SCR Operational Spares

S.noDescriptionCat. Nr.RemarksQty.Unit PriceNew / RefurbishedEX-WorksOriginWarranty termsLead Time
1Regulator card (NOWA)DS3800NOWAWith Daughter cards6      
2Firing circuit card (NFCB)DS3800NFCBWith Daughter cards6      
3High Voltage card (NHVB)DS3800NHVBWith Daughter cards6      
4P105 Power Supply206B5647G1 2      
5SCR Power SupplyDS3820PS1B1E1F 1      
6SCR stackDS3820WDSA21Awith Over Temperature switch9      
7field controler SCR  stackDS3820WDSA11A 2      
8SCR fusesA070UD33LF700Ferraz Shawnut/Eaton (700Amps)24      
9Snubber Capacitor 0.25 µFA28F5602SGE – Make12      
10Snubber resistors(DALE CW-10-HE, 100OHMS 5%)100 Ohm, 13 W24      
11Foot throttle assembly41C655085P1GE – Make1      
12SCR CT -current transformer 10000:1Amps – 50*75 mm Inner space3      
13Current Isolator cardDS3820CI2AE21CGE – Make2      
14Firing and filter cardPWB68A993124For IC3605E080NP090FGAN exc.
GE – Make
15P.S. cardIC3600TPSA1For IC3605E080NP090FGAN exc.1      
16Firing circuit boardIC3600TFCU/VFor IC3605E080NP090FGAN exc.1      
17Field supply bridgeIC3603A229ADiode bridge, 125 VDC, 60 A1      
18MP field moduleIC3600TPSA1G1B/68A989949 1      
19Control relayIC3600KMRC6metal can GE – Make1      
20Control relayIC3600KMRB6metal can GE – Make1      
21Control relayIC3600KMRA6metal can GE – Make1      
22Control relayIC3600KMRB9metal can GE – Make1      
23Control relayIC3600KMRC6Dmetal can GE – Make1      
24Control relayCD-125VDC-C3plastic, with indicator lite1      
25Operational amplifierIC3600OAAL 1      
26Ribbon PCBDS3800XJKA1B1B 1      
27Ribbon PCBDS3800XJK1C1C 1      
28Power limit PCBIC3600SCBN1B 1      
29Relay cardIC3600KRSD1 1      
30Armature contactorHubble1000 V, 1250 A3      
31KW-Transducer50-472315MNDD2 1      
32KVAR-Transducer50-472415MNDD3 1      
33Amp-Transducer50-472201TFDC 1      
34Reverse Power Relay(90-56-300102) ES32Basler1      
35Under Frequency mod.91-05-100105Basler1      
36Voltage regulatorSR4A-2B01A1ABasler1      
37Diesel speed regulator9987-018Woodward 2301A1      
38Resistor 10 Ω/ 225 W (Ohmite Make)2      
39Resistor 0.27 Ohms, 10Watt4      
40Resistor 100 Ohm, 3Watt4      
41Voltage Tirm pot 25 Ohms 3Watt, 10 Turn or 1 turn5      
42Frequency Trim Pot 25 Ohms 2.5Watt, 10 Turn or 1 turn5      
43Veri sync RelayModel PRS 250/PT-9088800102Basler Make1      
S.noDescriptionCat. Nr.RemarksQty      
1Main SCR CBNW20H2 3P,2000 A1      
2SCR Voltmeter50-167A8439P4581000 V, FS 10 V, type DB-401      
3SCR Ammeter50-167A8439P4572000 A, FS 10 V, type DB-401      
4SCR blower CBPB type + aux. contactfor 3.3 A, 3 HP, 575 V motor1      
5Transformer 1 KVA 600/110218A4483P119Mod. 9T56Y28321      
6600 V control fuses – for Blower218A4620P20Class J fuse, 20 A6      
7Control relayCR120K60041AA125 VDC2      
8FuseA25Z100Shawnut Gould3      
9Field contactorIC28001622CM503H 2      
10Field loss relayIC2820A100AB54E 1      
11Field X-former fuseTRS40AGould Shawmut Tri-onic2      
12Voltmeter50-103021PZSMGE – Make1      
13Ammeter218A4742D82AG1L62L00GE – Make1      
14KVAR meter218A4742A81BE1162L00GE – Make1      
15KW meter218A4742A81BF1162L00GE – Make1      
16Generator CBNW 16 H1 3P1600Amps ACB1      
17Frequency meter50-103372ANAN 1      
18Synchroscope50-106452AAAA 1      
19Emergency switchboard tie breakerMake GE, cat no:TJK636600WL690VAC, 600 Amps1      
S.noDescriptionCat. Nr.RemarksQty      
1SCR blower assembly218A4584P1 1      
2DC ammeter 2000 A50-101013MTMT2ABNType DB-14, mil. spec. 10 V FS2      
3Field X-former assy.9T22B400020 KVA1      
4Temperature meter278A3335P1GE – Make1      
5Bus potential x-former760x34GJVA-O Volt. X-former 5:1 10 KV2      
6Frequency sel. SwitchNo GE part nr. availableNo vendor part nr. available1      
7Generator sel. switchNo GE part nr. availableNo vendor part nr. available1      


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