SK-8D08 Conductivity Sensor

SK-8D08 Conductivity Sensor  SHANGHAI SHEN KAI

Transmit an AC signal of constant amplitude and frequency to the circular probe primary. The liquid probe secondary for different conductivities will be inductive to the signal of the same frequency and corresponding amplitude value, after the signal is processed by the subsequent circuit, the corresponding voltage signal can be obtained. Simultaneously, the voltage signal corresponding with the real time temperature is acquired. Carry out functional operation of both signals to obtain the real time conductivity value below 25℃ after temperature compensation. Display the value and simultaneously convert it into 4~20mA signal output. The conductivity value can be read directly on the display screen, with corresponding 0~300ms/cm and 4~20mA analogue signal output; the sensor calibration can be conducted conveniently.

●  Working Voltage : 24VDC
●  Output Signal: 4~20mA
●  Working Temp: -40~70℃
●  Measurement range: 0~300ms/cm
●  Accuracy: ±1% F.S
●  Measured Medium Temperature: 0~80℃
●  Temperature Interference: ±0.03%FS/℃
●  Explosion-proof Grade: ExdIIBT4
●  Protection Class: IP65

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