394224519Assy. Switch, limitShaffer
39550197+71Relay, miniature,  10A-16A Single poleActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
396216011Kit, repair, valve6″ F#  219825Shaffer
39722152Ball, F/3″ ball valveshaffer
398218239Switch, pressure, 200 PSI range, 7500 PSI, proof, 11A, 1/2 HP<, 125/250VACshaffer
399204440Plange , 1″x 1″ sae 4 bolt conne, 5000 PSActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
400VBL-4304-MS-155-167Valve, air, 4 way , handle valve 1/4″ NPTVersa Valve1 NO
401217054Valve, air, 4 Way, 3 position spring controlled  cyl portsShaffer
402216744Regulator, pressure, air 500 PSI out 6000 PSI in self venting, 1/2 “NPTVarco Drilling Support Services
40363075+71W/Seal for 4 liter accumulatorActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
40481788Die, Wrench, TorquePH-85 Pipe handlerVarco Drilling Support Services
405142860+71Relay, safty, 24 VDC 8 NO contacts ,  1 NC contactActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
40620082453Seal kit, major  seal kit,  3″ Ball valveActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
4079910170Repair kit, regulator F/# 1000278 & 1000279BOP controllsNational OilWell Varco
408146780+71Board, PC, dig, input, 16 X 24 VDCActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
409142860+71Relay Safty 24 VDC 8 NO contacts, 1 NO contactActive heav compansatorNOV Rig solutions Spares & Services
41020080075Valve, solenoid, 24V, IS, VersaActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
411VXX4324316XISPD024Valve, versa, 4 Way, (40-115 PSI 24 VDC) (1.6 W)Versa Valve
412L1802LL00Lubricator, 1/4″ mfg wilkerson grainger  shock  # 6 D 795Wilkerson
413M5-1071-0080Module, IRX, I/0Outreach
414H12085ASwitch assembly, toggle DSI assembly, F/ mud watch systemMartine Decker Totco
415RG081ECounter, Barrel, 12 VDC, 7 W, 10IPSMartine Decker Totco
4160270A1Probe assyMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
417M-032-0030Module, IRX, I/0Outreach
418EA2169Cartridge, filter hydraulic , DWG 020-0700, Item 12 for cherry picker and stabbingOutreach
419H43674147SRECEPTACLE , 5 PINMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
420H12324AAdapter, F/power supply miscellaneous use, F/mud warch system.Martine Decker Totco
421H2259Potentiometer, assyMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
422J14176KNOBMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
423H1253Switch, temperatureMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
424H89926SwitchMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
425H77216RelayMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
426H89923SwitchMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
427H5650MeterMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
428J14177 AKNOBMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
42989920SwitchMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
430J8266KFPlugMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
431J14531Elbow, NPT X JICMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
432H89925SwitchMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
433TD314Kit, Seal control system, DWG, PVGOutreach
434H863050Potentiometer,  F/PIT level sensorMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
435M122C2401Potentiometer, 30K 10 Turns W/1/4″ shaft (for new pit Sensor ) M-122 C-24-01MVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
436H12325APower , PLUG, Converter, C/L to RS232 misceleneous use , F/mud watch systemMartine Decker Totco
437M5-2211-0100Joystick, PG, JC100Outreach
438J8064OSNut, lock,MVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
439J8115TSScrewMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
440J8127HNScrewMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
441J8128KAScrewMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
442G3212Spring, 4″MVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
443J8142YAScrewMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
444938203020Fuse, 1AMP,  NO: 938203-020 DSI assembly F/mud watch systemMartine Decker Totco
445H1252Switch, pressureMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
446J8142NSScrewMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
447B1424bGASKETMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
448MS3106E14S7SConnector, Female, 3 PINMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
449RG2AHL0131Kit, seal, Glan D cylinder 1-3/8″ (Parker)IR-2000-Iron roughneckHufco
45053303-15Wrench, Hex, Long arm,3/8″AR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
45182736End, rod, endAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
452195327-242Abb Vetco Grey (Houston)8-342 N 300-90
45350391+71Breaker, Circuit, 6AActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
45467-000059-00Ring, retainer, spiroloxVetco grey INC
455146780+71Board, PC, dig, input, 16 X 24 VDCActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
456204038O-Ring, pipe work, 70 DuroActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
4576100100Switch, selector, 2 position, explosion, proof, panal mountShaffer
458151897+71Module, Dignostic, 4 ChannaelActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
45957141+71Contact, element, 1-NCActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
4601200013Regulator, Relieving , air, 1/2″ NPT, W guage 0-250#BOP-ControllsNational OilWell Varco
46119055069Ring, retaining, F/ locking cylinderKFDS-500Vetco grey INC
462195000346O-Ring, F/locking, CylinderKFDS-500Vetco grey INC
46321887+71Filter, BreatherActive heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
464221592Ball, F/3″ ball valveShaffer
465979937-4Valve, cartridge for RST manifold60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
466608463-00Nut, clamp, cutting disks, D28474 grinderD28474Dewalt
467HC9800FKS13HElement, filter, hydraulic, (13″)AR3200Pall corporation
46815570Valve, pressure relief (Haskel)Power dynamics0
46981788-1Die, Wrench, TorquePH-85 Pipe handlerVarco Drilling Support Services
47014HUG32AAStarter, 15 HP, fual voltage nema-3, 480 volt, 120/240 volt cool, classic-14Fielder electric supply co. inc
471H1492Switch, toggleMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
472H899136Head, operating, stroke switchMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
47380679Spring, compression F / RBS III stabbing , head assyTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
474204097Valve, relief 3/4″, 95 PSI , with certificateShaffer
4758092BP6X2240Trasnmitter, pressurte, 0-15000, 5VDC8092BP6X2240Martine Decker Totco
47680995Pin, rollerVarco Drilling Support Services
477NPN-60-1/2Lifting assy,eye post, for RTS 60-1/2″60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco Drilling Support Services
47871047+30Gear, idler, fifoot assyAR3200National OilWell Varco
479108894-G13Kit, rod seal & bronz glands for cylinder assembly 84630-2 & 80641- for use in RBSNOV drilling support services
48056538-24-24SUnion, Bulkhed ext, 1 5/13 UNF x 1 5/16 UNF (Replaces part NO. -980064 -24-24SRST 605 rotary tableVarco
481NPN-60-1/2Lifting assy, eye/ post, for RTS-60-1/2″60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
482HF933Block, guide, DWG 060 0100 Item 20Outreach
483M5-1050-8822Power, supply, (15 Qw /230V, 24V/ 5A)Outreach
4841018-BVDSwitch, float , series, 1005 E for Brand mud vaccume systemNorrisea
48550041004Kit, VBL wear button, 1000 T links  (70101) BX universal elevator, rotatorNational OilWell Varco
4861020-4300Terminal, MC-Ex -PM , PCB EpromOutreach
487HF930Block, guide, extension, boom,  DWG 0700200 ITEm 4Outreach
48821406-DD-112008Bloack, retaining, griphead die #1, F centre Racking armPatriot Pipe RackingTSC Engineering Ltd.
489HTR4001Block, guide outer boom DWGS  060.0100-070.0100Outreach
490M-2152-1217Switch, toggle, 0-1.2 PoleOutreach
491HF848ABlock, guide extension boom, DWG 070.0200-070.0300Outreach
492HTR2952Pad, slider extension boom, DWGS 070.200 -070-300Outreach
493TD528Kit, seal extension cylinder, DWG PVG, 010.600 Item 14Outreach
494M5-282304003Cable, for mc -KB2/2, 2 POLE  0.14 BlackOutreach
495HTR2953Pad, slider extension boom, DWGS 070.200 -070-300Outreach
496HTR2951Pad, slider extension boom, DWGS 070.200 -070-300Outreach
497EV174Button, peak pressure , DWG 030.100Outreach
498M5-2023-9625Screw, hex, Din912, M6 x 25 A4Outreach
499M5-2129-3002Boot, sealing for toggle switchOutreach
500M5-2009-0304Gasket for MC3000  Terminal unitOutreach
501M5-2023-9670Screw, hex, Din912, M6 x 70 A4Outreach
502M5-2023-9625Screw, hex, Din912, M6 x 25 A4Outreach
503TD507Kit, seal extension cylinder, DWG PVG, 010.600 Item 11Outreach
504J8261KSPlugMVTX4-4/MFSX-2Martine Decker Totco
505M5-1071-0080Module , IRX , I/0Outreach
506H12085ASwitch assembly, toggle DSI assembly, F/ mud watch systemMartine Decker Totco
507RG081ECounter, Barrel, 12 VDC, 7 W, 10IPSMartine Decker Totco
508PT06E-10-6SConnector, circular, MS3116, 6 Contact-do not substituteMartine Decker Totco
5092110658Pin, caliper pivot, wide leverEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
5102110045Pin, cylinder, emergency caliperEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
511731316ShafferMade in USA
512227188Valve, solenoid, 24 VDC, 1/4 “, 4 Way, position double sole,Active heav compansatorNational OilWell Varco
513932624QElement for power dynamicsHydradyne hydraulics
51450L-COD92Contactor, 60A Cont Rating, AC contactor 600 MAC MixTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
51530175768-1Element, element, filter 25 micron for TDS gearbox lube oil, stock spare Fo RV TDSTDS-4SNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
5161A697Fuse, 25 AMP, 250 VAC, RK5 SLO-BLO, mfg BussmanW W Grainger Inc
517223184Transmitter, pressure, 0-4000 PSIShaffer
518223183Switch, pressure,Shaffer
519401883Kit, repair kit to suit 1″ reduced bore 3500 PSI rated BW  Series Ball, valve, Comprising 2XIOT Dosco BV
520400282Kit, repair kit to suit 1/4″ to 1/2″ 6000 PSI rated , BH-series Ball valve, comprising of 2 of peek.IOT Dosco BV
52172421Gland, pipe handlerPH60 & PH85 pipehandlerVarco
52279388Switch, pressure, Safty valveVarco
523868112Jaw, NO 02 Die for (3 3/4 – 7 3/4) drill pipe ## new quote day 26 May 2009##AR3200Varco
52483444- 04Gland, cable PHM-1, ARM CBLAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
52585986-U16Valve, 4 Way solenoid , 2 POS , 120V, 60HZNOV drilling support services
526103141-4For rod end of 36″CylinderVarco Drilling Support Services
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