SJ Rig XJ750 parts

Z01000000058AAPower system
Z01200000024AAFilter installation
Z01070000001AAOil draining unit, sump of engine
Z01090000002AAConnection diagram of fuel lines
Z01020000147AAConnection and installation of engine and
torque converter
Z01180000001AARetarder installation
Z01070000002AAOil draining unit, sump, left transmission
Z01070000003AAOil draining unit, sump, right transmission
Z01030000022AATransfer case assembly
4300816065Bolt M16x65
4309300016Nut M16
4313000016Washer 16
4313200016Washer 16
P6213457AARubber pad
Z01160000022AAFixed support of radiator
P6214075AAConnection plate
P6209270AARubber pad
Z01060000062AASupporting beam,engine
4303918100Eye bolt M18x1.5×100
4316900017Slotted nut M18x1.5
4313400018Flat washer 18
4314504040Cotter pin 4×40
Z01100000090AAAir exhausting pipe and muffler assembly
P1300760AAEngine and ball valve fitting
P1300764AAAir inlet fitting
P1300763AACheck valve fitting
P1300762AAFitting, inflating pump
P1300761AAAir inlet fitting
P4100371AAFitting, warmer
P7101504AAPad eye
Z01080000014AACooling system, transmission
Z01020400148AASpare parts, M transmission
P5100089AASupporting rod
P7100126AASupporting seat
Z01010400005AALine guard, air filter
5100155008Unitized parts, C18 engine
Z15010000154AAStandpipe assembly
P4100801AABent pipe
P6004083AAReinforced plate 460X80
K0181004AAPipe head 4LP(φ140)
P9912700208AAStraight pipe L=11800
P9912700209AAStraight pipe 3550
K46201156001AACross fitting
K4127024AAFitting, pressure gauge
K4124001AASealing washer
K4121004AAWing nut
K4122002AAMale union fitting
K31201100001AAPlug valve assembly
K4142023AAMale union fitting
K4143030AAFemale union fitting
K4141018AAWing nut
K4144009AAO sealing ring
Z15010200178AAFixed seat
3800200029Shock-resistant pressure gauge 60MPa
K4123005AAWelding female union
K4142009AAWelding male union
P4100688AA4″-2″ welding cross
K41201104001AA2″ welding union assembly
K0100003AA2″ teeI
K4127007AAFemale union plug
K4127002AAMale union plug
K4143018AAWelding female union
4600300068Parrallel gate valve(4″)
Z04180000007AAMast support
Z04180100001AAPin plate
P9970970AACross brace
Z04180200002AABrace seat
P9910988AAVertical support, stairs
P9910989AACross brace, stairs L460
P9810139AAConnection seat
4301324060Bolt M24X60
4309300024Nut M24
4313100024Spring washer 24
P9970972AACross pipe L2000
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