Technical Specification and quotation for  ZJ20CZ Workover Drilling Rig
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 Main Summary
Main technical parameter
Drilling depth2000(4-1/2″DP)
Nominal workover service depth8500m (2-7/8’’ turbing)  5500m (3-1/2″ DP)
Max. hook load1580KN
Mast height35m
Substructure height5m
String lines4×5
Wirelines diameterФ29mm
Drawworks HP rating450KW
Rotary table openingФ444.5mm (17.5’’)
Mud tankQty.: 4,160m3
Mud pump2×800hp
working temperture-20℃~+40℃
section A: Rig Main unitset11,010,000
A1 MastDesign and manufacture follow the standard of API 4F.set1
Max. static load158t
Working height35m
Height of racking platform17m,21m,22m
Slant angle3.5°
Max. wind capacity110km/h (10 grades)
A2 SubstructureDesign and manufacture follow the standard of API 4F.set1
It adopts strengthen telescopic structure and fits for the drilling works. There are wide walkway, guardrail, ladder, escape slide, two mouse holes, tongs end chain picket. The timber sleeper of setback has done the anti-corrosion treatment.
Square (L×W)6m×7m
Structure type8 Eight poles, telescoping
Clear height( From the bottom of rotary beam to ground)3.7m
Max.net load of rotary beam1600kN
Max. pipe setback capacity2000m(4-1/2″DP)or 1400m(5″DP)
Max. compound date of the static load of rotary beam and rated standpipe load2500kN
A3 Drawworks
A3.1 Main drumDrum body length912mm set1
Drum body Dia.450mm(  1-1/8” Lebus groove)
Brake rim Dia.1070mm
Brake rim width310mm
Wire rope29mm
Max. fast pull210kN
Drum capacity (full 4-lays)270m
Max. speed of fast line1.5m/s
TypeAxial thrust disc
Delivery torque55kN.m
Enveloping angle of brake band345°
Max. fast pull110kN
A3.2Sand drumDrum body length910mm set1
Drum body Dia.360mm
Brake rim Dia.970mm
Brake rim width210mm
Clutch modelATD124H  Thrust disc clutch
Drum capacity2500m(Φ15mm)
Sand line
ypeΦ9/16″ 6×7PF +RL+FC IPS
A3.3Assist brakeModelWCB224 set1
Max. slide rotational speed715r/min
Max. rotational speed, free wheel1200 r/min
Brake torque22.58kN.m(0.55MPa)
Heat power407.2kW
Displacement, cooling water204.4L/min
A4Gear boxModelJX130 set1
Max. input torque13000  N.m
Max. input rotational speed2500rpm
Speed ratio1.667
A5Traveling hookModelYG-160B set1
API SPEC 8A standard.
Max. load1580kN
OD of pulley760 mm
Pulley Qty.4
Rotational angle of hook360°
Line Dia.29 mm
A6SwivelModelSL135 set1
API SPEC 8A standard.
Max. load1350 kN
Working pressure35MPa
A7Rotary tableModelZP-175 set1
API SPEC 7K standard.
Max. open sizeΦ444.5mm (17.5″)
Max. rotational speed300rpm
Gear transmission ratio3.68
A8Hydraulic tuggerModelYC-5;YC-3 set1
Max. pull50kN;30kN
A9Hydraulic systemFeatures: the hydraulic system consists of pump hydraulic cylinder control valve. Its perform unit concludes 2 telescopic cylinder for mast, 2 raise cylinder for mast, 4 leg cylinder, 2 break out cylinder, hydraulic winch and so on. set1
Hydraulic oil pump P25
Max. displacement, oil pump165ml/r
Working pressure of system 14MPa
Model, hydraulic oil
WinterL-HM32/Antiwear hydraulic oil
SummerL-HM22/Anti-wear hydraulic oil
A10Electrical system It consists of low & high voltage control system. set1
The low voltage control system is supply power by generator driven by diesel engine, the working voltage is 24V, it is mainly used to indictor light of control system and diesel engine start.
The high voltage control system control light and power system of water recycling cooling pipeline by explosion-proof control box.
A11Air control systemThe air system concludes air compressor, pressure adjustment valve, dryer, air heater, controlling valve, air storage tank, and driller controlling box. And includes chassis brake air system with imported dryer and pre heater. set1
Rated work pressure0.8MPa
Volume of air storage200 L
A12Operating and control systemThe system consists of hydraulic system, air system , electrical system, operating valve and instruments. set1
A13Hydraulic catheadStroke1500mm set1
Max. pull110kN
Working pressure14MPa
A14 CarrierModelZYT5600TZJD set1
The carrier frame adopts 16Mn wide I-steel to be welded, so it is specially intensifying beam.
Wide wheel base and heavy load axle is used.  Drive form of carrier is 12×8(front 3 and rear 3), the first, second and the third axle is steering axle, and the first, second, forth, fifth axle is driving axle.
The sixth axle is floating axle, With wheel and axle lock. The first 3 axle use steel spring suspending, and the forth and fifth axle is steel beam balance suspending. The sixth axle is air suspending. It used hydraulic steering, double route control brake. Single seat cab, with warm wind and defrost device. All control device on carrier is installed in the cab.
Driving type12×8
Min. turning Dia.34m
Min. ground clearance (full load)281mm
Max. speed45km/h
Max. weight60t
A15EngineDiesel engine modelC 18 set1
Rated power630bhp/1800~2100rpm
Cooling typeWater cooling
A16TransmissionModelAllison S6610HR set1
Max. input power634kW
Max. input torque3118N.m
Max. input rotational speed2500r/min
Transmission ratio0.67/ 1/ 1.35/2.01/2.68/4/R5.12
Gear Qty.7
section B:Mud Pump Unitization and High pressure manifold set1460,000
B1Mud pump packageModelF-800 set2
Rated power800hp
SPM140 Spm
12 hours power600kW
Continue power540kW
B3Ground mud manifoldDia.Φ75mm(3″) set1
Working pressure35MPa
B4StandpipeDia.Φ75mm(3″) set1
Working pressure35MPa
B5Swivel hoseLength18m set1
Working pressure35MPa
section C:Solid control system set1380,000
General descriptionFour mud tanks, 5 stages mud purification equipment (shake shale, degasser, desander, desilter, centrifuge); all tank on skid; tank body is 6mm thickness premium materials ,the cutting of steel plate adopt special cutter. Mud gun, fresh water and cable along tank wall, the connection of each tank is hammer union, all the motor are explosive proof AC motor. set1
Solid control can content the require of drilling, mud pump, charge pump, shear pump can suction from each tank and the mud made by mixer or shear pump can inject each tank. each tank mount sand gate to clean the tank bottom.
The method of tank body welding is carbon dioxide protection weldment . when weld finished ,the inner and outside of tank will be check to insure the quality.
Total volume160 m3
Tank Qty.4
Tank size10000×2800×2400mm
Total power435kW
Mud exchange per hour250m3
Using temp. of system-20℃~+40℃
C1Shale shaker tankThree chamber, metering chamber , sand chamber and degas chamber, there are fresh water pipe and sand vent. set1
Dual shake shale and vacuum degaser.
Exit of wellhead manifolds , there are handrail, walkway on the tank, the tank is sealed with steel graticule plate.
Metering chamber capacity5m3
The degas chamber is equipped with 1 set 7.5kW mixer and 1 set mud gun.
Liquid measuring gauge is installed in the wall of metering chamber.
C2Desander tankThe tank is separated to two cambers and installed with one desander and one desilter. set1
There are two sand pumps, they supply liquid to desander and desilter separately.
Both chambers are installed with one 7.5kW mixer, mud gun, sand vent and fresh water pipeline.
C3Suction tankThe tank is separated to two chambers, one is suction chamber, the other is mixing chamber. set1
There are suction vent in the inside wall of suction chamber.
The suction chamber is installed with 7.5kW mixer, mud gun, sand vent and fresh water pipeline.
The mixing chamber is installed with 7.5kW mixer, mud gun, sand vent and fresh water pipeline.
There is one mixing pump and one hopper at the left of the tank.
C4Reserve tankMount 7.5kw mixer, mud gun, sand vent and fresh water pipeline.
section D: Solid Control equipment set1
D1Shake shaleShake typeLinear shake shale set1
Screen size60-120
D2Vacuum degasserModelZCQ/4 set1
Handling capacity240m3/h
Vacuum pump power3kW
Power of main electrical motor15kW
D3DesanderModelZQJ300X2 set1
Handling capacity150m3/h
Screen size150~200mu
Power of electrical motor1.5kW
D4DesilterModelZQJ100X10 set1
Handling capacity120m3/h
creen size150~200 mu
Power of electrical motor1.5kW
D5Sand pumpModelSB150-D set2
Rotational speed1450rpm
Handle capacity260m3/h
Lift35 m
Power of electrical motor55kw
D6Shear pumpModelJQB 125-D set1
Rotational speed2200rpm
 Lift47.5 m
Power of electrical motor55kW
D7Jet hopperModelSGQ2002
D8CentrifugeModelLW500×1000N set1
Rational speed1800rpm
Handling capacity50~60m3/h
Power of main motor30kw
Power of auxiliary motor7.5kw
D9 Agitator ModelNJ11 set2
D10 AgitatorModelNJ7.5 set7
D11 Mud gunModelNJQ-50 set8
section E: Air Source Purification system set142,000
General descriptionAll the equipment install in one air resource house, include air compressor(2 sets), dryer, air pipe and control valves. set1
E1Air compressorModelSA-22A set2
Discharge pressure1.05MPa
Cooling typeWind cooling
Matched electrical motor22kW(50Hz)
E2DryerModelWHA-05F set1
section F: Generator sets and site power supply system set1274,000
F1EngineModelTAD1641GE set1
ManufacturerVOLVO PENTA
Power(with fan)430kW
Rotational speed1500rpm
Start battery voltage24V
F2AlternatorModelSTAMFORD  HCI 544D1 set1
Power factor0.8( Lagging)
Insulation class:H
F3 Site power supply systemRated voltage380V/220V(3-phase, 4-wire) set1
Suitable explosion-proofdⅡBT4
Suitable temp-20℃~+40℃
Sea level elevation: ≤2000m,Suitable for bad condition.
Meet the requirements of drill technology asked by user,suitable for field operation and so on.
F4OtherIncluding 1 set comparral system and container. set1
section G: Auxiliary tools set182,000
G1Hydraulic tongModelZQ203-100 set1
For OD Range3 1/2″ – 8  in
Primary UseDP and DC
Size Of Jaws Available3 ½” DP,4 ¾ ” DC,4 1/2” DP,
6 ½” DC,8” DC
Hydraulic power station
G2Elevator LinkModelDH150 set1
G3Casing tongsFor OD Range5″ – 13⅝ set1
With Inserts For Casing Size4-1/2~ 13-3/8 in
G4B type  Manual tongsModelQ86-324×75 set1
G5ElevatorsModelCD set2
Size4-1/2-20 in(For casing)
2-3/8~5-1/2( For drilling pipe)
  G6SlipModelSD set2
For OD Size2-3/8~ 5-1/2 in
G7safety clampModelWA-C set2
For OD Size3-1/2~22 in
sectionH: Well Control System set1240,000
H1Annulus  BOPModelFH35-35 ea1
Work pressure35MPa
H2Ram BOPModel2FZ35-35 ea1
Work pressure35MPa
H3BOP controlling systemHydraulic energy-storage system ea1
Work pressure3000psi
Driller’s console
Work pressure3000psi
H4Kill and choke manifoldChoke manifold ea1
spec.4″ x 21MPa
Flange connect
Kill manifold
spec.4″ x 21MPai
H5Drill spoolModelFS35-35 ea1
Flange model4 1/16×35
H6DSA 13.5 / 8 “x 5.000 psi – 11” x 5.000 psi ; ea1
 13.5 / 8 “x 5.000 psi – 11” x 3.000 psi ea1
section I:  Drilling tools set1252,000
I1 Kelly (Square) 4-1/4″ set1
I2HWDP,4-1/2 joint30
I3DC,6-1/4 joint15
I4DC,7-1/4 joint6
I5DC 9-1/2 joint2
I6Spiral  Drill collar8 1/4 ” x 12′ x 6 5/8 ” REG joint2
I7Stabilizers  “near bit” type and column in quantities sufficient to pierce the layers 17 ½ ” 12 ¼” 8 ¾ “, 8 ½” and 6-1/8 “; set1
I812-1/4″ sub baskets ea2
8-1/:2 sub baskets ea2
section J:Drilling Instrumentation system set16,600
Weight indicated, drilling pressure, torque of rotary table and lifting tongs, pressure of standpipe, circumfluence of mud, stoke of pump, rotational speed of rotary table, depth of drilling and other parameters.
Section KAuxiliary Winch3400
Auxiliary winch with minimal work capacity up to 2,000 m, equipped with cable diameter 9/16 “or ½”。CJ2000 set1
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