S/NDrawing NO.Description
1ZJ040SPNZC006Working condition diagram
2ZJ040SPNZC006Shipping status diagram
3Z06070000207 AASchematic diagram of driving system
4Z04000000491 AAMast assembly
5Z04010000009AAMast lower section
6Z04010500004AALatch pin unit
7Z04020000018AAMast upper section
8Z04020000154AACathead cylinder unit
9Z04120000011 AACrown block assembly
10Z04120200003AASand sheave assembly
11Z04120900005AACrown sheaves
12Z04121000005AAFastline sheaves
13Z04121200001 AADeadline sheaves
14Z04130000011 AACrown block platform
15Z04150000017AAMast base
16Z04160000156AARacking board assembly
17Z04160208025AARacking board body
18Z04170000038AACentralizer, telescoping cylinder
19Z04180000007AAMast support
20Z04210000054AAGuyline assembly
21Z04220000001AARegulator of load guyline
22Z04230000010AAMast foundation assembly
23Z04240000073AAFront support assembly(with load guyline
24Z15010000154AAStandpipe assembly
25Z01000000058AAPower system
26Z01030000022AATransfer case assembly
27Z01020000147AAConnection of engine and transmission
28Z01090000002AAConnection diagram of fuel lines
29ZO 1130000004AAPreheating and warming system
30Z01200000024AAAir filling system
31Z02010000011 AADeck frame assembly
32Z02200000002AAWireline for 5t hydraulic winch
33Z02080000002AARear mechanical jack assembly
34Z02040000008AARear suspension assembly
35Z02070000003AAFront mechanical jack assembly
36Z02040000016AAFront suspension assembly
37Z02030000016AASteering mechanism
38Z02030900002AASteering power assisting cylinder
39Z05000000143AASubstructure assembly
40Z05010200005AAEscaping sliding way
41Z05010300013AAColumn I
42Z05010300014AAColumn II
44Z05010400288AAStairs assembly
45Z05010601268AAGuardrail assembly
47Z05011200133AABottom assembly
48Z05011200134AABottom assembly
49Z05011400069AARotary table beam
50Z050114011 31AATop assembly (left)
51Z05011401141AATop assembly(right)
52Z05012100001AARotary table area
53Z05012200052AASetback area
54Z05020100112AAPipe ramp
55Z05020200121 AACatwalk and pipe rack
56Z05020300044AAPipe rack
57Z05090900001AABOP handling guiderails
58Z03010000164AAMain drum
59Z03030000028AASand drum
60Z03050000136AADrawworks frame and guard
61Z03070000007AARight angle gear box
62Z03180000001AAInstallation of upper drive box and lower
drive box and tong counterbalance unit
63Z03280000003AAAuxiliary brake system
64Z06020000004AALower chain case
65Z06110000001 AARotary table drive lower box
66Z06110000002AARotary table drive upper box
67Z07260000042AASchematic diagram of hydraulic system
68Z07150000016AACathead cylinder
69Z07050000002AACathead cylinder lines
70Z07060200001 AATwo bank valve lines
71Z07060000012AASeven bank valve lines
72Z07030000002AARaising lines
73Z07120000001 AARaising cylinder
74Z07060300002AAThree bank valve lines
75Z07130000033AATelescoping  cylinder
76Z07040000002AAHydraulic winch lines
77Z07010000003AAOil pump lines
78Z07020000002AAJack lines
79Z07140000002AAJack cylinder
80Z07140000009AAJack cylinder
81Z07080000003AASteering power assisting lines
82Z07320000004AALatch pin cylinder lines
83Z07320000005AALatch pin cylinder
84Z08280000170AASchematic diagram of air system
85Z08270000019AAChassis air system diagram
86Z08120000002AADifferential lock lines
87Z08030000002AADeck frame air lines
88Z08150000001AACab lines
89Z08060000002AADrawworks lines
90Z08130000003AAAir suspension lines
91Z08340000001AAFront drive lines
92Z08090000001AAHydraulic pump lines
93Z08040000002AAThrottle shutdown lines
94Z08110000002AACarrier brake lines
95Z08070000001 AARotary table lines
96Z08390000002AAAir compressor assembly
97Z08180000001AASpinner lines
98Z08200000001AACrown-o-matic air cylinder
99Z08240000001AAValve saver
100Z09000000150AA-AEDWire connection diagram of cab
101Z09000000150AA-AEDWire harness of chassis
102Z09000000150AA-AEDWire harness of engine
103Z09000000150AA-AEDDriller’s control box harness
104Z09000000150AA-AEDFront   wire   connection   plate   terminal
layout diagram
105Z16020000002AASelf-controlled pulley
106Z16120000012AAYG250 hook assembly
107Z16120000045AATraveling block and hook assembly
108Z16120100016AATraveling block assembly
109Z16140000004AAZP275 rotary table assembly
110Z16180000028AAMud board

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z06070000207 AASchematic diagram of driving system
15000700027Front driving shaft LK0=705
25000700043Two-axle driving shaft LK0=895
35000700084Driving shaft LK0=1400
45000700138Driving shaft Lko=1950
55000700048Driving shaft L=610±40
65000700024Inter-axle driving shaft LK0=680
75000800002Driving shaft L=350±15
85000700903Driving shaft from compound box to output driving shaft of rotary table
9Z06100000001AASupport, driving shaft
105000700176Intermediate fixed type driving shaft
11Z06010000001AASupport shaft
125000700902Input driving shaft, lower chain case
135000700184Input shaft, lower angle box of rotary table LK0=750
145000700904Output shaft, lower angle box of rotary table
155000800055Cage type universal coupling
165401500016Three-row chain 1 3/4″ 28A-3
175401500017Four-row chain 1 1/4″ 20A-4
185401500007Double row chain 2″ 32A-2
194302416060Hexagon head bolt 10.9 grade M16*1.5*60
204313100016Spring washer 16
214310000016Nut 10 grade M16X1.5
225000700155Driving shaft LK0=805

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04000000491 AAMast assembly
1Z04010000009AAMast lower section
2Z04020000018AAMast upper section
3Z04120000011 AACrown block assembly
4Z04130000011 AACrown platform
5Z04150000017 AAMast base
6Z04160000156AARacking board assembly
7Z04170000038AACentralizer , telescoping cylinder
8Z04180000007AAMast support
9Z15010000154AAStandpipe assembly
10Z04210000054AAGuyline assembly
11Z04230000010AAMast foundation
12Z04240000073AAFront support assemby(with load guyline regulator)
13Z04020000154AACathead cylinder unit
14P6300117AAAPI nameplate, mast
15P6300116AAMast inspection board
164315203015Rivet 3X15

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04010000009AAMast lower section
1P6101668AAPlug plate 148x 108
2P9941604AABottom cross beam L2824
3P9840541AABottom brace
4P9840542AABottom brace
5P9941605AABottom beam L2520
6P9840543AABottom brace
7P9840544AABottom brace
8P9840545AABottom brace
9P9840546AABottom brace
10P9840547AABottom brace
11P9941606AABottom beam L2824
12P6202249AABase plate 200X146
13P9840548AABottom brace
14Z04010200005AARod type beam
15P9840549AABottom brace
16P9840550AABottom brace
17P6202250AAPitch plate
18P9840551AABottom brace
19P9840552AABottom brace
20P9941607AABottom beam
21P9840553AASide column
22P9840554AASide brace
23Z04011100010AALimit seat
24P9840555AASide brace
25Z04012500004AASide column
26P6000228AAPad eye
27P6202114AAEnd plate
284400200211Shackle S-DX10
29P6202115AAPad eye
30P9840556AASide brace
31Z04011600002AATubing support , cathead cylinder
32P9840557AASide brace
33P9941615AASide column L1182
34Z04310000003AAStairs assembly
35Z04010800004AAFront bolster
36P9941616AARear leg L19452
37P9941617AAFront leg L19522
38P9840558AASide brace
39P9941620AARectangular tube L1282
40Z04010600045AASide supporting box, at off driller’s side
41Z04010500004AALatch pin unit
42P9840559AASide brace
43Z04014100001 AASupport, guyline
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
44P9840560AASide column
45Z04010100001AAPad eye, wireline
46Z04010400001 AARaising limit seat
47Z04010300001AAReinforced pipe
48P6101545AAPlug plate
49P6101672AAPlug plate 200x 92
50P9960374AAPot hook
51Z04011600003AATubing support , spinner
52Z04011300001 AASeat plate
53P9840561AABrace, doorframe
54P9941621AABeam, doorframe
55Z04011500001 AAHinged seat
56P6202117AASeat plate, cylinder
57P991004394AAReinforced plate 102X480
58P9941622AAReinforced support
59P6202125AASeat plate, cylinder
60P6101673AAPlug plate 200x 92
61P6202127AAReinforced plate
624300820075Bolt M20x75
634309300020Nut M20
644313100020Spring washer 20
65P6101560AAPlug plate
67P9960375AALifting ring
69P6013174AAPad eye
70P2000036AAPin shaft
71P2001315AASafety pin
72P9840003AARectangular tube
74Z04011500009AAHinge seat
75P991000145AAPlug plate 200×66
76Z04010600046AASide supporting box, at driller’s side

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04010500004AALatch pin unit
1Z04010501001 AAConnection rod
2Z04010503003AAPad eye, lock pin
3P6000251AAPad eye
4P6000252AAPad eye
54313200020Washer 20
64314504030Cotter pin 4X30
84314508090Cotter pin 8X90
94101800008Oil cup M1OX1
10P9100024AAChain 5 (L350)
11P1100030AAOverlap link
12Z04010502006AASafety pin
13P2000036AAPin shaft
144314504040Cotter pin 4X40
17P6000272AASteel plate 40X16
18Z04010900001AAPad eye

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04020000018AAMast upper section
1Z04020400014AACrown seat
2P9840517AASide brace
3P9841767AASide brace
4P9840518AASide brace
5P9841768AASide brace
6Z04020600006AAFront leg
7Z04020600004AAFront leg
8P9942002AASide column
9P9840519AASide brace
10P9841772AASide brace
11Z04020700004AARear leg
12Z04020700003AARear leg
13P9870286AAThreading pipe
14P9840520AASide brace
15P9841773AASide brace
16P9840521AASide column
17P9870287AAThreading pipe
19P9840522AASide brace
20P9840523AASide brace
21P6004417AASeat plate
22P6004418AASupport, racking board
234315620045Bolt M20X45
244313100020Spring washer 20
25P6004419AASeat plate
26P6004420AASeat plate
27Z04020100001 AARaising limiting piece
28P6000842AASeat plate
294315616035Bolt M16X35
304313100016Spring washer 16
31Z04020500005AATray, traveling block
32P9840524AASide brace
33Z04020200002AALoading box
34P7100015AALocking pin seat
35P9840525AASide brace
36P9942004AABottom beam
37Z04020300001 AAFixed seat
38P9840526AABottom brace
39P9920689AABottom beam
40P9840527AAChannel steel
41P9820180AAChannel steel
42P9840528AABottom brace
43P6005355AABase plate 160X140
44P9840529AAReinforced support

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04160208025AARacking board body
1P2000512AAFlat pin
24303310080Bolt M10X80
34311700010Slotted nut M10
4P6001133AARetaining plate
5P6004573AAPin plate
6P6004574AAPin plate
7P9860043AATension ring
8Z04160210004AATelescoping sleeve
9Z04160202118AATelescoping pedal
10Z04160203097AABoard body
11P9860084AALifting ring
124400200010Line clamp 10
14Z04160215022AAMain pedal
15Z041602041 04AASmall guardrails
16P6004579AAPulling plate
18P1200151AASelf-lock nut
19Z04160205055AAAuxiliary frame
20P6300076AASmall nameplate
23P1400130AACopper sleeve
24P6900045AAConnection plate
254101800008Oil cup M1OX1
26P9860062AATension ring
28P1400144AASpacing sleeve
294310000030Nut M30X2
30P6900054AAConnection plate
31P9810182AAAngle steel seat
324303608030Bolt M8X30
334309300008Nut M8
344313000008Washer 8
354314516014Cotter pin 1.6X14
36P6900046AASide pull plate
37Z04160204011 AAWindwall at off driller’s side
384309300016Nut M16
394313200016Flat washer 16
404314504020Cotter pin 4X20
41Z04160400093AAWindwalls at driller’s side
42Z04160202111AASmall pedal
43Z04160213006AALine post
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
44P6041579AAReinforcing plate
45Z04160213012AAHanger, safety line
46P7100008AASupporting seat, side plate
47G05180100001AALocking pin, operation platform
484314503020Cotter pin cp3.2X20
494314816050Pin shaft cp16X50(B)
534314816085Pin shaft cp16X85(B)
54Z04160302071 AAPedal

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04170000038AACentralizer, telescoping cylinder
1Z04170100062AASide folding arm I
2Z04170100063AABottom folding arm
3Z04170100061AASide folding arm II
4P7100452AAPin seat
5P6004336AAPad eye seat
6P6004337AAPad eye
74101800008Oil cup M1OX1
8P9000099AATension spring
9P2200302AABolt, tension spring
10P9810176AALeft tension spring seat L120
114309300012Nut M12
12P9840512AARectangular tube
13P9810177AABottom tension spring seat
14P9810178AARight tension spring seat L120
15P6004338AAStiffener 80X80
164314532030Cotter pin 3.2X30
174317100020Washer 20
18P2400308AAPin shaft
19P6009337AARetaining plate
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04180000007 AAMast support
1Z04180100001 AAPin plate
5P9970970AACross brace
8Z04180200002AABrace seat
9P9910988AAVertical support , stairs
10P9910989AACross brace, stairs L460
11P9810139AAConnection seat
124301324060Bolt M24X60
134309300024Nut M24
144313100024Spring washer 24
15P9970972AACross pipe L2000
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04210000054AAGuy line assembly
1Z04210300004AAWind load guyline
2Z04210400007AAGuyline from racking board to the g1
3Z04210400006AAGuyline from racking board to the g1
4Z04210100040AALoad guyline
5Z04210400004AAEscaping line, racking board
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04220000001 AARegulator of load guyline
1Z04220100001 AAFixed pipe assembly
2Z04220200001 AABolt, grommet
3P1200178AALocking nut
4Z04220300001 AAWheel shape nut
5P2000110AASafety pin
6P6400243AAStopper 15X25
7P6400244AAStopper 90X20
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z0423000001 OAAMast foundation assembly
1Z04230200006AAMast foundation body
2P6001497AAPad eye
34400200456Screw stem M42X 1050
44400200455Screw stem M42X950
5Z04110000011 AAConnection unit
6P6004291AAPad eye II
7Z04230100003AAPad eye
84400200457Screw stem M52X340
9P6040716AAPad eye
10P6040731AAPad eye

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z04240000073AAFront support assembly(with load guyline regulator)
1Z04240000006AAFront support assembly
2Z04220000001AALoad guyline regulator
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z15010000154AAStandpipe assembly
1P4100801AABent pipe
2P6004083AAReinforced plate 460X80
3K0181004AAPipe head 4LP(cp140)
4P9912700208AAStraight pipe L=11800
5P9912700209AAStraight pipe 3550
6K46201156001AACross fitting
7K4127024AAFitting, pressure gauge
8K4124001AASealing washer
9K4121004AAWing nut
10K4122002AAMale union fitting
12K31201100001AAPlug valve assembly
13K4142023AAMale union fitting
14K4143030AAFemale union fitting
15K4141018AAWing nut
16K4144009AA0 sealing ring
17Z15010200178AAFixed seat
183800200029Shock-resistant  pressure gauge 60MPa
19K4123005AAWelding female union
20K4142009AAWelding male union
21P4100688AA4″-2″ welding cross
22K41201104001AA2″ welding union assembly
23K0100003AA2″ tee I
24K4127007AAFemale union plug
25K4127002AAMale union plug
26K4143018AAWelding female union
274600300068Parrallel gate valve  ( 4″   )

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z01000000058AAPower system
1Z01200000024AAFilter installation
2Z01070000001 AAOil draining unit, sump of engine
3Z01090000002AAConnection diagram of fuel lines
4Z01020000147AAConnection and installation of engine and torque converter
5ZO 1180000001AARetarder installation
6Z01070000002AAOil draining unit, sump, left transmission
7Z01070000003AAOil draining unit, sump, right transmission
8Z01030000022AATransfer case assembly
94300816065Bolt M16x65
104309300016Nut M16
114313000016Washer 16
124313200016Washer 16
13P6213457AARubber pad
14ZO 1160000022AAFixed support of radiator
15P6214075AAConnection plate
17P6209270AARubber pad
18ZO 1060000062AASupporting beam,engine
194303918100Eye bolt M18x1.5×100
204316900017Slotted nut M18x1.5
214313400018Flat washer 18
224314504040Cotter pin 4×40
23Z01100000090AAAir exhausting pipe and muffler assembly
24P1300760AAEngine and ball valve fitting
25P1300764AAAir inlet fitting
26P1300763AACheck valve fitting
27P1300762AAFitting, inflating pump
28P1300761AAAir inlet fitting
30P4100371AAFitting, warmer
31P7101504AAPad eye
32Z01080000014AACooling system , transmission
33Z01020400148AASpare parts, M transmission
34P5100089AASupporting rod
35P7100126AASupporting seat
36Z01010400005AALine guard, air filter
375100155008Unitized parts, C18 engine

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z02080000002AARear mechanical jack assembly
2Z02070000001AARear mechanical jack assembly
3P9100064AAChain(d=cp5.6 ,23 knots)
5Z02070000002AASupporting seat
6P9860033AACirclip, safety pin
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z02040000008AARear suspension assembly
15002400089Distance rod assembly (upper) L=610
2P2200185AAConnection bolt, distance rod
34312700020Hex flat nut M20X1.5
44317400020Hex thick nut M20X1.5
5P7100141AASupport, distance rod
6P2200186AASet screw, distance rod
74313100020Spring washer 20
84101800008Grease nipple M1OX1
9Z02041200001 AABalance beam assembly
10P1000122AAShim, support , balance beam
11P1000123AAShim, support , balance beam
12Z02041300001AAOil seal, support ,balance beam
13P1100194AACopper sleeve, balance beam
14Z02041400001 AASupporting shaft
15P1400098AAHorizontal stable rod, balance beam
16P2000094AAExaternal shaft pin, balance beam
17P1000097AALocating ring, shaft pin, balance beam
18Z02040400005AARubber sleeve assembly , balance beam
19P1400100AASleeve, shfat pin, balance beam
20P1400101AAInternal shaft pin, balance beam
21P2200147AASet screw, shaft pin, balance beam
224317400018Hex thick nut M18X1.5
234313000018Spring washer 18
244317100018Flat washer 18
25P2200189AASet screw, support , sub-pump
26P2000140AAStable pin, support , rear sub-pump
27P7100099AASupport, rear sub-pump
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z02070000003AAFront mechanical jack assembly
1Z02070100002AACylinder body
3P9860033AACirclip, safety pin
4Z02070200001 AANut
5Z02070300001AAScrew stem
6P9100060AAChain Cd=cp5.6 ,20 knots )
94101800008Grease nipple M1OX1
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z02040000016AAFront suspension assembly
1Z02040100001AAFixed rod, front axle
25001200002Front steel plate spring assembly
3P7100319AATray, steel plate spring
4P9860075AAU type bolt, steel plate
5P6000844AAUpper block, front steel plate spring
6Z02040300001AABuffer block
74310000022Nut M22X1.5
8P1200102AANut M22X1.5
94313200022Flat washer 22
10P2200137AAPin shaft, locating tie rod
114316500024Locking nut M24X1.5
12P1000095AAFlat washer , locating tie rod
134302414120Bolt M14X1.25X120
144310000014Nut M14X1.25
154313000014Spring washer 14
16P9870054AAClamping sleeve
17Z02040400001 AARubber sleeve assembly
18P1400101AAInternal shaft pin, balance beam
19P9870116AASleeve, pin shaft
20P2000094AAExternal shaft pin, balance beam
21P2200291AASet screw, shaft pin, balance beam
224317400018Thick nut M18X1.5
234313000018Spring washer 18
244313200018Flat washer 18
25P1000097AALocating ring, shaft pin, balance beam
26P1100334AAShaft sleeve
27Z02040400002AARubber liner assembly ,locating tie rod
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z02030000016AASteering mechanism
1Z02030100008AASteering gear assembly
2Z02030700015AAControl tie rod
3Z02031000003AASupport, connection arm
4Z02030600003AAStraight tie rod
5Z02030600004AAConnection rod
6Z02030500004AALeft front connection arm
7Z02030500005AARight front connection arm
8Z02030500006AALeft middle connection arm
9Z02030500007AARight middle connection arm
10Z02030500008AALeft rear connection arm
11Z02031300001AAHanger, cross tie rod
12Z02030902003AASupport, power assisting cylinder
13Z02030900002AASteering power assisting cylinder
14P1200116AASpherical pin nut
154314532040Cotter pin
16P1200134AASpherical pin nut, distribution valve
17P2000135AASpherical pin, distribution valve
18Z02030200006AASupport, steering gear
194303918060Eye bolt M18X1.5X60
204316900017Slotted nut M18X1.5
214314504030Cotter pin 4X28
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z02030900002AASteering power assisting cylinder
1P2200195AAScrew plug, pin seat
2P0900031AASpherical hinge
3P2001941AASpherical pin
4P1000126AAWasher , spherical pin
5P1200137AANut, spherical pin
7P2000063AASpring seat
8P2000062AASphecial pin seat
9P5200012AALocking clamp
104302312060Hexagon boltM12 x1 .5×60
11P2300002AAPiston rod
124313700090Elastic retaining ring 90
13P1000053AARetaining ring
14P1700028AASealing ring
15P1700029AASealing ring
16P1700030AASealing ring
1753001002240 ring 82.5x 3.55
18P2000061AAPlug, cylinder
19P0700003AAPiston cylinder
20P1000048AAWear ring
2153001002200 ring cp80x3.55
22Z02030901001AACylinder body
23P7100142AAConnection seat
24P2000139AAPin shaft
25P2200188AABolt, end cover
264101800008Straight grease nipple M1OX1
274314504040Cotter pin 4X60
284314504060Cotter pin 4X40
294313100012Spring washer  12
304310000012Hex nut M12
314313700042Elastic retaining ring 42
324313800072Elastic retaining ring 72
3353001000590 ring 20X2.65
344317600022Hexagon slotted thin nut-fine thread M20X1.5
354314504036Cotter pin 4X36
364312500022Hex self-lock nut M22X1.5

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05000000143AASubstructure assembly
1Z05011401141AATop assembly
2Z05011401131 AAToping assembly(left)
3Z05010300013AAColumn I
4Z05010300014AAColumn II
5Z05010300015AAColumn Ill
6Z05011200133AABottom assembly
7Z05011200134AABottom assembly
8Z05011400069AARotary tabel beam assembly
9Z05012200052AASetback area
10Z05012300033AATail line post
11Z05011900010AAConnection rod, base
12Z05011900011 AAReinforced plate
13Z05011900009AATie rod
14Z05012100001AARotary table area
15Z05010200005AAEscaping sliding way
16Z05010400285AAStairs I
17Z05020100112AAPipe ramp assembly
18Z05020200121 AACatwalk and pipe rack  ( 800mm )
19Z05020300044AAPipe guiding frame
20P2001024AAOne way tapered pin B75X235
21P6900062AASafety pin 6X65X150
22P2000452AAOne-way tapered pin B60X170
23P2000878AAOne-way tapered pin A30X70
24P6900328AASafety pin
25Z05010300159AAGuard column
26Z05010300025AAGuard column
27Z05011000028AAConnection rod of base 1 1
28Z05011000027 AAConnection rod 1 1 1
31Z05010100003AADrip pan
33Z05010400286AAStairs III
34Z05010400288AAStairs assembly
35Z16030000017 AARaising wireline of substructure I
36Z16030000018AARaising wireline of substructure II
37Z05090900001AAGuiderails of air hoist
38Z05012000001AAGuiding sheave of cathead cylinder
39P2000207AAOne-way tapered pin A50X120
40P2001405AADouble tapered pin <t>50X125
41Z05010601268AAGuiderails assembly
42Z05010400290AAStairs, column
43P9860206AALifting ring
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
44P991160900AAWelding chain 8
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05010200005AAEscaping sliding way
1P9970917AAGuiderails L=10596
2P6004055AAHang hook
3P6004056AASteel plate 500X70
4P6004057AAStiffener 500X30
5P9910906AAAngle steel L=500
6P6004058AABottom plate 10536X500
7P9920413AAEdge beam L=10596
8P9970918AAVertical plate
9P6101356AAPlug plate cp32
10P9970919AAlnclinded vertical pipe
11P9970920AASupport pipe
12P9970921AASupport pipe
13P9970922AABottom vertical pipe
14P9970923AASupport pipe
15P9970924AASupport pipe
16P9970925AASteel pipe L=500
17P6201926AAReinforced plate
18P9970927AABottom cross pipe
19P6101357AAPlug plate cp36
20P9970928AABottom slanting pipe L=908
21P9970929AABottom slenting pipe L=886
22P6101358AAClosing plate
23P9970926AAVertical pipe
24P9970930AAHanging pipe L=100
25P6101359AARetaining plate
26P6004059AASide plate
27P9970931AAHandrails L=348
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05010300013AAColumn I
1P9950072AAColumn L=4128
2P9850036AACross beam
3P6101438AAClosing plate 240X228
4P6201848AAVertical plate
5P6201849AAReinforced plate
6P6101436AAPlug plate 250X46
7P6101437AAPlug plate 250X98
9P9850034AACross beam

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05011401141AATop assembly(right)
1P9950276AAMain girder L=5700
2P9830047AASmall beam
3P9850106AACross beam
4P6206634AATop plate 2680X5680
5Z05011100073AAConnection seat I
6Z0501110007 4AAConnection seat 1 1
7Z05011100075AAConnection seat 1 1 1
8Z05011000026AAInside rotary table support
9P6104411AAStiffener 112X144
10P9830045AAI beam
11P9930691AAI beam
12P6104412AAReinforced plate 1588X368
13P9830044AAI beam
14P9830043AAI beam
15P9974385AARound pipe L=300
16Z05011300017AACover plate
17Z05011100070AAConnection seat
19P9840444ARectangular tube
20P6104413AAStiffener 548X76
21P6104414AAStiffener 140X80
22P6019717AASupporting pad eye
23P6201787AAConnection pad eye
24P7100979AATail line post seat L=720
25P6206628AAVeritical plate 1590X578
26P6206629AABottom plate 1300X300
27P6206630AAVertical plate 5700X578
28P6206631AABottom plate 5700X300
29Z05011100069AAConnection pad eye
30Z04250100014AASmall platform
31P6017918AAStiffener 578X 140
32Z05011300178AACover plate
33P6037485AAPad eye
34P6217414AAReinforced plate 548X240
35P6217415AAReinforced plate 548X248
36P6217418AAReinforced plate 548X240
37P981030064AAI beam
38P981030065AAI beam
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05012100001AARotary table area
2P2103064AASocket, cathead cylinder
3P2103065AASteel pipe
4P9947422AASupporting pipe
5Z05012102001AALifting ring
6P6004024AAPad eye
7P6004032AAChecker plate
8P9960319AARotating shaft L=210
9P9970916AAPipe L=100
10P9970915AAPipe L=50
11P2001357AAOne way tapered pin  A40X150
12P9100068AAWelding chain 8
13P6900328AASafety pin
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05012200052AASetback area
1Z05011100008AAConnection seat
2P6101318AAPlug plate
3P2100537AASeat, guard column
4P2000210AAPin shaft
5P6900328AASafety pin
6P9100189AAWelding chain 5
7P991108942AATop plate 3749X300
8P991108944AABottom plate 3189X300
9P991113281AAAngle steel L=2900
10P9920399AAChannel steel L=2800
11P991174347AARound pipe L=576
12P991121600AAChannel steel L=1431
13P991113282AAAngle steel L=1617
14P6201898AAFloor I
15P6201897AAFloor II
16P991121601AAChannel steel L=100
17P991121728AAChannel steel L=100
18P991121602AAChannel steel L=880
19P6003995AABottom plate 3749X2990
20P6003994AACheckered plate 1160×80
21P9970908AARoller bar L=1300
22P991121729AAChannel steel L=200
234313100020Washer M20
244309300020Nut M20
254313200020Washer 20
26P991174348AASteel pipe L=280
27P6003996AACheckered plate 2850X514
28P9970909AARoller shaft L=1340
29Z05090105001AACover plate, rat hole
30P6218855AAPad eye, hanging shaft
31P5900091AAE type V belt L=2800
32P4100769AAHose fitting
33Z05010700012AAExternal clamp
3411010000934″ hose (Pressure resistant 1MPa)
35Z05011300256AAFolding plate
36P991174349AARound pipe L=201
37P991121726AAChannel steel L=512
384300820090Bolt M20X90
39P981130095AAI beam L=2313
40P981130096AAChannel steel L=2312
41P981120140AAChannel steel L=514
42P981120143AAChannel steel L=3749
43P981130100AAI beam L=519
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
44P981120142AAChannel steel L=512
45P981120141AAChannel steel L=401
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05020100112AAPipe ramp
1Z05020101078AASlide way
2P7200212AAHoisting plate
3P7200211AAPad eye
4P991160925AASteel pipe L=1518
5P991160924AAHanging hook
6Z05020102001AASafety line
7P991109718AAEnd plate 159x 100
8P991121793AAChannel steel L=1471
9P9912200001AAEdge beam
10P991160923AASteel pipe L=110
11P9912000002AAPlug plate
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05020200121 AACatwalk and pipe rack
1Z05020200122AAFrong guiding pipe platform
2Z05020200123AARear guiding pipe platform
3P2000906AADouble tapered pin <t>50X105
4P6900328AASafety pin
5Z05020500044AAStairs ( h=800 )
6Z05020300026AAPipe guiding platform
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05020300044AAPipe rack
1Z05020300030AARear guiding pipe
2P6042154AABottom plate 130X137
3P991174841AARetaining pipe L=1675
4P991174842AASleeve L=80
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z05090900001 AABOP handling guiderails
1P9811162AAAngle steel
24300816065Bolt M16X65
34313000016Spring washer 16
44317100016Spring washer 16
543093000161 model hex nut
6P6012465AAPad eye I
7P9930648AACross beam
8P6012466AAPad eye II
9P6012467AAClosing plate 320×130
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z03010000164AAMain drum assembly
1Z03010100087AADrum body
2P2401901AAMain drum shaft
3Z03010200010AARight coupling
4P5400102AAKey B45X269
5P2200472AABolt M24x 80
64313100024Washer 24
74309300024Nut M24
8Z03010200015AALeft coupling
9P5400104AAKey B45X319
10P1100585AAShaft sleeve, right drum end
114315910012Bolt M10X12
124500100311Bearing 22232C/W33
13P4600022AARight bearing box
145300200193Oil seal PG190X225X18
15P0000185AARight bearing cover
164301310025Bolt M10X25
174313100010Washer 10
18P6111394AACoupling, guard
204300824080Bolt M24x 80
2111013000040 seal strip n 5.3
22P1100589AASpacer, right bearing
234500100347Deep groove ball bearing 6232
24P1103053AARight bearing spacer
25P1401410AAExternal spacer between sprocket wheel
26Z03010900036AACover, bearing box
27P2200042AAScrew plug M24X30
28P3500037AASprocket wheel Z=69 P=44.45
29P1401409AAShaft sleeve
30P5400530AAKey 40×242
315401700007236 model clutch
32P0001252AACoupling, 236 clutch
33Z03010800007AAFitting, retaining plate, shaft right end
34P1701199AASeal shim
354313100006Washer 6
364300506020Bolt M6X20
37P1400257AAShaft sleeve
38P4600023AALeft bearing box
395300200191Oil seal PG170X210X16
40P4600024AALeft bearing cover
41P5400105AAKey B40X169
42P1400258AALeft bearing sleeve
43P6101278AACover plate, left oil sump
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
44Z02170000040AALeft sprocket seat
45P3500038AASprocket wheel  P=31.75
46P2200473AABolt M22x70
474313100022Wasger 22
484309300022Nut M22
494300512035Bolt M12X35
504300824110Hexagon bolt
51Z03011400018AAAir inlet pipe
52Z03010300031AABrake rim assembly
53Z03010300030AABrake rim assembly
55Z03111600019AAWater line assembly
56Z03010400004AAWater jacket
58Z03010800013AAOil retaining plate
59P2202338AABolt M16x190
6043093000161 model hex nut M16
614313000016Spring washer 16
62P1103130AAShaft sleeve
634307810012Hex concave set screw M1OX12
65Z03010700003AAGrease lubrication line

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z06110000001 AARotary table drive lower box
1Z06110100001AABox body
24301316040Bolt M16X40
34313000016Spring washer M16
4P0200347AABearing seat, output end
5P0100045AALower bearing glande, output end
64301312030Bolt M12X30
74313000012Spring washer M12
8P0200333AAFlange disc
94301308025Bolt M8X25
104313000008Spring washer M8
11P5400106AAInput and output end key
12P1100622AASpacer, output end
13P1000361AASeal shim
14P0200061AAUpper bearing press plate, output end
155300200116Oil seal PG120X150X14
16P3300001AABull gear
17P3300002AASmall gear
18P0200060AABearing seat, input end
194500100244Bearing 352220
204500100317Bearing NU220E
224301310020Bolt M10X20
234313000010Spring washer M10
26P1100071AALeft bearing gland
27P0100217AALeft bearing press plate, output end
284301306016Bolt M6X16
294313000006Spring washer M6
32P2400047AAOutput shaft
33P2400048AAInput shaft
34P0100175AAPress plate
35P1000360AAAdjusting shim
36P1000362AAAdjusting shim
37P1000363AAAdjusting shim
38P1000364AAAdjusting shim
39Z06110101001AAOil level stick
40Z03070100003AAAir exhausting plug
41QBJ120108Screw plug
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z06110000002AARotary table drive upper box
1Z06110100002AABox body
24301316035Bolt M16X35
34313000016Spring washer16
4P0200347AABearing seat
5P0200061AAPress plate, bearing
65300200116Oil seal PG120X150X4
7P0100175AAPress plate
84301308025Bolt M8X25
94313000008Spring washer 8
114301312030Bolt M12X30
124313000012Spring washer  12
134500100244Bearing 352220
14P3300001AABull gear
154500100317Bearing NU220E
16P0200362AALower oil seal seat
17P0200363AAGland, oil seal
18P1400046AALower spacer
19P2400049AAInput shaft, upper box
21P0200333AAFlange disc
234301806020Bolt M6X20
25P0100222AAGland, output shaft end
264301308020Bolt M8X20
27P0100223AAGland, bearing, output end
29P0100224AAUpper cover
31P1100690AAOutput shaft sleeve
32P2400314AAOutput shaft, upper box
33P0100226AAGland, bearing, output end
344301212025Bolt M12X25
35P1000360AAAdjusting shim
36P1000362AAAdjusting shim
37P1000363AAAdjusting shim
38P1000364AAAdjusting shim
39Z06110101001AAOil level stick
40Z03070100003AAAir exhausting plug
41QBJ120108Screw plug

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07260000042AASchematic diagram of hydraulic system
1Z07170000010AASteering power assiting oil tank
2Z07170000013AAHydraulic oil tank
35400100012Air filter
45400200034Bypass paper filter
54900300009Check valve
64900350043Overflow valve
74900550085Gear pump
84600300007Ball valve
95400200008Oil suction filter
103800200010Pressure gauge (NPT1/4)
113800200015Pressure gauge (NPT1/4)
124900450001Oil filling valve piece
134900450003Working valve piece
144900450002Working valve piece
154900450006Bridge valve piece
164000400005ST hydraulic winch
174900450055Working valve piece
184900450004Oil returning valve piece
19Z07150000016AAHydraulic cathead
20Z07120000001AARaisning cylinder
21Z07130000033AATelescoping cylinder
224900300006Check valve
234900300058Needle valve
243800200007Pressure gauge (NPT1/4)
25Z07320000005AALatch cylinder
26Z07140000002AAFront jack cylinder
27Z07140000009AAJack cylinder
284900450009Oil filling valve piece
294900450012Working valve piece
304900450011Working valve piece
314900450010Working valve piece
324900450013Oil returning valve piece
334900300007Check valve
344900350054Steering distribution valve
354600100021Ball valve
364900350078Steady overflow valve
374900300013Check valve
384900550078Oil pump
394900300008Check valve
404900300014NPT1-1/4 check valve
42Z07010000003AAOil pump lines
43Z07020000002AAJack lines
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
44Z07030000002AARaising lines
45Z07040000002AAHydraulic winch lines
46Z07050000002AACathead cylinder lines
47Z07060200001AATwo bank valve lines
48Z07060000012AASeven bank valve lines
49Z07080000003AASteering power assisting lines
50Z07060300002AAThree bank valve lines
51Z07320000004AALatch cylinder lines

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07150000016AACathead cylinder
1Z07150200003AAEnd cover
3P1200114AAScrew plug NPT1/4
4QBJ120108Plug NPT1
5P1100159AACushion ring
6P1101686AAGuiding ring
7P1101579AAAnti-wear ring
8P9860284AA0 ring cp101x5 .3
10P1101688AACushion sleeve
11P1600201AACylinder body
12P2300218AAPiston rod
13P0900147AACylinder head
14P6013900AAPress plate
15P2300219AATie rod
16P1300105AACoupling head
174317008020Set screw M8x20
185300300081Dust ring
194309300024Nut M24
204313100024Spring washer 24
215300300062Y type ring Yx-2-d60
2253001002560 ring cp106x5 .3
2353001001210 ring cp41.2 x3.55
244313800060Elastic retaining ring 60
254313800040Elastic retaining ring 40
264301312035Bolt M12x35
274313100012Spring washer 12
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07050000002AACathead cylinder lines
1P2100279AASteel pipe 25 L=4000
2P2100280AASteel pipe 25 L=4100
3P2100281AASteel pipe 25 L=4200
4P2100282AASteel pipe 25 L=4300
5P2100283AASteel pipe 25 L=4400
6P2100284AASteel pipe 25 L=4500
7P2100285AASteel pipe 25 L=4600
81101017022Hose assembly 25111-1200
91101017013Hose assembly 25111-650
101101017014Hose assembly 25111-700
11QBJ6013908M39X2-Z111    fitting
12QBJ5013908M39X2-Z111    fitting
13QBJ11040850Z111    pipe clamp
14QBJ6130808Z111   elbow
15QBJ11010850Z111X50 sub
16Z07040100008AASupport assembly
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07060200001 AATwo bank valve lines
51101001015Hose assembly 6 I-600
61101020083Hose assembly 32 II-2500
7QBJ10010803Z111X3/811     bushing
9QBJ6011202M12X1 .5-Z1/411    fitting
10P2000439AAM39X2-Z111    fitting
11QBJ6014210M42X2-Z1 1/411   fitting
12QBJ11010875Z111X75 sub
13QBJ6033908M39X2-Z111     Fitting
14QBJ50501214M12X1.5-M14X1 .5 gauge fitting
154317000208Sealing ring 8X11 .5
164300812110Bolt M12X110
174309300012Nut M12
184313100012Spring washer 12
194315003005Rivet for nameplate 3X5
204316704016Bolt M4X16
214309300004Nut M4
224313100004Spring washer 4
23QBJ10093308Bushing  1-5/1611-NPT111
245300300009Combined washer 33
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07060000012AASeven bank valve lines
3P6300170AANameplate(E valve)
4P6300169AANameplate(C valve)
5P6302570AANameplate(seven  bank valve)
7Z07060700005AAHandle assembly
81101002012Hose assembly 8 I-600
91101002016Hose assembly 8 I-800
101101009032Hose assembly 16 II-600
11QBJ10010302Z3/8″X1/4″ bushing
12QBJ6012704M27X2-Z112″ fitting
13QBJ10010804Z1″X112″ bushing
14QBJ6140808Z1″ elbow
15QBJ11010840Z1″X40 sub
16QBJ6013908M39X2-Z1″ fitting
17QBJ10130214M14X1 .5-Z1/4″ gauge bushing
18QBJ806030303Z3/8″ tee
19QBJ10010403Z1/2″X3/8″  bushing
20QBJ11010332Z3/8″X32 sub
21QBJ5011603M16X1 .5-Z3/8″ fitting
22QBJ10010603Z3/4″X3/8″ bushing
23QBJ6011603M16X1 .5-Z3/8″ fitting
24QBJ10010604Z3/4″X1/2″ bushing
25QBJ11010442Z1/2″X42 sub
26QBJ5012704M27X2-Z112″ fitting
27QBJ806040404Z1/2″ tee
284317000524Flat nut M24X1.5
294300810095Bolt M10X95
304309300010Nut M10
314313000010Washer 10
324315003005Rivet for nameplate 3X5
334301308016Bolt M8X16
344309300008Nut M8
354313000008Washer 8
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07030000002AARaising lines
2P6001719AAPlate 60X35
4P2100270AASteel pipe 20
51101009036Hose assembly 16 II-800
61101009055Hose assembly 16 II-5300
71101009057Hose assembly 16 II-5600
81101009043Hose assembly 16 II-1600
91101009038Hose assembly 16 II-900
101101009039Hose assembly 16 II-950
111101009046Hose assembly 16 II-2800
12QBJ6012704M27x2-1/2″ fitting
13QBJ10010403Z3/8″-1/2″ bushing
14QBJ10020604Z3/4″-Z112″ bushing
15QBJ806040404Z1/2″ tee
16QBJ5012704M27X2-Z112″ fitting
174700600241Hydraulic quick fitting B12.5
18QBJ11040438Z1/2″ pipe clamp
194301308016Bolt M8X16
204309300008Nut M8
214313100008Washer 8
224317000270Clamping piece 24
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07120000001AARaising cylinder
1Z07120400002AACylinder body
2Z07120300004AA1st stage plunger
3Z07120300005AA2nd stage plunger
4Z07120300006AA3rd stage piston
6P1100326AAPress ring
7P1100295AACopper sleeve
10P1100322AAPress ring
11P1100296AACopper sleeve
14P0100117AACylinder cover
15P2300019AARod head
16P1100297AARetaining ring
17P1100298AARetaining ring
18P1100657AASupporting ring
19P1100299AARetaining ring
20P1100300AADust ring
21P1100323AAV type ring
22P1100301AADust ring
23P1100327AAV type ring
24P1100302AAGuiding ring
25P1100303AAWear ring
26P1100304AAGuiding ring
27P1100305AAGuiding ring
29P6201007AASpring seat
30P1300192AACheck valve seat
31P1100293AACopper sleeve
32P1100331AAPress nut
33Z07120200001AAAir exhaust plug
34P1100332AADust ring
364101800008Grease nipple M10X1
374314510070Cotter pin 1OX70
384500200017Steel ball 19
39QBJ120102Z1/4 plug
40QBJ10010804Z1X1/2 bushing
41QBJ120104Z1/2 plug
424306808010Allen set screw M8X10
43QBJ120103Z3/8 plug

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07080000003AASteering power assisting lines
4P0200184AAFlange disc
5P1300173AA3/4 11 -16UNF-Z3/8 11 fitting
6P1300174AA7/8 11 -14UNF-Z1/2 11 fitting
7P1300175AA1.5/8 11 -12UNF-Z1 11 fitting
8P1700163AASealing washer
9P1700164AASealing washer
10P1700165AASealing washer
11P0200186AAFlange disc
12P2200292AAU type bolt
131101009033Hose assembly 161-650
141101009035Hose assembly 161-700
151101009036Hose assembly 161-800
161101009037Hose assembly 161-850
171101009038Hose assembly 161-900
181101009039Hose assembly 161-950
191101009040Hose assembly 161-1100
201101009041Hose assembly 161-1200
211101009042Hose assembly 161-1500
221101009043Hose assembly 161-1600
231101009044Hose assembly 161-2000
241101017031Hose assembly 25111-1900
251101017032Hose assembly 25111-2000
261101017037Hose assembly 25111-2500
27QBJ7012704M27x2-Z1/2 11 135%%d fitting
29QBJ11040438Z1/2″pipe clamp
31QBJ6012704M27x2-Z112″ fitting
34QBJ806080808Z1 11 tee
39QBJ10010804Z1″-Z1 /2″bushing
41QBJ10011208Z1 .1/2″-Z1″bushing
42QBJ6141212Z1 .1/2″elbow
43QBJ806121212Z1 .1/2″tee

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
44QBJ6013908M39x2-Z1 “fitting
45QBJ11011255Z1 .1/2″sub
465300300011Combined sealing ring 48
474301310020Bolt M10X20
484313100010Spring washer 10
4953001002030 ring 71X3.55
504309300008Nut M8
514313100008Spring washer 8
524317100008Flat washer 8
5353001000900 ring 30X3.55
544301312030Bolt M12X30
554313100012Spring washer 12
56P2200063AAHexagon socket cap screw
57P0200695AATransition flange, steering oil pump
58P1500019AAConnection gear sleeve, steering oil pump
60P2200285AAU type bolt
61P9961655AASteel pipe assembly 25 L=4000
62Z07200000040AASupport, steel pipe
63QBJ1120804Pipe clamp NPT1″-NPT1/2″
644700600535Bushing NPT1″-NPT1/2″

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07320000004AALatch pin cylinder lines
1P2200610AAU type bolt
2P9810492AAAngle steel
3P9971757AASteel pipe 20 L=13m
41101003021Hose assembly 101-1000
51101003020Hose assembly 101-900
61101003024Hose assembly 101-1200
71101003023Hose assembly 101-1300
81101006050Hose assembly 1311-1500
91101006051Hose assembly 1311-1700
10QBJ10010403NPT1/2″-NPT3/8″ bushing
11QBJ5011803M18X1.5-NPT3/8″ fitting
12QBJ806040404NPT1/2″ tee
13QBJ5220404NPT1/2″-N PT1/2″ fitting
14QBJ11040438NPT1/2″ pipe clamp
15QBJ5012204M22X1.5-NPT1/2″ fitting
164309300010Nut M10
174313000010Washer 10
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z07320000005AALatch pin cylinder
1Z07330201002AACylinder block
3P0000248AAEnd cover
4Z07290100002AAPad eye
6P1100761AACopper sleeve
7P1100660AASupporting ring
8QBJ120102Z1/4″ plug
953001001280 ring cp43. 7X3. 55
1053001001420 ring cp48. 7X3. 55
1153001000750 ring cp25X2 . 65
124309300020Nut M20
134313000008Spring washer 8
144101800008Allen bolt

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z08280000170AASchematic diagram of air system
15001550007Air compressor
25402650803Drier (24V)
35000100087Safety valve
44900300057Water draining valve
54900350126Pressure regulating valve
6Z08250000005AAAir reservoir
74600300001G1/2″ball valve
95402650041Water draining valve
115000100084Brake acceleration valve
124700650114Rotating fitting
1349003503042 position 3 way solenoid valve
15Z08240000001AAValve saver
1638019500042 position 3 way air controleld directional valve
174900350101Combination valve, sand drum
1849003500913 position 4 way directional valve
1938019500012 position 3 way directional valve
205100150196Throttle controller
214900350110Shuttle valve
225402600002Pressure relay
23Z08200000001AAAir cylinder
245400400005Atomized lubricator
254900350100Combination valve of main drum
2649003501072 position 3 way air controleld directional valve
274900350098Combination valve
284900350182Handwheel pressure regulating valve
2949003500923 position 4 way directional valve
304900350096Foot controlled throotle valve
313800200005Shock-resistant pressure gauge (NPT1/4)
3249003500892 position 3 way foot controlled valve
334900300031Air horn switch(button)
345000100031Air horn switch(pedal)
355000100034Double tone air horn
365400600002Air cylinder
375400600006Air cylinder
384900350104Pedal throttle valve
3949003500882 position 3 way manual directional valve

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
404900300052Emergency brake valve
414900300060Pressure reduction valve
424900300002One-way choke valve
43Z08030000002AADeck frame lines
44Z08040000002AAThrottle shutdown lines
45Z08050000002AAGear shifting lines
46Z08060000002AADrawworks lines
47Z08070000001AARotary table lines
48Z08090000001AAHydraulic pump lines
49Z08390000002AAAir compressor lines
50Z08010100002AARotary table valve modification

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z08270000019AAChassis air system diagram
13800200005Pressure gauge (NPT1/4)
249003000242 position 3 way button valve
35000100085Manual brake valve
45000100063Switch of brake light
549003000522 position 4 way valve
649003000512 position 3 way button valve
7Z08250000004AAAir reservoir
85000100084Brake acceleration valve
9Z08210000001AAAir cylinder
104900300030Emergency relay valve
114900300029Quick release valve
124900350155Safety valve
134900650003Shuttle valve
1449003503042 position 3 way solenoid valve
154900350154Pressure regulating valve
16Z03111700002AAPlug valve
174900300056Copper safety valve
184900350110Shuttle valve
195000100086Double chamber brake valve
205001900177Air pressure alarm switch
21P1301293AAFitting, airbag
22Z08110000002AACarrier brake lines
23Z08120000002AADifferential lock line
24Z08130000003AAAir suspension line
25Z08150000001AAAir controlled box, cab
26Z08170000002AAMast locking pin line
27Z08340000001 AAFront drive line
28Z08180000001AASpinner line
305000200003Front axle brake air chamber
315000200004Rear axle brake air chamber

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z08120000002AADifferential lock lines
1Z08330100004AAHose assembly L6
2Z08330100005AAHose assembly L6
3Z08330100006AAHose assembly L6
4Z08330100007AAHose assembly L6
5Z08330100008AAHose assembly L6
6P7100214AASupport L=30
7QBJ5331214M14X1.5-M12X1 .25 fitting
8QBJ806020202Z1/4″ tee
9P1300140AAM14X1.5-Z1/4″ fitting

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z08030000002AADeck frame air lines
1Z08330300037AAHose assembly 10
2Z08330100026AAHose assembly 6
3Z08330100027AAHose assembly 6
4Z08360400003AACopper pipe assembly 18
5Z08330400001 AAHose assembly 13
6Z08330300038AAHose assembly 10
7Z08330400002AAHose assembly 13
8Z08330400003AAHose assembly 13
9Z08330100028AAHose assembly 6
10Z08330400004AAHose assembly 13
12QBJ10082704M27X2-Z112″ bushing
13QBJ5162727M27X2-M27X2 fitting
14QBJ10010403Z1/2″X3/8″ bushing
15QBJ6051803M18X1.5-Z3/8″ fitting
16QBJ61404041/2″ elbow
17QBJ5072204M22X1.5-Z1/2″ fitting
18QBJ10020402Z1/2″X1/4″ bushing
19QBJ6051402M14X1.5-Z1/4″ fitting
20QBJ806040404Z1/2″ tee
21QBJ11010442Z1/2″X42 sub
22QBJ5071803M18X1.5-Z3/8″ fitting
23QBJ5071402M14X1.5-Z1/4″ fitting
24QBJ120102Z1/4″ plug
25Z07270000002AA14 way
26QBJ10010603Z3/4″X3/8″ bushing
27P6900009AAFoam strip
28Z08300000001AASteel belt assembly
29Z03110603003AASupport assembly
30QBJ5011201M12X1.5-Z1/8″ fitting
31QBJ11040130Z1/8″X20 pipe clamp
32QBJ5071401M14X1.5-Z1/8″ fitting
33QBJ5012704M27X2-Z112″ fitting
34QBJ11040438Z1/2″X38 pipe clamp
35Z08370000001 AADrier assembly
36Z08230000001 AADefroster
37Z08380000004AAFilter assembly
38P6015230AABottom plate
39P1301085AA3/8″ fitting

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z08150000001 AACab lines
1Z08330100099AAHose assembly 6
2Z08330100100AAHose assembly 6
3Z08330100101AAHose assembly 6
4Z08330100102AAHose assembly 6
5Z08330100103AAHose assembly 6
6Z08330100104AAHose assembly 6
7QBJ5181414M14X1.5-M14X1 .5 fitting
8P6300190AANameplate C inter-wheel lock )
9QBJ120101Z1/8″ plug
10QBJ6051401M14X1.5-Z1/8″ fitting
11P6300191AANameplate C inter-wheel lock )
12P6300192AANameplate C front axle drive )
134317000524Flat nut M24X1.5
14QBJ10050303ZG3/8″-Z3/8″ bushing
15QBJ10010302Z3/8″-Z114″ bushing
16QBJ5230202Z1/4″x114″ fitting
17QBJ806020202Z1/4″ tee
18QBJ120103Z3/8″ plug
19QBJ120102Z1/4″ plug
20QBJ6051402M14X1.5-Z1/4″ fitting
21QBJ5071803M18X1.5-Z3/8″ fitting
22Z07270000002AA14 way
23QBJ5071402M14X1.5-Z1/4″ fitting
24QBJ11040230Z1/4″X30 pipe clamp
25QBJ5071401M14X1.5-Z1/8″ fitting
26P6400208AAClamping piece
274316708016Bolt M8X16
284313100008Spring washer 8
294315003005Rivet 3X5
304316705012Bolt M5X12
314313100005Spring washer 5
32P6300193AANameplate C back lock )
33P6300194AANamepalte C front axle manual brake )
34P6300195AANameplate C lock air supply )
35QBJ5331014M14X1.5-M1OX1 .0
364323100007Seal shim 1OX13.5
37QBJ5201001M1OX1 .5-Z1/8″fitting
38QBJ806010101Tee Z1/8″
39QBJ5220101Double-end fitting body Z1/8″
40P6300189AANameplate C airbag air exhaust )
41QBJ10142202Bushing M22X1.5-NPT1/4

Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
ZOB 180000001AASpinner lines
2Z08330100025AAHose assembly 6
3Z08361100001 AACopper pipe assembly 10
4Z08361000001AACopper pipe assembly 48
55300300009Combined sealing washer 33
6P1300067AAM33X2-Rc1 1/2″ fitting
7QBJ5071403M14X1 .5-NPT3/8″ fitting
8P0900020AARc1″-R1 1/2″ bushing
9QBJ5201001M10X1-NPT1/8″ fitting
10P5000052AAU type bolt
114313100008Spring washer 8
124309300008Nut M8
1349003000332 position 3 way valve
14QBJ806030303NPT3/8″ tee
154900350110Shuttle valve
16QBJ5011803M18X1 .5-NPT3/8″ fitting
18QBJ5013908M39X2-NPT1 “fitting
19QBJ10063308M33X2-NPT1 “bushing
20QBJ10010301NPT1/8″-NPT3/8″  bushing
215300300001Sealing washer  10
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z08200000001 AACrown-o-matic air cylinder
1Z08200100001AAPiston assembly
24309300020Nut M20
3P0000082AACylinder cover
44101800004Grease nipple M6X1
54309300010Nut M10
64313000010Spring washer 10
7P2200232AAStud bolt
8P2100226AACylinder body
9P0000081AACylinder head
10P1700133AA0 sealing ring
11P1700132AA0 sealing ring
12P1000209AAPaper pad
13P1100233AAGuiding sleeve
144316406008Bolt M6X8
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z08240000001 AAValve saver
24312700012Nut M12
3P5100018AAOscillating arm
44307805006Bolt M5X6
6P1100059AAGuiding sleeve
74313700024Retaining ring 24
853001000300 sealing ring 11×1.9
9P2600011AAValve rod
1053001000650 sealing ring 22×2.4
11P6000366AASpacing plate
12P9000012AATapered spring ct8
14Z08240200001AAValve assembly
15P0900015AASeat ring
16P1100060AAValve sleeve
17P9000013AASpring ct1.6
1853001000710 sealing ring 24×2.4
19P1100061AAGuiding sleeve
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z16020000002AASelf-controlled  pulley assembly
1Z03060300001AAGuard assembly
34300308040Bolt M8X38
4P2600010AAOperation rod
6Z16020000001AACover plate
74300308015Bolt M8X15
8P1400037AAPipe sleeve
9P2100037AARound pipe
11P1400038AAShaft sleeve
124101800005Gease  d 2=M6X 1 taper thread
14P2100039AABottom pipe
15P2000179AACylindrical pin
164314503020Cotter pin 3.5X20
174313000008Spring washer 8
184309300008Nut M8
19Z04210100019AAEscaping line
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z16120000012AAHook assembly
1P0000018AARetaining plate
3P6000100AACover plate
4P1600001AAGland, spring
6P1100008AALocking ring
8105700015Steel wire cp2 .9×60
9P2200020AALocking bolt
10P4600002AAHook body
11P2401537AALocking pin
13P1401209AAShaft sleeve
14P9000232AALocking spring
154309300042Nut M42
16P6401446AALocking arm
174300816045Bolt M16X45
184313200016Flat washer 16
194300812030Bolt M12X30
204313200012Flat washer 12
214315310020Sunk screw M1OX20
224500300017Flat thrust roller bearing
23P0000007AAScrew plug
24P2200033AAPlug NPT1
25P2000008AALocking pin
26P2100008AASteering tension ring
28P0200015AASpring seat
29P9000003AASpring ct2.5
30P4600001AAIntermediate body
314300824100Bolt M24X100
324309300024Nut M24
334313100024Elastic washer 24
344313700080Spring retaining ring for hole
35P2401538AAPinshaft, locking arm
364101800008Oil cup M1OX1
37P2400010AACentral shaft
38P5100004AALocking arm, lifting ring
39P0100008AASpring seat
40P1400145AAIntermediate disc, spring
414303312120Bolt M12X120
424312600012Nut M12
434314525020Cotter pin cp2.5X20
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
444314505050Cotter pin ct5X50
45Z16120000016AAOil seal
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z16120000045AAYG250 traveling block and hook assembly
1Z16120100016AATraveling block assembly
2Z16120000012AAHook assembly
34315204008Rivet ct 4×8
4P6302885AAAPI nameplate of traveling block and hook C English system )
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z16120100016AATraveling block assembly
2Z16140300001 AAUpper cover
3Z16140400001 AARotary table body
4P3200008AABull gear Z81
54319120060Hex bolt M20X60
64313000020Spring washer 20
74500300019Bearing 5692/800
8Z16140100004AAExternal square bushing
9P1000229AAAdjusting shim
10P3200007AAPinion Z22
114300812030Bolt M12X30
124313000012Spring washer 12
13P1100422AAGland, bearing
1453001006120 ring 420X7
154500100338Aligned roller bearing 22330C
164500100339Cylindrical roller bearing NU2330
174300820065Bolt M20X65
184300816060Bolt M16X60
194313100016Spring washer 16
20P1400189AAEnd cover, small bearing
23P1400188AAShaft sleeve
245300200031Sealing ring B180X210X16
25P1000228AAAdjusting shim
26P1000227AAAdjusting shim
274300816040Bolt M16X40
29P2400181AAPinion shaft
31P1200248AAOil draining plug
32P1100421AABearing box
34Z16140800001 AAScrew plug
35Z16140900001 AAOil stick
36P1200249AAScrew plug
374500300016Bearing 591/800
38P0100143AARetaining plate
3953001007500 ring 800X8.6
40P1000230AAAdjusting shim
41P0100142AAEnd cover, lower bearing
4253001007800 ring 101OX8.6
43P1100423AASealing sleeve
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
444300712045Bolt M12X45
454313200024Flat washer 24
464319124080Allen bolt M24X80
Item NO.Drawing NO.Description
Z 16140000004AAZP275 rotary table assembly
2Z16140300001 AAUpper cover
3Z16140400001 AARotary table body
4P3200008AABull gear Z81
54319120060Hex bolt M20X60
64313000020Spring washer 20
74500300019Bearing 5692/800
8Z16140100004AAExternal square bushing
9P1000229AAAdjusting shim
10P3200007AAPinion Z22
114300812030Bolt M12X30
124313000012Spring washer 12
13P1100422AAGland, bearing
1453001006120 ring 420X7
154500100338Aligned roller bearing 22330C
164500100339Cylindrical roller bearing NU2330
174300820065Bolt M20X65
184300816060Bolt M16X60
194313100016Spring washer 16
20P1400189AAEnd cover, small bearing
23P1400188AAShaft sleeve
245300200031Sealing ring B180X210X16
25P1000228AAAdjusting shim
26P1000227AAAdjusting shim
274300816040Bolt M16X40
29P2400181AAPinion shaft
31P1200248AAOil draining plug
32P1100421AABearing box
34Z16140800001 AAScrew plug
35Z16140900001 AAOil stick
36P1200249AAScrew plug
374500300016Bearing 591/800
38P0100143AARetaining plate
3953001007500 ring 800X8.6
40P1000230AAAdjusting shim
41P0100142AAEnd cover, lower bearing
4253001007800 ring 101OX8.6
43P1100423AASealing sleeve

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