ZJ40 drawworks parts

Drawworks frame and guard Z03050000136AA for Sj petro ZJ40

Z03050000136AADrawworks frame and guard
Z03050100124AADrawworks frame
Z03050106006AAFixed plate
Z03050109004AAConnection plate
P6200310AASupporting plate
P6042948AAConnection pad eye
P6400058AAInserating piece
Z03051000019AALatch unit
P9911000967AAPlug plate
P981120169AASupport, tension spring
P7101847AASupport, roller
P7101848AASupport, roller
P981120166AASupport, roller
Z03050800065AASupport, tension spring
P981120167AASupport, roller
P6042962AAClosing plate
P981120170AASupport, roller
P981120171AASupport, roller
Z03050400150AARight front top guard
Z03050400152AARight rear top guard
Z03050400153AALeft rear top guard
Z03050400154AALeft front top guard
4301312025Hexagon bolt-full thread
4313100012Spring washer 12
Z03050600025AAGuard plate
Z03050800064AASeat plate, valve saver
Z03050400155AATop guard
P9911001267AARear closing plate
4300506012Bolt M6X12
P2103400AASupporting seat L=120
Z03050300054AALower guard plate, main drum
Z03050300053AALower guard plate, sand drum
P981120178AASupport, roller

Sand drum assembly Z03030000028AA for SJ Petro ZJ40

Z03030000028AASand drum assembly
Z03030600015AADrum body
4300824075Bolt M24X75
4313100024Washer 24
4309300024Nut M24
Z03030200004AABrake rim
P2200159AABolt M24X75
P1100564AALocating sleeve
4500100326Bearing 22228C
P7000069AABering box
4315912030Bolt M12X30
P0000173AAPress disc
4313000012Spring washer 12
4301312030Bolt M12x30
P7000071AALeft bearing cover
4313000010Spring washer M10
4300310025Bolt M10X25
4300822070Bolt M22X70
4313100022Washer 22
4309300022Nut M22
P1100557AALocating sleeve
Z03011900001AACover, bearing box
P1100558AALocating sleeve
P1701128AASeal shim
4500100057Bearing 6228
P1100562AAShaft sleeve
Z03030400001AARight spoke
P3500002AASprocket wheel P=44.45,Z=49
P3500003AASprocket wheel Ⅱ P=44.45,Z=49
4300824095Bolt M24×95
4317700024Nut M24
P0200219AAEnd cover, beairng, sprocket seat
4300310030Bolt M10X30
P7000070AARight bearing cover
P3100014AAGear ring, 124H clutch
4305616095Bolt M16X95
4313000016Spring washer 16
43093000161 model hex nut
P0000487AARetaining plate
4313000008Spring washer 8
4300308020Bolt M8x20
P1701126AASeal shim
Z03010800008AAFitting, retaing plate, at shaft right end
4300312035Bolt M12x35
Z16160100014AAATD124-H push disc clutch
4300306020Bolt M6X20
4313000006Spring washer M6
P5000576AAO seal strip Ф5.3
P5400460AAKey B40x145
Z03010700003AAGrease lubrication line
5300200122Oil seal PG150X180X16
5300200157Oil seal PD170X200X16
Z03011400001AAAir inlet pipe

Main drum assembly Z03010000164AA for SJ Petro ZJ40

Z03010000164AAMain drum assembly
Z03010100087AADrum body
P2401901AAMain drum shaft
Z03010200010AARight coupling
P5400102AAKey B45X269
P2200472AABolt M24×80
4313100024Washer 24
4309300024Nut M24
Z03010200015AALeft coupling
P5400104AAKey B45X319
P1100585AAShaft sleeve, right drum end
4315910012Bolt M10X12
4500100311Bearing 22232C/W33
P4600022AARight bearing box
5300200193Oil seal PG190X225X18
P0000185AARight bearing cover
4301310025Bolt M10X25
4313100010Washer 10
P6111394AACoupling, guard
4300824080Bolt M24×80
1101300004O seal strip n 5.3
P1100589AASpacer, right bearing
4500100347Deep groove ball bearing 6232
P1103053AARight bearing spacer
P1401410AAExternal spacer between sprocket wheel
Z03010900036AACover, bearing box
P2200042AAScrew plug M24X30
P3500037AASprocket wheel Z=69 P=44.45
P1401409AAShaft sleeve
P5400530AAKey 40×242
5401700007236 model clutch
P0001252AACoupling, 236 clutch
Z03010800007AAFitting, retaining plate, shaft right end
P1701199AASeal shim
4313100006Washer 6
4300506020Bolt M6X20
P1400257AAShaft sleeve
P4600023AALeft bearing box
5300200191Oil seal PG170X210X16
P4600024AALeft bearing cover
P5400105AAKey B40X169
P1400258AALeft bearing sleeve
P6101278AACover plate, left oil sump
Z02170000040AALeft sprocket seat
P3500038AASprocket wheel P=31.75
P2200473AABolt M22×70
4313100022Wasger 22
4309300022Nut M22
4300512035Bolt M12X35
4300824110Hexagon bolt
Z03011400018AAAir inlet pipe
Z03010300031AABrake rim assembly
Z03010300030AABrake rim assembly
Z03111600019AAWater line assembly
Z03010400004AAWater jacket
Z03010800013AAOil retaining plate
P2202338AABolt M16×190
43093000161 model hex nut M16
4313000016Spring washer 16
P1103130AAShaft sleeve
4307810012Hex concave set screw M10X12
Z03010700003AAGrease lubrication line
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