527808520Chart, volume, pit, 100/BX, EA=BXMartine Decker Totco
52824001660119Chart, flow, 0.15 even (BX 100)Honeywell (microswitch)
529898413Chart, flow 0.100Boxbord
530WA31097V-packing, split guideiine, tensioner 7-1/2″ OD x 6-1/2″ ID 7 PCE SETVCT-1750-5Western Gear
53198005860 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
532221698Ring, retainer, for tensioner sheaveNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
533117210001filter, sunctionLP364-JWeatherford
534221698Ring, retainer, for tensioner sheaveNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
5353INFNPTSSCoupling, safty, breakaway3″, FNPT SS for transfer hoseKlaw Products ltd.
5366525720001Switch assy, allen bradley7838  S/N FK9637WBEYLOR
537042-0149300176Element, gearbox for centre racking arm gearbox pack of 2Patriot Pipe RackingTSC Engineering Ltd.
5381001092354Switch, rotary angel, sensor, for lift scissor model :2030ES. Sea quotation #75280362030ES JLG,United Rentals,
539178166+20Seal kit, Cartridge, F/ 1272441206PNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
5406100090 Capital safty 3833 SALA Way, red wing, MN 55066FLEX BTM BRKT GALVCountry of origin USA
541626163Lining, friction shoe, F/46 X, 10 Dy-A-FLEX, Clutch Assembley,National OilWell Varco
5428KNKing:8″Forne       Comercial Mar Ltd.
54361753ABody, connecation air & water1625-DE, SN: T2613National OilWell Varco
5446605Pin, Hinge , stationery, W/ Lube fittingMPCH37 1/2Varco Drilling Support Services
5452W094Chain, single strand, 10 FT Lengths, Size 41, Pitch1/2″, width 1/4″, vendor grainger cataloW W Grainger Inc
546P583780002Valve, pilot air, PNL MNT (WABCO)2HA3National OilWell Varco
54787609Clevis, female, rod for block retract cyl#87415, POS2  TDS:4S S/N:485, Ocean clippTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
5482110632Pin service supportEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
54990859Pin, jaw, 75 DiaTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
550610351Pin, anchor, brake , K-621625-DE S/N:2613National OilWell Varco
5511093-02-G090Plange, 3″, sae 3000, butt weld connectionGlobomar
5527807622Hose assy,National OilWell Varco
553110116Valve assembly, relief, main G 6-8 Item:2013-5/8″ HD-30Eckel international (FSC)
55489071Bushing, Geneva shaft, 1.62 X 1.75 X 75 LGTDS-4SVarco
555T-700Snubber, line (handle)EBNational OilWell Varco
556619445Pin, operating1625-DE S/N:2613National OilWell Varco
55720031684Indicator, position, 4 switchNOV drilling support services
5582111995Bushing, Brake lever 2-1/2″  A1 BronzeEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
559G451-RKKit, repair, for IBOP, lower top drive , 3.625″ OD  X 3.062″ ID, glow torque single crankPH-85 Pipe handlerGlobal mfg.
560RRKPAVC100R22Group, rotating group, for pump type  PAVC100R4H22Hydradyne hydraulics
5615-0506Roller, replacement , consisting of bushing roller, shaft , locknut and cotter keyRoliguide drill line guideNational OilWell Varco
562649357Nut, Wash pipe holding,P-650, S/N:T5337National OilWell Varco
563YS2507Seal, oil, calipar support armEPL-1107, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
56457244Filter , regulator, F/drawworks hydrauli brake unit Jevin comercio e servicos ltd.
565143R3VC3Valve, close centre , 1/2 ” NPTBarksdale
566103141-11Rod, clevis female for torque cylinder,NOV drilling support services
567216570Switch, pressure, differentialDSK 600 KVarco Drilling Support Services
568202655Rock, overload, RTS60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco Drilling Support Services
569979919-3Valve, proportional,  cartridge60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco Drilling Support Services
57021406-SO1-110204Motor, hydrauiic , (travel ) for pypi handle system , PMH part no. 21406-11-0701/19Patriot mechanical handling ltd
57185869Retainer, die, on back-up plate jawsTDS-4SVarco Drilling Support Services
572P57136Valve, control, (WABCO)Hydril
573P511252Valve, controlaire- H3, (mfg WABCO) Drawworks1625 -DE- SN: T 2613National OilWell Varco
574150/ ShaftShaft, cylinder , F/ RBSTDS-4SPetrometal  Eng
57521408-11-0701/2Joint, SwivelTSC offshore Corporation
576213270O- Fing, SCU connector for ABOP systemParker-Hannifin
57721406-DS-440101/22Coupling,flexible drive main pumpTSC offshore Corporation
578121953-120Seal, DWG No. 122090 Item 12Varco Drilling Support Services
579112078Cylinder, Pneumatic SRM 3-1/4″Varco Drilling Support Services
5802110004Rod disc brake1625-UDBDNational OilWell Varco
581623459Ring, Retaining, swivel, packerNational OilWell Varco
582979975-512O-Ring60 1/2″ hyd op rotary S/N: NL36201Varco
583A13401Handle, shaft, F/model, 7900 drillers Controll brake7838  S/N FK9637WBEYLOR
58480693Kit, seal, Rod, 2″ Bunan,  (Polypack)TDS-4SVarco
58512F50XSAdapter, connector, 1-1/16-12 UNF X 12jiomalParker
586SHKABSBR2F3RShock, Absorber, float valve, model-G2 f-3RBaker Lyman
587A13401Handle, shaft, F/model, 7900 drillers  Controll brake7838  S/N FK9637WBEYLOR
588C13664Housing, upper control7838 S/N FK9637WBEYLOR
58961120007Pin, guide5022 AKobelt
5901018-BVDSwitch, float, series, 10005E, for Brand mud vaccum itemNorriseal
591524331Coil, Solenoid, 120 valt, 60 HZ require for RBS Solenoid, double model, QMD5WCA3V, assyTDS-4SVarco
592ACCPIPE, HandlerAccumulator, for pipe handlePatriot mechanical handling ltd
5932111994Bushing , brake pad plate, 1-3/4″ A1 BronzeEPL-1107 Disc BrakeNational OilWell Varco
5943500840Switch, micro, F/latch cylinderVarco Drilling Support Services
595123140001Bushing, liner14.5-50 (HYD power tong)Weatherford
5964802-0600Guage, pressure, 0-60000 pSI, panel moun  lower center Back conn 2.5″ faceBuxton Enterest
59761120007Pin. Guide5022AKobelt
598655008Clevis, CPT, Roller           Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
5997802993ConnectorNational OilWell Varco
6007500484 S30Valve, relief, RA101SNational OilWell Varco
6012110255Valve, CPT  Emerge , brake set disc brakeNational
602655028Spring, Cam return, Disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
603204261Valve, needle, 1/2″MPT  X FPT , 6000 PSI @2000 / 4000PSI @500DSC-1-1/8-600-R-BHShaffer
60420031684Indicator, position, 4 switchNOV drilling support services
605PATG1100KOverhaul for PATG-1102N, air hydraulicsENERPAC
6066320122Nut, jam, hex, 3/4″ 16UNF, SST, Disc, brake,National OilWell Varco
60724780Valve, relief, set at 75 PSIType 1479Consolidated saefty valve
6087819272TEENational OilWell Varco
6092110497Spacer for drawworks disk brakesNational OilWell Varco
6107500503Valve, relief, module 4 R disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
611PATG1100KKit, overhaul for  PATG-1102N  air hydraulics pumpENERPAC
612Series FS 200/400Shuttle type flow switchesInstruction  Bullet No. 45523
6137000208-30Capscrew, hex head , 3/8″National OilWell Varco
61450391+71Breaker, Circuit, 6AActive heav compansatorNOV Rig Solutions Spares & Services
615M5-2211-0100Joystick, PG, JC100Outreach
61681693Bearing, drive, roller, shaftAR3200Varco
6172110262Valve, assy, pressure controlEPL-1107 Disc BrakeNational
618204097Valve, relief, 3/4″ 95 PSI, with certificate0Shaffer
6198060/1-2-SSwitch, limit, extended plunger, molded plastic, mgf stahlStahl
62098290Liner, upper steamNational OilWell Varco
62190846End, rod,TDS-4SVarco
62221406-DS1-210701/5Valve, motion controll valve, URAPatriot mechanical handling ltd
62341C632667G6Holder, brush, F/ GE 752 Traction motorGE-752US2General Electric
6241760-1400Valce,retractable toggle F/ crown – O-mati on drawworksCrown- O-matic
62599006426Hose assy,Varco
626LK827Stem3 1/2″ LK-600OMSCO
6278662503Gland, cable, 1″ NPT, W/shroudAR3200CVarco
62890852-BSCSpacer, jaw for pipe handlerTDS-4SVarco
629309110090Cylinder assy, air (mfg shrader)1625-DE S/N:2613National OilWell Varco
63055332-CHNut, Hex, Jam, HeavyRBS-2 &3Varco Drilling Support Services
6311007233Seal kit, valvevalve drop in check size10Hydril
632P60213Kit, repair F/529353 QR Valve,1625-DE  S/N: T2613National oilwell Varco
63355909-16-16SCoupler, mail, valved, 1″ NPTFittingsVarco Drilling Support Services
634A424BCAdapter, Handle, item21, drawing, D 13665 BC7868  S/N:FK9637WBEYLOR
6352 L250Bushing, split, taper B-type, 1-5/8″ shaft mfg : browningW W Grainger Inc
636115712Valve, solenoid, SRM, 1/4″, 4 -way, 2-POS, 24 VDC, F/ THE ICSTDS-4SVarco
637RRKPAVC100R22Group, rotating group, for pump type  PAVC100R4H22Hydradyne hydraulics
6417805835Filter, regulator, (Norgren)2040- UDBEL DrawworksNational OilWell Varco
6423132373Repairkit, valve, 5-1/4″, kellyguardHYdril
64321407-11-1401/4Spring, DFMA,head, centralising, (21407-po-52)Patriot mechanical handling ltd
644108894-Y2Wrench gland, for cylinder assembly 84630-2 & 80641NOV drilling support services
64521407-11-1401/4Spring, DFMA,head, centralising, (21407-po-52)Patriot mechanical handling ltd
64660134Repair Kit, valve, float, size4R, Metal parts only4R0Baker Lyman
6477000439Capscrew, hex head , 3/4″ X1 8/4 NO, GR81625- DE S/N:T2613National OilWell Varco
64856516-8-4Reducer, tube end, 8-4 Trtx-SPH-60 & PH-85 PipehandlerVarco
6497807615Hub, coupling , lovejoy L100  X1.375National OilWell Varco
650622853Stud, 1/2″13 X 9/15″1625- DE S/N:T2613National OilWell Varco
651123269001Pin, Retainer, F/Jaw14.5-50 HYD, Power TongWeatherford
652EV2151Insert, Valve,outreach model OSB 140 cherry pickTSC Engineering Ltd.
653780687Elbow, disk brake,Nationl
654107461Guide, spring, FIG-6/8 Item 1413-5/8″ HD-30Eckel international (FSC)
65512734,Roller, ElevatorType GG Drill pipe ElevatorNaational oilwell varco
6565-0506Roller, replacement , consisting of bushing roller, shaft , locknut and cotter keyRoliguide drill line guideNational OilWell Varco
6571760-1400Valve, retractable, toggle F/Crown-O-DrawworksCrown- O-matic
65827108Switch, flow, Gems 2″, NPT Bronze 50GPM exploison proof junction boxesBEYLOR
659178170Seal kit, BRKT, HNG5100 N Sam houston packway houston,National OilWell Varco
66030105O-Ring, 75-85 DURO80195736National OilWell Varco
6614.6155E+135100 N Sam Houston PKWY west31351NOV RIG Solutions Spares & Services
66230975RG/BU80160486National OilWell Varco
66330791RG/BU/NIT80165647National OilWell Varco
6641-387737Ball, Valve, 3/4″316SS, 3.000PSI160 K Riser tensionepWorcester controls
665P240Bearing, Block, pillow (12-1/1″ Bore)mfg, Linkebelt #P-240 (Item 67)1625- DE S/N:T2613National OilWell Varco
666A84151Spring, Return7838   S/N FK9637WBEYLOR
667111441O-Ring, for relief valve fig 6-8 Item 2413-5/8″ HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
668111443Ring, back up , for relief valve, fig 6-8 Item 2213-5/8″ HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
6698042Switch, toggleMVTX4 -4 MFSX-2M/D Totco
670P60214Kit, repair F/529354 QR VALVE1625- DE S/N:T2613National OilWell Varco
671942443-4Race, outerType HGG 500TVarco
672204114Ball,valve, 1/2″80 K Riser Tensioner  Varco
6737813630Nipple, hydraulic, 1/4″ Disc BrakeNational OilWell Varco
67450108-6-SCapscrew, socket, HeadAR3200Varco Drilling Support Services
675110V50/ 60 HZ11WCoil for solenoid valveDanfoss
67630155961-2Block, contact 1, stahilAR3200National OilWell Varco
6776375290008Lamp, red, 110V, Explosion proof7838 S/N FK9637WBEYLOR
6787802967Coupling, quick, disconnect, 3/8″ maleNOV RIG Solutions Spares & Services
6797917051Reducer, fitting, F/EPL, 110 Universal disc brakeNational OilWell Varco
6807500480Valve, check, Disc, hyd, unitNational oilwell Varco
6817500483Valve, four way, Disc power unit,National oilwell Varco
682118839-56-D8Switch, selector, 3pos  off/oninc SRFAR3200NOV drilling support services
683AN622719O-Ring,1625- DE S/N:T2613National oilwell
6842407008Tag, caution Disk brake fittingNational oilwell
68573010Band, Brake, ASSYCLE, 7625DP-35Suepr manufacturing
686618768Hose assy,1625- DE S/N:T2613National oilwell Varco
687240006429Hose assy, 1/2″ X 42″ F/ EPL -1107 Universal DiscNational oilwell Varco
6882110443Pad, assembly, emergency, Completer, fastnersNational oilwell Varco
689619284Lining, Low clutch disc,1625-DE 5/N:-2613National OilWell Varco
690112974Seal sanction, A35, Valve assembley Fig 6-8 Item13-5/8″, HD-30Eckle International (FSC)
691935676-006Protector, surge, AC line, 240 VAC 1 A-NO 935676-006M/D Totco
69230155961-1Block, contact 1, stahilAR3200National OilWell Varco
693G600Spider, 3/4″ Coupling mfg gerbing1625-DE 5/N:-2613National OilWell Varco
6942110495Mandrel, inner pivot bushing power disc brakeNationak oilwell Varco
6952110494Mandrel, inner pivotNational oilwell varco
696655007Tube, CPT, Guide, Disk brakeNational oilwell varco
6972110291Tool,spring installallation removal diskNational oilwell varco
69866001Bushing drive hole,varco
6992110493Mandrel, seal installationDisc BrakeNational OilWell Varco
7002111573Mandrel, bearing installation brake PAD plateNational OilWell Varco
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