Technical Specification



Sylhet#9 Drilling Project, SGFL, Sylhet.


S/NDescription of Equipment/SparesUnitReq. Qty.
01Memory Card, Art. No.: 6ES7 952-1KK00-0AA0, Siemens, Germany.Each02
02Power Supply, Art. No.: 6ES7 407-0KA02-0AA0, Siemens, Germany.Each01
03Digital Input Module, Art. No.: 6ES7 321-1BL00-0AA0, Siemens, Germany.Each02
04Digital Output Module, Art. No.: 6ES7 322-1BL00-0AA0, Siemens, Germany.Each02
05Front Connector, Art. No.: 6ES7 392-1BJ00-0AA0, Siemens, Germany.Each05
06Front Connector, Art. No.: 6ES 7392-1BM01-0AA0, Siemens, Poland.Each05
07PROFIBUS Connector, Part No.: 700-972-7BA50, Helmholz, USA/Equivalent.Each05
08PROFIBUS Connector, Part No.: 700-972-7BB50, Helmholz, USA/Equivalent.Each05
09SIMATIC PG, USB Prommer 115/220V, Art No.: 6ES7 792-0AA00-0XA0, Siemens, Germany.Each01
10Analog Output Module, Art. No.: 6ES7 332-5HF00-0AB0, Siemens, Germany.Each01
11SIMATIC S7-200, USB/PPI Cable, Art. No.: 6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0, Siemens, China.Each02
12Interface Module, Art. No.: 6ES7 153-2BA10-0XB0, Siemens, Germany.Each02
13Safety Relay Extension module, Model: PSR-SCP- 24UC/URM/5X1/2X2, Part No.: 2963747, Phoenix Contact Ltd., USA/Equivalent.Each01
14CompactLogix Programmable Logic Controller, Cat. No.: 1769-L32E, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
15Relay, Type: DRM270024LT, Part No.: 7760056069, Weidmuller, Germany/Equivalent.Each10
16Relay, Type: DRM570024LT, Part No.: 7760056097, Weidmuller, Germany/Equivalent.Each20
17Relay, Type: DRM570730LT, Part No.: 7760056104, Weidmuller, Germany/Equivalent.Each10
18Power Supply, Model: DR-75-24, Input: 100-240VAC, 2.0A, 50/60Hz, Output: 24VDC, 3.2A, Meanwell, China.Each02
19Power Supply, Model: DRP-240-24, Input: 100-240VAC, 3.6A, 50/60Hz, Output: 24VDC, 10A, Meanwell, China.Each02
20Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker, Model: EZD100E3050N, 50A, 3P, 380/415VAC, 50Hz, Schneider Electric, China.Each05
21Thermal Overload Relay, Model: LRD3355C, Telemecanique, Schneider Electric, China.Each01
22Fluke 721 Precision Dual Range Pressure Calibrator with RTD Probe, Model: Fluke 721-1603, Calibrator Description: 16PSI, 300PSI, RTD Probe Description: Fluke 720RTD Pt100 Probe, Fluke Corporation, USA/Equivalent.Each01
23Complete MAR2 Light Set, Cat. No.: MAR2-07-L2-4-U, 120-277VAC, 74W, 50/60Hz, Rig-A-Lite, AZZ Inc., USA.Each10
24Offset Mounting Kit, Cat. No.: 53032, Rig-A-Lite, AZZ Inc., USA.Set10
25Load Share & Synchronizing Module, Model: SPM-D2-1115B/LSXR, Part No.: 8440-2165, Woodward, Europe/USA/ Equivalent.Each04
26Sensor, Model: WB1850B35_0.5, In: 3NAC, 100VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz, Out: ERPQCF3U3I(ALL), PWR: 24VDC, Mianyang Weibo Electronic Co. Ltd., China.Each04
27Voltage Monitoring Sensor, Model: WBK1V1DUO1-I, Input: 210VAC (300VAC), Output: RD, Power: 24VDC, Mianyang Weibo Electronic Co. Ltd., China.Each04
28Adjustable Time Delay Relay, Part No.: 33682, MNR- 200/250VAC, Schneider Electric.Each02
29Current to PWM Converter, Part No.: 175-4998, Input: 0-20mA, Output: 5-90% (Active High), Output Frequency: 485Hz, Nominal

Power Supply: 15-45VDC, Caterpillar, USA/ Equivalent.

3012 Pc. Open End Ratcheting Wrench Set Metric, Fastener Size: 8mm to 19mm, Cat. No.: 85597, Gear Wrench, Apex Tool Group, USA/Equivalent.Each02
31Limit Switch for use in hazardous locations

Cat No: SA111 [1E-S5-K2], Maximum Pressure 1200PSI, 15A, 250VAC, Dwyer Instruments Inc., USA.

32Square D AC Manual Motor Starter, Part No.: 2510-MCO3, NEMA SIZE: M-1, 380VAC, 10HP, Square D, Schneider Electric, USA/Mexico.Each06
33Thermal Unit for 2510-MCO3 Square D AC Manual Motor Starter, Type: B, Thermal Unit No.: B7.70, Square D, Schneider Electric, USA/Mexico.Each20
34Phase Rotation Indicator, Model: Fluke 9040, Fluke, USA/Equivalent.Each01
35True RMS Clamp Meter, Model: Fluke 325, Fluke, USA/Equivalent.Each02
36Solenoid Coil, Model: MSFG-24/42-50/60-OD, Coil Voltage: 24VDC, Part No.: 34411, FESTO, USA/Equivalent.Each05
37Ex-Proof Pressure Switch, Model: PCA2GA, 15A, 250VAC, 250Bar, Ettore Cella Spa, Italy/Equivalent.Each01
38Volt/mA Loop Calibrator, Model: Fluke 715, Current Measure/Source: 0-200mADC, Voltage Measure/Source: 0-20VDC, Loop Power: 24VDC, Fluke Inc., USA/Equivalent.Each01
39Cordless Drill/Driver, Model: GSR 12V-15 Professional, Part No.: 0601868178, Battery Model: GBA 12V 2AH, Charger Model: GAL 1230 CV, Bosch, UK/Equivalent.Each02
40Screwdriver Bit Set, 43 Pieces, Part No.: 2 607 017 164, Bosch, UK/Equivalent.Each02
41Control Stations, Cat. No.: 800H-2HA7P, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each05
42High Pressure Washer, Model: GHP 5-55 Professional, Part number: 0600910470, Power: 220-240VAC, 50Hz, 2.2kW, Bosch, UK/Equivalent.Each01
43Heat Gun, Model: GHG 23-66 Professional, Part No.: 06012A6370, Supply Power: 220-240VAC, 50Hz, Bosch, UK/Equivalent.Each02
44Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Model: GAS 12V Professional, Part No.: 06019E3000, Supply Power: 220-240VAC, 50Hz, Bosch, UK/Equivalent.Each02
45Automatic Capacitor Former, Model: M3628ACF-Y01-240, Supply: 220-240VAC, Bonitron, USA/Equivalent.Each01
46Crimp Tool Kit, Cat. No.: 1585A-JCRIMP, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
47RJ45 Connector, Cat. No.: 1585J-M8CC-C, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each10
48Power System, Cat No.: 1734-EP24DC, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each02
49Power Supply, Model: QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/10, Cat. No.: 2866763, Phoenix Contact Ltd., USA/Equivalent.Each01
50Flex Terminal Base, Cat. No.: 1794-TB3S, Series-A, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each12
51Manual Motor Starter, Cat. No.: 104M-D8N-B40, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
52Manual Motor Starter, Cat. No.: 104M-F8N-C25, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
53Magnetic Contactor, Cat. No.: 100-C30D*10, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each03
54Magnetic Contactor, Cat. No.: CA7-37E-00-24E, Sprecher+Schun, Switzerland/Equivalent.Each01
55E3 Plus Electronic Overload Relay, Cat. No.: 193-EC2AD, Series-C, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
56E3 Plus Electronic Overload Relay, Cat. No.: 193-EC2DD, Series-C, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
57Programming Cable, Cat. No.: 1747-UIC, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
58Programming Cable, Cat. No.: 1756-CP3, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
59Programming Cable, Cat. No.: 9300-USBS, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
60Programming Cable, Cat No.: 2711-NC13, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
61Programming Cat No.: 22-SCM-232, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
62Programming Cable, Cat. No.: 6189V-USBCBL2, Allen Bradley, USA/Equivalent.Each01
63Industrial Circuit Breaker, Cat.: HFD3100LU16, Style: HFD3100LU16, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Each01
64Current Limiting Circuit Breaker, Cat.: FDC3030L, Style: 6609C48G87, Eaton, USA/Equivalent.Each01
65Interface Module, Cat No.: IM36-11Ex-I/24VDC, Turck, Inc., USA/Equivalent.Each01
66Solenoid Driver, Cat No.: MACX MCR-Ex-SL-SD-21-60-LP, Phoenix Contact Ltd., USA/Equivalent.Each01
67Output Signal Conditioner, Cat No.: MACX MCR-Ex-SL-IDSI-I, Phoenix Contact Ltd., USA/Equivalent.Each02
68Isolating Amplifier, Cat No.: MACX MCR-Ex-SL-2NAM-RO, Phoenix Contact Ltd., USA/Equivalent.Each02


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