SK7T05 Engine degasser

SK-7T05 Engine degasser

Shanghai Shenkai

SK-7T05 engine degasser is a new generation of product. This degasser, with measure of freezing protection, is composed of installation standpipe, fixed seat, screw rod hoisting gear, gas cylinder and gas purification box.

●  Flexible structure that supports the various components when installed and maintained, can easily be dismantled
●  Easy to adjust, when you need to adjust the depth of degassing into the mud pool, don’t need any tools to do the job
●  Mud splashing measures to make the degassing efficiency more higher than general electric degasser

●  Type: YBSC71-2-4 explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor
●  Power: 370W
●  Rotation speed: 1400 rpm
●  Power supply: 380V /50Hz
●  Volume of gas cylinder: φ170×270mm
●  Adjustable range of height: ~300mm(installing position adjustment 850mm)
●  The total weight of equipment: 27kg

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