SK3Q05 Chromatograph

SK-3Q05 Chromatograph


SK-3Q05 hydrogen flame chromatograph is designed to analyze C1 ~ nC8, the analysis cycle is 120 seconds. Instrument adopts electronic pressure control (EPC) of intelligent design, improves the control precision and reliability.


●  Full system overall design and special separation method ensure C1 ~ nC8 accurate determination.
●  Big LCD display, touch screen operation
●  Communication ports, serial /parallel / RJ45 network port
●  C1 ~ nC8, including benzene, toluene and total hydrocarbon, 16 components in total, even can be extended to nC10.
●  C1 ~ nC5 in 30 seconds as regular quick analysis is provided.
●  Analysis cycle: 120s(C1~nC8
30s (C1 ~ nC5)
●  Separation: C1/C9 >0.9
●  Sensitivity: 1 ppm
●  Measuring Range: component:1~1×106 ppm
total hydrocarbon:1~1×106 ppm
●  Power supply:220V±10% AC,50±1 Hz
●  Total power:≯500 W
●  Operating temperature:5℃~35℃
●  Relative humidity:30%~90%
●  Multi points calibration

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