SK3H06 Infrared Analyzer

SK-3H06 Infrared Analyzer

SK-3H06 infrared analyzer is a new generation of hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide analyzer with a new system structure developed by Shenkai. Its stability, reliability, and the ease of operation have been improved significantly. Unlike the similar products at home and abroad, the instrument adopted a new system structure: adopting non-dispersed infrared absorption spectrometry to determine the total hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide continuously and directly. The unique patented technology to make it come true that the instrument can analyze sample easily and fast in 0 ℃ to 50 ℃ environment.

●  Power supply:220V±20% AC,50±1 Hz
●  Operating temperature:0℃~50℃
●  Relative humidity:45%~85%
●  Sensitivity:methane & carbon dioxide:0.01%
●  Response time:T90≤15s
●  Flow rate of gas detected:0.1L/min~1.2L/min
●  Output signal:RS232、4mA~20mA
●  Measure range:total hydrocarbon:0.01%~100%(methane)
carbon dioxide:0.01%~20%

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