Technical Specification



Rupkalpa-2: Zakiganj#1 Exploratory Drilling Project, Sylhet.


S/NDescription of Equipment/SparesUnitRequired Quantity
01Stabilized Power Supply, Model: SITOP PSU200M 24V/5A, Input: 120/230V-500V, 50/60Hz, Output: 24VDC, 5A, Part No.: 6EP1 333-3BA10, Siemens, Romania/Equivalent.Each02
02SITOP Power Flexi Stabilized Power Supply, Model: SITOP FLEXI 120W, Part No.:  6EP1 353-2BA00, Siemens, Austria/Equivalent.Each01
03SIMATIC DP, Bus Module for ET200M, Part No.:  6ES7195-7HB00-0XA0, Siemens, Germany/Equivalent.Each01
04SIMATIC S7, PC Adapter USB F.

Connection of S7-200/300/ 400, Art. No.: 6GK1571-0BA00-0AA0, Siemens, Germany/Equivalent.

05Counter Module, Model: FM 350 COUNTER, Art. No.: 6ES7 350-1AH03-0AE0, Siemens, Germany/Equivalent.Each01
06SIMATIC S7 Y-Coupler, Art. No.: 6ES7 197-1LB00-0XA0, Siemens, Germany.Each02
07SIMATIC S7 200 PLC, Model: CPU 222 DC/DC/DC, Art No.: 6ES7 212-1AB23-0XB0, Siemens, Germany/Equivalent.Each01
08Digital IO Extension Module, Model: EM223 DC/DC, Art. No.: 6ES7 223-1BL22-0XA0, Siemens, Germany/Equivalent.Each01
09SIMATIC Touch Panel

Model: TP 1500 15″, Art. No.: 6AV2124-0QC02-0AX0, Siemens, Germany/Equivalent.

10Power Supply, Cat. No.: SDN 5-24-100P, Input: 115/230VAC, 2.2A/1.0A, 50/60Hz, Output: 24VDC, 5A, SolaHD, Emerson, USA/Equivalent.Each01
11Programming Device, Model: HMW-00001

Pen Model: EYU-00009, Dock Model: PD9-00003, Microsoft, USA/Equivalent.

12Variable Frequency Drive, Type: Power Flex 700, Cat No.: 20BC030A 3 AYNAEC0, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
13Variable Frequency Drive, Type: Power Flex 700, Cat No.: 20BC085A 3 ANNAEC0, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each02
14Power Supply, Cat. No.: SDN 10-24-100P, Input: 115/230VAC, 5/2 A, 50/60 Hz, Output: 24VDC, 10A, 240W, SolaHD, Emerson, USA/Equivalent.Each02
15Power Supply, Cat. No.: SDN 20-24-100C, Input: 115/230VAC, 6A, 50/60Hz, Output: 24VDC, 20A, 480W, SolaHD, Emerson, USA.Each02
16Hazardous Location Touch Safe Contact Block, Model: 52BJK, Siemens, Mexico/Equivalent.Each05
17Hazardous Location Touch Safe Contact Block, Model: 52BAK, Siemens, Mexico/Equivalent.Each05
18Hazardous Location Touch Safe Contact Block, Model: 52BAJ, Siemens, Mexico/Equivalent.Each05
19Heavy Duty Selector Switch, Model: 52SA2AAB, Siemens, Mexico/Equivalent.Each05
20LHFL Flood Light for Hazardous Locations, Cat. No.: LHFL-20-L-U-T-76, 120-277VAC, 74W, 50/60Hz, Rig-A-Lite, AZZ Inc., USA/Equivalent.Each05
21Accessories, Guard, Cat. No.: 86009, Visor, Cat. No.: 86036P, Safety Cable, Cat. No.: 10128R, Rig-A-Lite, AZZ Inc., USA/Equivalent.Each05
22Super G Integrated Vibratory Motor, Explosion proof Model No.: SGX-55-15-380/400-5-001, 380/400VAC, 2.5HP/1.8kW, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1500RPM, F.L. Current: 4A, Ambient Temp.:55°C, IP: 56, Insulation Class: F, Duty Service: Continuous, Derrick Corporation, USA/Equivalent.Each01
23Nanyang YB2 Flameproof Three Phase Induction Motor, Type: YB2-100L1-4, 2.2kW, 380VAC, 50Hz, 3Ph, 5.16A, 1420RPM, Degree of Protection: IP55, Insulation Class: F, Duty Cycle: S1, Standard No.: JB/T7565.1-2004, ATT Electric & Machinery Pte Ltd., Singapore/Equivalent.Each01
24Air Filter for YORK Single Package Air, Conditioner (Model: DC120C00A7AAA4B), Actual Size: 498mm´600mm´44mm,  American Air Filter Company, Inc., USA/Equivalent.Each24
25Oil & Heat Resists V-Belt, Model: 6A129

Type: Cogged V-Belt, Size: A54, Industry Number: BX56, Dayton/Grainger, USA/EU//Equivalent.

26Control Contactor, Model: HCC-3XQ02CJ271, Part No.: 365030, Coil Voltage: 24VDC, 30 FLA, 600V MAX, Hartland Controls LLC, USA/Equivalent.Each04
27Thermal Relay, Model: HCC-2XQ00BB271C, Part No.: 6809, Hartland Controls LLC, USA/Equivalent.Each04
28Thermal Relay, Model: HCC-1XQ02GB271C, Part No.: 365032, Hartland Controls LLC, USA/Equivalent.Each04
29BOARD CNTRL KIT, SIMPLICITY, 1A, 2 STAGE C/H, Cat. No.: S1-33103005000, York, USA/Equivalent.Each04
30CSC Capacitor, 10.0µF ±6%, 370VAC/B, 50/60Hz,

Cat No.: 325P106H37A25A4XYK, Assembled in Mexico, York, USA/Equivalent.

31Transformer, Part No.: 4001-51J15AE15, PRI-380/415VAC, SEC-24VAC, 75VA, 50/60 Hz, Tyco Electronics, Mexico/Equivalent.Each02
32Blower Motor, Model: 5K49WN4271BX, 3HP, 60Hz, 3Ph, 1725RPM, 208-230/460VAC, 9.5-9.2/4.6A, Insulation Class: B, Alternating Rating: 190/380-415V, 50Hz, 2HP, Marathon ELECTRIC, USA/Equivalent.Each01
33Transformer, 1Ph, 350VA, 240/210V, Cat. No.: PH350MQMJ, HPS, USA/Equivalent.Each02
34Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker, Model: EZD100E3050N, 50A, 3P, 380/415VAC, 50Hz, Schneider Electric, China/Equivalent.Each05
35Magnetic Contractor, Model: LC1D50…C, Schneider Electric, China/Equivalent.Each05
36Thermal Overload Relay, Model: LRD3355C, Telemecanique, Schneider Electric, China/Equivalent.Each05
37Universal Switch, Model: LW5D-16 B0012/1, Power: 500V, 16A, Wenzhou Yangtze Electrical Switch Factory, China/Equivalent.Each05
38Molded Case Circuit Breaker, 250A, 3Poles, 600VAC. 250 VDC, Cat. No.: HMCPJ250W5L, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Each05
39FRIEDRICH Air Conditioner Blower Motor, Model: YSK400-6, 230/208V 60Hz, ½ HP, 2.30A, 1100RPM, FRIEDRICH Part No.: 61871466, Welling, USA/Equivalent.Each02
40Blower Wheel, Part No: 60610619, FRIEDRICH Air Conditioning Co., USA/Equivalent.Each24
41FRIEDRICH Relay Board, Model: DA20110005 VC, Dimension: 69.85×169.6×1.6mm, FRIEDRICH Air Conditioning Co., USA/Equivalent.Each08
42FRIEDRICH Main Board, Model: DA20110005 V1

Dimension: 70.0×159.1×1.6mm, FRIEDRICH Air Conditioning Co., USA/Equivalent.

43CSC Capacitor, 40+20.0µF -6%+10% 440VAC/B, 50/60Hz, Cat. No.: 328P4020E44P37A5RI, Assembled in Mexico, FRIEDRICH Air Conditioning Co., USA/Equivalent.Each06
44FRIEDRICH Air Conditioner Compressor, Model No.: H82B363ABCC, Part No.: 760172-1000-00

230/208V 60Hz PH1, Bristol Compressor International, LLC, USA/Equivalent.

45Powertite Plug, Cat No.: ACP1534CD, 150A, 3W, 4P, 600VAC, 50Hz, Grounding Style: Style-2, Appleton, USA/Equivalent.Each04
46Male Pin Contacts for MOD II Inserts, Part No.: ZP-4012-36L, Amphenol Industrial, AUS/Equivalent.Each100
47Female Pin Contacts for MOD II Inserts, Part No.: ZP-4112-36L, Amphenol Industrial, AUS/Equivalent.Each100
48Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester Kit, Model: Fluke 1625-2 Kit, Fluke Corporation, USA/Romania/Equivalent.Each01
49Limitron Time Delay Fuse, Cat. No.: FNQ-R-3, Cooper Bussmann, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Carton02
50Time Delay Fuse, Cat. No.: GDC-2.5A, Cooper Bussmann, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Carton02
51Fast-acting glass tube fuse, Cat. No.: GMA-5-R, Cooper Bussmann, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Carton05
52Fast-acting glass tube fuse, Cat. No.: GMA-1-R, Cooper Bussmann, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Carton02
53CC-Tron Time Delay Fuse, Cat. No.: FNQ-R-10, Cooper Bussmann, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Carton02
54Fast-acting glass tube fuse, Cat. No.: GMA-10-R, Cooper Bussmann, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Carton02
55Magnetic Contactor, Type: DILM150 (RAC120), Art. No.: 239587, Cat. No.: XTCE150G01A, Coil Voltage: 100-120V, 50Hz, Operational Rating: 400VAC, 75kW, 150A, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Each02
56Over Load Relay, Cat. No.: XTOB150GC1, Art. No.: 278442, Operational Rating: 400VAC, 75kW, 150A, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Each02
57Studio 5000 Logix Designer Software

Professional Edition, Cat. No.: 9324RLD700NX-ENM (English), Rockwell Automation, USA/Equivalent.

58Blower Fan, Part No.: D2E146-AP47-C3,

230V, 50/60Hz, 1.31/1.45A, 300/330W, Ebm-Papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany/Equivalent.

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