SK8B06FG Pump Stroke Sensor

SK8B06FG Pump Stroke Sensor  SHEN KAI

SK-8B06/8B06F pump stroke and table rotary speed sensors are inductive two-wire proximity switch sensors combined by the fixed support and the inlet proximity switch, and are used to measure pump strokes or table rotary speed. The sensors are characterized by wide supply voltage range, high reset precision, quick frequency response, long service life, resistance to vibration and corrosion and water-proof etc. The SK-8B06F sensors are explosion-proof products, the explosion-proof grade is intrinsically-safe type.A

●  Working Voltage : 9VDC
●  Output Signal : 1~3mA
●  Working Temp: 8B06F : -25℃~70℃
8B06FG: -40℃~85℃
●  Effective Action Distance : 8B06F≤32.4mm
●  Max Working Frequency : 100Hz
●  Explosion-proof Grade : ExiaIICT6
●  Protection Class : IP68

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