVarco Drilling Support Services
32250924-CWasher, Lock, 1 1/2″ Regulap60 1/2″  HYD, OP, rotary  S/N : NL 36201Varco
3235083RCWasher, FlatTDS-4SVarco
32450004100-50Kit, Link Block adapter for  #5 universal elevator rotatorNational OilWell Varco
3253737Nut kit, screen (contailn 6 pcs)SDXLVarco
326274706-DD-113005Roller, roller, standlift guide, trackTSC Engineering Ltd.
327649357Nut, Wash pipe holding,P-650, S/N:T5337National OilWell Varco
32832806+71Guage, pressure, 0-25bar, (0-360 PSI)Active heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
329221592ball, F/3″ ball valveshaffer
330224520Valve, solenoid, 115 PSI, 1.6 Watt 1/4″, pipe mfg, ASCO, red hat II160K riser tensionerVarco
3316 ES7322-1HFO1-0AA0RelayN117 made in germanySiemens
332E206ESCO silicon fluidPol, ydimethylsiloxaneESCO products inc
333EA2169Cartridge, filter hydraulic , DWG 020-0700, Item 12Outreach
334144600Relay, switching mfg gemsVarco
335157B4268Solenoid, solenoid valve, hydraulic actuated PVEODANFOSS
336144600Gems120V-5A, low sensitivitymade in USA
337302-0007Switch, limit, ,machine guard, mfg telemecaniqueC-RNE92736RS Components
3386ES7322-1 HF01-0AA0Relay,C-RNE92736Siemens
339157B4073Solenoid, solenoid valve, PVEH, Hydraulic actuated used on riser cart, replacesDANFOSS
3401690161Chart, 0-8degreeTotco drift recorderTOTCO
34130121951Seal, DWG no122090 Item 9Varco1 PKT
3422203006Grip, kellem, double -eye, split mesh, rod 1.25″-1.49″ (hubbell)PRS-3, Racking SystemVarco
34310785-5406-AValve, rotorseal1625-DE DrawworksNational OilWell Varco
344NPN-60-1/2Lifting assy,eye post, for RTS 0-1/2″60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
345112017Collar, shifting, fig6-3, item 713-5/8″ HD 30Eckle International (FSC)
3467500511Valve, body , cartridge SS, ref DWG disc brake control cabinet assyNational OilWell Varco
34766001Bushing, master, W/Locking pocket, 4/set, mfg varcoMPCH 37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
348108894-Y8Wrench, gland, F/117888 CylinderPRS-3, Racking SystemVarco Drilling Support Services
349837A3EX706Thermostat, Well. Haz loc, mfg.allen bradley1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
350272780Control, lower , box assembley, complete for, scissor lift  S/N 2001879172030ES JLG,United Rentals,
35130156326-54 SMotor, hydrauiic , for gear shft on TDS , gearbox , drawing- 122090, Item-1TDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
3529448GasketVarco Drilling Support Services
353121953-1190Seal, DWG no122090 Item 11Varco Drilling Support Services
35489644-2Seal Kit PistonAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
35597307Valve, counterbalanceVarco Drilling Support Services
3567817600348O- Ring, Rubber1625-DE, S/N  T 2613National OilWell Varco
3577500511Valve, body , cartridge SS, ref DWG PL 211019, Disc brake, controll , cabinet assy.National OilWell Varco
358P511252Valve, controlaire- H3, (mfg WABCO) Drawworks1625 -DE- SN: T 2613National OilWell Varco
3592L255Bushing, Split Taper, type R2, 1-3/8″ bore, mfg browning, vendor, Grainger :#382W W  Grainger, Inc
36089196Spring, compression, gear changerTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
3613108873Repair kit, valve, 3-1/2″, 10/15 K, kellyguardKellyguardHydril
362619402Nut, packing, brake rim,1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
3631625KPKicker Plate. Lebus fof 1625 drawworks 1 5/8″ drill line.)1625-Udbe drawworksNational OilWell Varco
364216570Switch, pressur, differentDSC 600 KVarco Drilling Support Services
36510033002Sleeve, seal. Item 31, DWG # 5610015050 S/N BU 8241WBEYLOR
366E-97, 27Diaphragm, 6 4/4″National OilWell Varco
3673018-2163O-RingAR housing O_RingTBS LTD
3683018-2149TDCR inner faceTDCR inner faceTBS LTD
3691008686Sleeve, item 6Hydril
370619401Adapter , brake, Rim pipe1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
371112 X 912POLT1-1/2″ x 9 1/2″Fornecedore
372625293 BSpring, clutch1625-DE, S/N  T 2613National
373616 SPRubber, ramKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
374613 SBody, ramKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
375626SSpacer, shaftKV-900, Upper kelly ValveOMSCO
376IB410O-Ring, DartIB-6375OMSCO
377BA43AOverload, thermal, relay, complete , assembely for  use in engin room.Westing house
3787804743Element filter hydraulicEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
379IB403Screw, Rod LOCkIB4750 (3 1/2)OMSCO
380M9O-1031-3002Board, Interface, MC-KB 2 EXOutreach
38107-3363-3823Switch, push button illuminated or HPU Control IN DRILL SHACKPatriot, HPUBartec
382HF850ABlock, Guide extension boom, DWG 070 0200, 0701 0300Outreach
383M5Board, Connection JoystickOutreach
384HF849ABlock, Guide extension boom, DWG 070 0200, 070 0300Outreach
38502ATEX459XSaur Danfoss
38680560Nut , HexVarco Drilling Support Services
387108894-Y8Wrench, gland, F/117888 CylinderPRS-3 Racking systemVarco Drilling Support Services
38813-0185Motor, Wire, for Asssistant drillers Cabin50 DegreeTSC Engineering Ltd.
38986701-10-U16Valve pilot , control directional, 2 POS 35 GPMULNational OilWell Varco
391204194Pressur, 1/2″ NPT airRSC -600 KVarco
392218929Kit, mountng for actuator 1″ valve400-20DNational OilWell Varco
39320027952Kit, mounting for actuator 1/2″ valve0400-200National OilWell Varco
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