SK-7H01 Constant flow degasser

SK-7H01 Constant flow degasser

Shanghai Shenkai

SK-7H01 Constant flow degasser is a newly-developed product. By diaphragm pump, mud with constant flow get into gas gathering drum of degasser, under the condition of mixing time and agitation speed are constant. It can achieve stability constant flow of degassing.

●  Changes of liquid level (mud) will not affect the effect of degassing
●  Separation design of mud head, making installation of 7H01 is convenient comparing with other degassers. It does not have to lean on the mud pool
●  Getting the constant quantitative mud which can achieve constant efficiency of degassing and stable performance

●  Flow of mud pump: 7.5 L/min
●  Mud pumping speed: 35 rpm
●  RPM: 1410 rpm
●  Power supply: 380VAC 3 Phase 50HZ
●  EX: ExⅡBT4 explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor
●  Weight: 70Kg
●  Dimension: L580mm×B360mm×H1600mm

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